‘Are You Tired Yet’

Are You Tired Yet’—I’m wondering how long it will take for you to answer that question! I’ll sit back and wait. The seed is planted!

Are You Tired Yet
aren't you tired yet‒
haven't you learned
from where comes
the burn
don't you feel
His† heavy hand
in firm
teaching you
wanting you
to learn
are your eyes
still blind
in wayward‒
held in adjourn
do you have
the will to fight
through all the mess‒
‒from the wrong path
all the false teachings
where are you
are you part of
the churn
wasting time
in germs
‒the right things
the wrong things
isn't if for hope‒
that you yearn
why then‒
do you mix...affirm
in things leading you
to an early urn
aren't you tired yet‒
His† words are stern
for calm‒
you haven't earned
‒you are just an intern
sit there, open your heart
for you‒
He† is very concerned
so for Him†
don't sit there‒
open all your stops
in all His† lessons‒
soak in
what He† wants you
to learn
then entrance
into the banquet
you will earn!

Note: The photograph was taken October 7…Faces. This is when David pointed out to me these faces. These aren’t those structural faces that you see in fabrics and things like that. This is WAY different. I would not have known they are there if were not for David telling me to blow up the picture and then telling me where to look. This is what was meant by the wheels, all the eyes, in Ezekiel’s first vision when he was called to service by God. God has shown the same thing to me in the  Four Disc Dream. These are the eyes that tell God everything! They are everywhere. Go to the page and check out what was revealed to us.

(April 9)—Two pieces came this morning. This one and ‘He† Warns’ which is about real prophets and false prophets. God has me working overtime! After I wrote them, I sat down to eat then something made me check my local store app to see if my grocery order indeed had gone through. The first time I did it, it didn’t and I didn’t know, and I’ve had to wait another week. I thought my order was going to be ready for Saturday. There’s a reason for everything! Nope. My order was ready today. Thank you David for putting it in my heart to check!

I had to pick up something from the UPS, so while I was out I went ahead and did that as well. I wrapped myself up in a scarf, put on a jogging suit top and gave myself to the Lord. I never thought I’d be so nervous just to go out in public, scared to death of a bug floating around that could kill me! But there is. The oddest thing…all the warnings they have out, all the rules they put up, all the money being lost by all these businesses to help fight this bug and there are tons of people out without covering themselves, not caring at all. I went into the UPS store and myself and the clerk were the only two with coverings over our nose and mouth. I felt so sorry for him. I guess I was to see this…the truth. Has all this conspiracy talk really got the American people that tied up that they are scared of their own government?

I let that thought drift and got my things and went to the local market to wait for my order. I turned off my car and turn the key back on half way in order to hear the radio while I waited. I left that on for about ten minutes then my order came. My car wouldn’t start when I was ready to go! Any other time in my life, I would have gotten really upset. Things have changed. I waited a while, talked to one of the store people who called in the store to see if anyone could jump me off, waited some more then finally called a local ‘jump start’ company. Yep, they actually have those here in Las Vegas. The man was super nice and in twenty minutes for $85, a mechanic arrived with this neat little hand-held gadget that jump started my battery!

Like I say always, nothing happens without a reason. The mechanic did some checking and come to find out my battery, although still in good condition, is coming to a close. In the next two months, I need to change it at a price of $290 with a three-year warranty or else the alternator (I guess that’s how you spell it.) will have to get changed as well which will be a lot more expensive. So, it cost me $85 and some time, but if that didn’t happen, I would not have known!

God does things like this. He takes care of us. We just don’t recognize His ways. This morning, I was led to Job. Not entire Scriptures, just what I had underlined in red back in 2007. In Job 33:29,30, Job says—‘God does all these things to a man―twice, even three times―to turn back his soul from the pit, that the light of life may shine on him.’  The process of God. Sure, He’s done these things to me before, but I didn’t recognize HIM! Now, I do. He will do the same to you. Over and over until you see Him, until you don’t get mad or upset, until you are humbled!

For those who refuse to see Him, Job says in 34:10-20—He repays a man for what he has done; He brings upon him what his conduct deserves. He doesn’t do it the way we would like to do it when someone does us wrong. He does it in His way. This we must understand. There’s so much confusion going around currently. I mean Bill Gates, the wealthiest man in the world, is being condemned for things he’s saying. I didn’t go read it all, but people are saying he’s stated there needs to be some sort of population control, like he’s God or something. Trust me, God will take care of him if this is so. All this talk about implanting us with some microchip. This isn’t new. I wrote about this in my political books. This has been talked about for years and years. Guess what? They already implanted you!

That’s right. What are you reading this on? There’s your answer. They can keep track of you wherever you go. You pay all your things with it almost. And your bank cards. Did you not question why everybody switched to these cards together? It’s too late. God is in charge of everything. Every single move is orchestrated by Him! You bitch and moan! I did the same thing. I have books written about it! The process of God. When you finally learn what it’s about, you see how comical all these human emotions are! We are really funny!

In Job 34:21-30, he says—‘His eyes are on the ways of men; He sees their every step. There is no dark place, no deep shadow where evildoers can hide.’ All the wrongs in the world are already known in heaven. No matter how you think, God sees everything you do. He knows everything you think before you think it. Trust me, they know. They also know that it will come back into your life as a lesson years on down the road.

This is what I see: People do wrong, they make mistakes, and they believe that it doesn’t matter so they don’t look at their lives, they just keep moving forward. Wrong! When I was divorced, I kept hearing that ‘move forward’ line and I believed it. I kept it moving. It wasn’t the right thing to do. In my writing, when I edited it before publishing the books, I noticed that I truly understood that this ‘move forward’ was not the right thing to do. I knew why: It keeps us stumbling. We have to deal with what hurt us. We have to discuss it and forgive and understand why it happened.

In my case, I decided to do just that. There was one issue: No one else wanted to do it. No one wanted to admit the truth. No one wanted to help me understand. No one wanted to talk to me about it. They all ignored me and still do until this very day…almost eight years later. Because I talk about it, because I refuse to ignore the issue, I’m the bad guy. That’s the gust of it!

Instead of helping to heal, I’m not supposed to be my children’s mother anymore. I’m supposed to be their friend! Bull! I’m their mother and anyone trying to take my place has to answer to God because they are deceiving my children. No matter how much they think what they are doing is right, they are wrong. So many people have told my children lies that I just don’t bother anymore. I answered to God. And He rewarded me with the ability to hear Him! He awarded me with the ability to see His Son! I have quite a number of times now! I don’t think He would award a liar that privilege!

‘Are You Tired Yet’—I’m wondering how long it will take for you to answer that question! I’ll sit back and wait. The seed is planted!

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