Leadership and Crisis (and Everything Bobby Jindal…Politics)

Leadership and Crisis by Bobby Jindal

Well, I’m a Louisiana native so I sure couldn’t write about politics without reading a book from a Louisiana leader. I’m a fan of Bobby Jindal. He’s a pretty smart fella. This book has a roll in Book 2.

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About: (Borrowed from Amazon.) Bobby Jindal has been tested as few politicians have. And from the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster to Hurricane Katrina, he’s shown an astounding ability to beat the odds (and beat the bureaucrats) to get things done. Then again, Jindal is not your typical politician. The son of Indian immigrants, a Christian convert from Hinduism, and a Rhodes Scholar, Jindal presided over Louisiana’s healthcare system at age 24, headed the University of Louisiana system at 27, became a U.S. congressman at 33, and was elected governor of Louisiana at 36.

Throughout his meteoric career, Jindal has dealt with some of the worst crises of our times, from natural disasters in his home state to out-of-control spending in Washington, D.C. His secret: the common sense solutions that bureaucrats (and politicians) ignore in favor of government–as–usual.

In Leadership and Crisis, Jindal reveals: How the Obama administration spent too much time worrying about public perception and not enough on actually fighting the oil; How the federal government actually impeded Louisiana’s efforts to stem the flood of oil; Why the bureaucratic incompetence during Hurricane Katrina was even worse than you know; How Bobby Jindal took on Louisiana’s infamous culture of corruption; and His own journey from Hinduism to Christianity, from student at Oxford to Governor of Louisiana, from policy wonk to instant midwife when he had to deliver his third child himself

Filled with behind–the–scenes stories from the oil–slicked beaches of Louisiana to the corridors of power in the U.S. Capitol, Leadership and Crisis offers an insider’s view into one of the worst environmental disasters our nation has suffered—and into one of the most unique success stories of American politics.

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