‘Being Accepted’

*I feel ashamed in a way for not totally seeing the truth. I saw some of it…the yelling and belittling constantly, but not the threats. I won’t celebrate that. I won’t honor that. If that business is going to be rewarded by those who HAVE to fit in, then they don’t have a business with me! I will not reward evil. Sorry, God made me a bit different!

 Being Accepted
 they'll rally together
 cast you out‒
 all those you knew
 ‒as in the testament
 of the crucifier
 a symbol...in justifier
 there will be excuses
 or they'll just block you out
 ‒either way...does it matter
 they'll still reveal
 their inside character
 ‒even if they don't want
 to be a blender
 they will become a joiner
 ‒becoming keepers
 of secrets‒
 joining the preservers
 on the outside
 the pretenders
 hoping no one notices
 no one comes
 to smother
 if some tries
 to be the penetrator
 (that would be you)
 they'll gang together
 pull in
 ‒creating the solid
 in rubber
 bounce, bounce, bounce
 how far goes their ladder
 well, well, well
 on a cross
 they hung the Savior†
 no one escapes
 their slaughter 

NOTE: The photograph was taken October 15, 2019: The Phoenix. The phoenix I do point out. It shows up on top of the water. The phoenix is the sign of new birth! A strong and powerful message. Part of the promise made to me is that the man returning to me will go through this ‘new birth’ in a very God way! It is very hard to digest such a promise, but God said: I will make the impossible possible! This promise to me isn’t for me. It’s for Him, for me to glorify Him, and it is for all, a symbol of what He is about to do to earth! In the frame below, David had me blow it up and he showed me what I couldn’t see on my own. This brilliant green shows up in a lot of the frames. David explains this as God’s energy. And He moves it around, reshapes it to reveal this isn’t a joke. As David told me when I first saw this: ‘Karen, that’s God’s footprint!’ Free-will, unconditional love…you have a choice. It’s up to you!

(December 26, 2020)—If you are wondering, He’s still talking, but He’s given nothing to write directly. He tells me to be calm. He reminds me of the promise He made to me and He tells me that what He said already is still going to happen: Millions will die.

His lesson to me today: Being accepted…what people do to be accepted. To stress this lesson, He lead me to Jesus’ crucifixion.

Jesus’ Crucifixion Demanded—[Matthew] ‘What shall I do, then, with Jesus who is called Christ?’ Pilate asked. They all answered, ‘Crucify Him!’ ‘Why? What crime has He committed?’ asked Pilate. But they shouted all the louder, ‘Crucify Him!’ [Luke] Wanting to release Jesus, Pilate appealed to them again. But they kept shouting, ‘Crucify Him! Crucify Him!’ For the third time he spoke to them: ‘Why? What crime has this Man committed? I have found in Him no grounds for the death penalty. Therefore I will have Him punished and then release Him.’ But with the loud shouts they insistently demanded that He be crucified, and their shouts prevailed.[3]—Matthew 27:22,23; Mark 15:12-14; Luke 23:20-23/4778

You can’t deny the lesson: To follow the crowd, to fit in, people will forget everything they stand for!

I’ve written about this a lot in the past seven years because this was something that broke my heart over and over. Today, He wanted me to stress the lesson learned!

God. That is who instructed me today. God! His question: What will you do when your back is up against the wall?

My son told me last year that he takes up for me all the time. I asked what does he have to take up for me for? No answer. Again: What does anyone have to defend me against? I’ve done nothing wrong. I’m completely in my right mind. I know what I’m hearing and seeing. So what is it that leads a person to feel they HAVE to defend me? And what is being SAID about me that forces someone to feel like they HAVE to defend me?!

Gossipers. The Lord hates them. I try my hardest not to engage into such conversations: It’s really hard. But we must. So, if someone we are talking to begins to gossip, is it our responsibility to change the course of the conversation? Or, is it our duty to listen and try to help that person understand that they don’t have a place for judgment? That is hard as well.

But what about the person that struggled all their life because people did bad things to them? How about them? I know several. It’s okay to listen to them, let them get it off their chest. We can’t change what has happened in the past, but we have to heal from it. This is where God has led me to today.

‘Being Accepted’…my son took me to my mother’s gravesite on Christmas Eve, which is also my mother’s birthday. It was good for him and I thanked him, but it was only the second time I’ve seen it. The first time I was in shook. My mother wanted to be cremated. She was. She left money for my dad with specific instructions to have a tombstone done for her facing the water. (The graveyard is near the bayou.) This makes sense to me because, even though she never learned to swim, her daddy was a boat captain and the waters of South Louisiana meant something to her. Her sister was taken by these waters and her father gave them life. So many emotions…for her. Her request meant a lot. My father pocketed the money and didn’t honor her request. Her grave is a small box on top of her mother’s grave with only her name and date written on it. My mother took care of my father for 54 years and this is all that he did for her memory. No ‘Loving Wife’ or ‘Loving Mother’…nothing! The week following my mother’s death told me all about the life she had to lead when no one was looking.

*I feel ashamed in a way for not totally seeing the truth. I saw some of it…the yelling and belittling constantly, but not the threats. I won’t celebrate that. I won’t honor that. If that business is going to be rewarded by those who HAVE to fit in, then they don’t have a business with me! I will not reward evil. Sorry, God made me a bit different!

So, while my son had me at the grave, all these emotions came flooding. In fact, any time any of my family is in my face, these emotions flood my heart and I have to talk. Talk. That’s my thing when I’m with people these days. Ask anyone who calls me. We’ll talk for hours. I have to talk. Why? For 40 years, I let things slide. For 40 years, I bit my tongue. Oh, there were moments when I tried. Behind closed doors with the ex-husband. During resting times with my kids. With people who claimed to want my advice then turn around and gossip. For what reason? They didn’t want truth. They wanted the fantasy of life.

In 2012, I woke up! Or, God woke me up! Through writing and through face-to-face, I opened up full throttle and I refuse to stop it ’til this day! I thought something was seriously wrong with me, so I went to therapy…nearly seven years of it. I told my child this and he wondered who I went to. I asked: Does it matter? Really, does it? I was talking!

This is part of the tradition that plagues my family and a lot of families: Hush, hush! Well, try and go against that and see what happens! They ostracize you. They gossip about you. They lie about you. They pretend you don’t exist. Anyone who has had a rough patch in my family gets booted out by the rest. They all go to church or demand that they are God-fearing yet all of these people ignore or boot-out anyone in their rough patch: The individuals suffering a rough patch are the tests God has sent those who gossip and hide and they failed!

I went to my father during my separation in 2012 crying because I just could not handle what I was facing. I learned that I was lied to for 20 years. My father said, ‘Get the fuck out my house!’ Yes, that is what he screamed at me. Why? Maybe it has something to do with the narcissist triangle. Do you know about that? That’s when the narcissist is caught or confronted with their issues and they rally everyone around you to turn against you. My narcissist went directly to my parents’ house after our separation. I know this because my mother told me! And to make it worse, he confronted my parents separately, so they couldn’t defend me. It was his word. And sadly, my parents believed him! Especially my father. Of course, he would. One damaged confronting another damaged! I didn’t get to defend myself. Nope. What happened? Silence!

Narcissist make it good. Their angle. I know this to be true. And when a narcissist gathers a few, the whole crowd will follow because if a few say it’s true then it must be true. Only, it’s ALL a lie. The true victim is left out in the cold because gossip and lies have taken over because people fear being left out! They must be accepted. So, they join the lie. How do you think Hitler managed to kill over 6 million people?! Exactly!

There’s not one thing that anyone needs to defend me against. I write for God and Jesus. I hear both of them. If you were good with the Holy Spirit, you’d hear them, too. When you are truly saved…when you have been circumcised byway of the heart, when you have been baptized not only by the water but also by the Spirit, then you won’t accept being accepted because of lies! That is truth!

Let’s look at the virus to stress the lesson: All these people who are refusing to believe that this is world-wide. Oh, here in the states there’s a lot of people who think this is JUST for the USA! They look at the CROWD and see that no one around them is sick, so it must be a lie! This is actually happening. Because of this arrogance and ignorance, more people are sick and/or dying! God’s hand is raised. He is testing hearts. A LOT of people are failing. A lot of murderers are being created.

Sad. All you had to do was go inside your home, pray and wait it out. All you had to do was have candles and food. The warnings came out years and years ago, in fact, as I’ve written about before, Oprah had a show about it back in the early 2000’s. They even had inserts in our phone books stating what we had to have on hand: Six months worth of food and emergency things: candles, batteries, etc. But you didn’t listen. Now it’s going to ten months and possibly another ten months. Your arrogance has killed human beings!

There’s a new strand. It’s spreading without people traveling. That’s God by the way. All this money put into vaccines…too early…is now compromised. The USA is trying to play it down, but this new strand is breaking walls down and spreading faster. Soon the toxicity dream (This ‘If’ By-Law’ (Apr. 25: Virus Vision)) will become reality. That’s a warning from God by the way, but you didn’t listen! In fact, all of the visions and dreams (links are below) are sent to warn.

As in  ‘Brave in the Snatch‘  and the bus story, are you going to stand from the crowd and keep people safe or are you going to let them get on the bus which has a bomb on it? Standing on the ledge by yourself is hard. Ask Jesus. He did it. People hate the truth. They fear the truth. They kill to cover the truth. They laugh and drink and shun people and treat people cruel and gossip, to cover lies and deception. My family went as far as making a young girl feel guilty over a crime did to her all because of ‘what will people think’! And when God sent a message to them about healing from this long ago betrayal, they blocked me and created more gossip about me to hide their issue! I’m not embarrassed over this. I’m not ashamed. When God sends a person a direct message, that’s because someone gained favor! Deny this message and you deny Christ Himself! The price for that is heavy.

On earth, it feels mighty good to fit in with the crowd, to be accepted, doesn’t it? Enjoy it because it is only for the time while on earth. There IS a place your being, your soul goes. And you, my friend, have a choice in the matter. Two gates! Your free will to choose!

The following works are direct writings from God and Jesus, meaning I heard them speak and these words are not mine.

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