‘A Life Earned’

‘A Life Earned’…We have to lose our life in order to find our life, our purpose. If we don’t lose our life, we never find the truth of our being.

A Life Earned

I sit, stand, lay
over all these words
‒who am I
to earn such trust

sitting for hours and hours
doing His† work
for a future
I do not know
‒making my little fuss

thinking about
my own children
how much I'm missing
then...not guessing
for whom
lies my lust

all these days
have turned to years
from normal every-day living
to hurting and crying
laughing and just being
putting the kids
on a bus
to feeling like rust

all this time
then writing
hearing His† soft voice
‒so many words
building a crust
with gustive thrust

'here I am'

I easily said
fighting anguish
in my head
as so many
labeled me‒
crazy, insane, obsessed
‒when all along
a teacher was saying

'don't hush
take this brush
put these words
in rush'

I had to forgo
every-day living
to sit in a silent room
to words being pushed

all the while‒
hoping for a hug
a gentle kiss
even the slightest touch
‒a bit of support
to this worded rush

over ten years now
I lost my life
in all its plush
because of the brush
the Lord† handed to me
in a lover's crush

'sing My† song to them
earn your place
you're running a good race'

words in reassuring gust
so that
I may continue
in faith's undying trust

Notes: The photograph is the second one that was chosen. I say the second because the first was of my face. I’m sick of my face. So, He chose His! It is from October 8, 2019: Oil Spill Warning.

(April 16, 2022)—No, He isn’t the author of this piece, He’s the author of the next. This piece is one directed from my heart. He was setting me up, to answer me. You will understand when you read the next piece titled, ‘The Void of Absence’ and the prayer of Nehemiah.

We have to lose our life in order to find our life, our purpose. If we don’t lose our life, we never find the truth of our being. As in ‘Dismissed Authority’ which was written on the fourteenth. It was a guided writing as well and it speaks truth. You can only dismiss truth for so long. It will catch up to you.

I’ve been made a promise. One…I don’t need to explain. I don’t know the how or the when. I do know the why. It is a BIG why. It is a sad why, but one I must accept. It is sad to watch truth unfold. The world has conquered itself into controlling the flow of Yeshuah. Only…they can’t. They just believe they have. Yeshuah is powerful. He is love. That pure kinda thing. That kind of love you can’t touch.

People are just stupid. Yes, I said that.

To try and get Yeshuah shushed. Laugh, laugh, laugh. So much to the point that all His called workers are condemned, ignored…or so it seems. I’m not ignored. I’m protected. I’m covered with this vast amplified kind of protection that mask as ignored. It took me a long time to figure this one out. So silly are they!

I can be bold in saying this. He showed to me what is happening now years ago. I know where we are headed, the nations of the world. It is a very sad place. Imagine a world that doesn’t know God or Yeshuah. Imagine. It is so very hard for me. But this is the type of world that is coming…the world of the lawlessness…lawless one. It isn’t as you think. It will be subtle and slow. It will still be. It is a generation upon generation of nothingness. A time that knows only material and need and want. What you see now is nothing compared to the yoke that is coming.

There will be a time when all the people’s of the world will not KNOW God! There will be no one to teach the children the glory of Him because there will be no adults who were taught. He said He will destroy all the man-made churches. It is coming. He will. None will survive.

You, the now generations, are going to be responsible for this. Your tolerance of the things that God hates has brought this calamity upon you. Your arrogance that you can change even the human body’s design has infuriated the Lord to no return. Your idea that you can tap into all His energy and abuse it has set a course for all the people of the world that cannot be changed. In August 2019, in vision He said the button’s been pushed and there’s no turning around. In 2021, Yeshuah said a stone has been thrown…that stone is a financial melt down. The course that we are on has been set by the present generations because they are greedy, selfish, ignorant of God’s true nature, and too accepting of things He hates.

This is not my assumption. These words are coming from the Spirit of Truth which guides my hand.

We are headed into a biological time bomb that you have created. No scientist on planet Earth can truthfully tell you what is driving this virus. They are lying when they say they do know. They have never tracked a virus of this magnitude before. Never. They are guessing. That is why there are so many so-called vaccines…they don’t know what they are doing. They are guessing. These vaccines are not a cure. And what they are doing is putting biology of the human body under strain. Too many people now have had all these different vaccines, some are mixing them all together and then contracted different strains of this virus over and over. You can’t tell me that some of these self-serving scientists can’t see the time bomb they are creating.

It isn’t if…it is when.

Their ego and pride and greed will bring upon us a calamity that they will not be able to fix. The toxicity dream.

They don’t want to admit that God is in control. They are so egocentric that they can’t even give themselves permission to even consider they are not in control.

They are not.

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