‘As the Children Lay’

He demanded. He forced the See. If you can’t treasure the treasures He gives, He can take them away.

As the Children Lay
we've taken for granted
life and pleasures
not caring
for the true treasures
so the Lord† came
honored His† reign
turning His† growth
oh! tiny creatures
into solemn still features
so we look at them
cry in a silent hymn
we loss them
because we didn't
care for them
we gave them to sacrifice
as we played with them
like little toys
we mishandled them
turning them
to evil's voice
the Lord† exercised
His† choice
in a loud roar
demanded the return
through His† prophet
came the recoil
'take them home!'
so He† turned around
blew a roaring wind
a spirit changed
the course
up went a loud roar
the broken
began to ascend
‒a punishment
coming from within
as the prophet
lays down the pen
'it is written
so shall it be!'

Note: The picture was taken March 1. The 2nd angel sent. I saw a rainbow in the clouds. This is what came out of some of those pictures.

Author: k. e. leger

I'm a writer.

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