Beloved (and Everything Toni Morrison…Education, Self, Slavery, Strong Women) (Fiction)

Beloved by Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison has always been an inspiration to me for a very long time. As I was learning my craft, her work passed my desk many times. Beloved is just my favorite, but I’ve included all of her work here. You can’t know about your future unless you learn about your past. And learning about the past brings about some strong women. That’s what stuck with me all these years and helped me understand my students better, as well as getting through the struggles of being a woman. There’s nothing like a strong black woman to teach you about life! Morrison inspired me throughout all my writings but she helped me see things more in Books 2 and 4.

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About: (Borrowed from Amazon.) Staring unflinchingly into the abyss of slavery, this spellbinding novel transforms history into a story as powerful as Exodus and as intimate as a lullaby. Sethe, its protagonist, was born a slave and escaped to Ohio, but eighteen years later she is still not free. She has too many memories of Sweet Home, the beautiful farm where so many hideous things happened. And Sethe’s new home is haunted by the ghost of her baby, who died nameless and whose tombstone is engraved with a single word: Beloved. Filled with bitter poetry and suspense as taut as a rope, Beloved is a towering achievement.

Book Editions:


Paperback – Unabridged



Audio Book

Teacher/Student Guides:

A Study Guide for Toni Morrison’s Beloved (Paperback)

A Study Guide for Toni Morrison’s Beloved (Novels for Students) (Kindle)

Beloved (MAXNotes Literature Guides) (Paperback)

GradeSaver (TM) Lesson Plans: Beloved (Paperback)

Morrison’s Beloved (Cliffs Notes) (Paperback)

Spark Notes Beloved by Toni Morrison (Paperback)

Study Guide: Beloved by Toni Morrison (SuperSummary) (Paperback)

Summary & Study Guide Beloved by Toni Morrison (Kindle)

Summary & Analysis of Beloved by Toni Morrison (Kindle)

The Connell Short Guide to Toni Morrison’s Beloved (Paperback)

Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’: A Readers Companion (Hardcover)

Toni Morrison’s Beloved (Monarch notes) (Paperback)

Viva Bloom’s Notes: Beloved by Toni Morrison’s (Paperback)

York Notes on Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’ Study Notes (York Notes Advanced) (Paperback)


The Movie starring Opra Winfrey and Danny Clover (Amazon Prime)

Beloved (DVD)

Bill Moyers: A World of Ideas – Writers (Toni Morris Part 1) (Amazon Prime)

Toni Morrison: Profile of a Writer (VHS)

Additional Reads:

A Mercy (Hardcover)

A Mercy (Paperback)

Beloved – Multiple Critical Perspectives (Paperback)

Desdemona (Oberon Modern Plays) (Paperback)

God Help the Child: A novel (Hardcover)

God Help the Child (Paperback)

Home (Hardcover)

Home (Paperback)

Jazz (Paperback)

Jazz (Kindle)

Little Cloud and Lady Wind (Hardcover) (Children’s Book)

Love: A Novel (Paperback)

Paradise (Paperback)

Paradise (Kindle)

Peeny Butter Fudge (Hardcover) (Children’s Book)

Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the Literary Imagination (Paperback)

Please, Louise (Paperback) (Children’s Book)

Race: Vintage Minis (Paperback)

Remember: The Journey to School Integration (Bccb Blue Ribbon Nonfiction Book Award (Awards)) (Hardcover)

Song of Solomon (Paperback)

Sula (Hardcover)

Sula (Paperback)

Tar Baby (Paperback)

The Big Box (Jump at the Sun) (Hardcover) (Children’s Book)

The Bluest Eye (Paperback)

The Bluest Eye (Kindle)

The Collected Novels of Toni Morrison (Hardcover)

The Lion or the Mouse? (Who’s Got Game?) (Paperback) (Children’s Book)

The Origin of Others (The Charles Eliot Norton Lectures) (Hardcover)

The Source of Self-Regard: Selected Essays, Speeches, and Meditations (Hardcover)

The Tortoise or the Hare (Paperback) (Children’s Book)

To Die for the People (Paperback)

Toni Morrison: 365 Beautiful and Uplifting Quotes for Daily Reading (Paperback, Large Print)

Toni Morrison: 365 Beautiful and Uplifting Quotes for Daily Reading (Kindle)

Toni Morrison Jazz Beloved Song of Solomon (Paperback)

What Moves at the Margin: Selected Nonfiction (Hardcover)

By Other Authors:

Black Looks and Black Acts: The Language of Toni Morrison in ‘The Bluest Eye’ and ‘Beloved’ (Hardcover)

Conversations with Toni Morrison (Paperback)

Critical Essays on Toni Morrison’s Beloved (Critical Essays on American Literature Series) (Hardcover, Large Print)

Ghosts, Metaphor, and History in Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’ and Gabriel GarcIa MArquez’s ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ by D. Erickson (Hardcover)

How Stories break the Silence in Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’ (Kindle)

It’s not over – Rememories of a haunting past in Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’ (Kindle)

Jazz Aesthetic Form in Toni Morrison’s Jazz (Paperback)

Jim Crow Wisdom: Memory and Identity in Black America since 1940 (Paperback)

Julia Kristeva’s Theorization of Subjectivity: in Beloved, and The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison (Paperback)

Lines of Flight: A Deleuze-Guattarian Reading of Toni Morrison’s Sula and Beloved (Paperback)

Love And Motherhood In Toni Morrison’s Beloved (Paperback)

Love and Narrative Form in Toni Morrison’s Later Novels (Paperback)

Magical Realism in Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Ana Castillo’s So Far from God (Kindle)

Maternal Metaphors of Power in African American Women’s Literature: From Phillis Wheatley to Toni Morrison (Hardcover)

Negotiating Black Motherhood in Toni Morrison’s Beloved and a Mercy: Reading the Slave/Neo- Slave Narratives (Paperback)

Reading Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’ (Paperback)

Slavery in Toni Morrison’s Beloved (Social Issues in Literature) (Kindle)

Slave Mother-Child Relationship: Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Harriet Jacobs’ Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (Paperback)

The effects of slavery on the female characters in Toni Morrison´s Beloved (Kindle)

The Fiction Of Toni Morrison: Reading and Writing on Race, Culture, and Identity (Paperback)

The Novels of Toni Morrison: The Search for Self and Place Within the Community (Paperback)

The Topics of Trauma and Memory in Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’ (Kindle)

Toni Morrison’s Art. a Humanistic Exploration of the Bluest Eye and Beloved (Paperback)

Toni Morrison: A Biography of a Nobel Prize-Winning Writer (African-American Icons) (Library Binding)

Toni Morrison’s Beloved: A Casebook (Casebooks in Criticism) (Paperback)

Toni Morrison’s Beloved: A Reader’s Guides to Essential Criticism (Icon Reader’s Guides to Essential Criticism) (Paperback)

Toni Morrison’s Beloved and the Apotropaic Imagination (Hardcover)

Toni Morrison and the Idea of Africa (Paperback)

Toni Morrison and Literary Tradition: The Invention of an Aesthetic (Hardcover)

Toni Morrison and Motherhood: A Politics of the Heart (Paperback)

Toni Morrison’s Beloved as African-American Scripture & Other Articles on History and Canon (Hermit Kingdom Studies in History and Religion) (Paperback)

Toni Morrison’s Beloved as African-American Scripture & Other Articles on History and Canon: Hermit Kingdom Studies in History and Religion (Audio Book, Unabridged)

Toni Morrison’s Beloved (Bloom’s Modern Critical Interpretations) (Hardcover)

Toni Morrison: Memory and Meaning (Paperback)

Toni Morrison: The Essential Guide (Beloved, Jazz, Paradise) (Paperback)

Toni Morrison: Writing the Moral Imagination (Wiley Blackwell Introductions to Literature) (Paperback)

Inspirational Gifts:

(Books) 4-Book Set by Toni Morrison: Beloved, The Bluest Eye, Sula, Song of Solomon (Paperback)

(Home Decor) ‘Beloved’ TONI MORRISON (Quote Print, Typography Poster, Inspirational Quote, Minimalist Wall Art – FREE POSTER WITH EVERY ORDER)

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Non-English Book Editions:

Sages Sorcieres?: Revision de la mauvaise mere dans Beloved (Toni Morrison), Praisesong for the Widow (Paule Marshall), et Moi, Tituba, sorciere noire Salem (Maryse Conde) (French) (Hardcover)

Beredtes Schweigen: Die Aporie des Traumatischen in Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’ und der Architektur des Holocuast Memorial Museum in Washington D.C….Klasse (Am-gs) (German Edition) (Paperback)

Die Darstellung weiblicher Identität in Harriet Jacobs’ ‘Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl’ und Toni Morrisons ‘Beloved’ (German Edition) (Paperback)

Embarking on a Journey of Self-Possession. Women and Slavery in Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’ (German Edition) (Paperback)

Ojos azules (Contemporanea) (Spanish Edition) (Paperback)

Paperback (Spanish)

Sula (Spanish Edition) (Paperback)

Beloved de Toni Morrison (Les Fiches de Lecture d’Universalis): (Les Fiches de Lecture d’Universalis) (French Edition) (Kindle)

Trauma und Gedächtnis in Toni Morrisons ‘Beloved’: Sklaverei- Identitätsproblematik-kollektive Traumabewältigung-Erinnerung und Verdrängung (German Edition) (Kindle)

Verarbeitung und Verdrängung von Erinnerung in Toni Morrisons Werk ‘Beloved’ (German Edition) (Kindle)

Beloved (Spanish Edition) (Kindle)

Una bendición (Spanish Edition) (Kindle)

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