Love is Letting Go of Fear/How Not To Be Afraid of Your Own Life (and Everything Jampolsky and Piver…Faith, Healing, Mind, Self)

Love is Letting Go of Fear by Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D.

How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life: Opening Your Heart to Confidence, Intimacy, and Joy by Susan Piver

I put these 2 books together because they both deal with fear. Both of these writers share the same path on building their readers up on a personal level. Tackling our fears is so important. These books inspired all of my writings but began in Book 1. You will also see bits and pieces in Book 9.

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About Love is Letting Go of Fear: (Borrowed from Amazon.) After more than thirty years, Love Is Letting of Fear continues to be among the most widely read and best-loved classics on personal transformation. Both helpful and hopeful, this little gem of a guide offers twelve lessons to help us let go of the past and stay focused on the present as we step confidently toward the future. Renowned all over the world as the founder of Attitudinal Healing, Dr. Gerald Jampolsky reminds us that the impediments to the life we long for are nothing more than the limitations imposed on us by our own minds. Revealing our true selves, the essence of which is love, is ultimately a matter of releasing those limited – and limiting – thoughts and setting our minds free. Love Is Letting of Fear has guided millions of readers along the path of self-healing with its deeply powerful yet profoundly humble message. Embrace it with an open mind and a willing heart and let it guide you to a life in which negativity, doubt, and fear are replaced with optimism, joy, and love.

About How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life: (Borrowed from Amazon.) How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life is an inspirational and practical guide to conquering fear and embracing joy. Although you may not realize it fear is getting in your way and stopping you from connecting with others, realizing the significance of your life, and finding fulfillment and joy. It doesn’t have to be this way. Susan Piver has the key to breaking down the barriers of fear that are holding you back. Using simple meditation techniques, based in Buddhist principles, she will teach you how to: Open your heart to relationships; Gain the confidence to pursue a meaningful career; and Achieve perspective to live your authentic life.

With a contemporary approach to ancient practices Susan teaches you how to incorporate principles of meditation and mindfulness into your everyday life. This isn’t about enlightenment on a mountaintop it is a way of bringing intelligence and courage to the way you relate to yourself, your family, your friends, and your life. How Not to be Afraid of Your Own Life features the 7-Day Freedom from Fear Meditation Program a guided journey into discovering what may be holding you back from experiencing life to the fullest. Using meditation, journaling, and other reflective practices you will find a respite from everyday pressures and learn techniques to help you re-enter your busy life refreshed, renewed, and ready to live the life you were born to.

Book Editions:

Love is Letting Go of Fear (Hardcover)

Love is Letting Go of Fear (Paperback)

Love is Letting Go of Fear (Kindle)

How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life (Hardback)

How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life (Paperback)

How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life (Kindle)


Love is Letting Go of Fear (Audio Book) (Cassette Tapes)

Love Is Letting Go of Fear: 12 Steps to Greater Happiness (Audio Book)

Love Is Letting Go of Fear: 12 Steps to Greater Happiness (CD)

How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life (Audio Book)

Teacher/Student Guides:

Bliss in a Box: A Weekend Contemplative Retreat at Home [Kit] Book Supplement–Box set (Susan Piver)

Walking into Fire: Sidestepping Fear, Writing Your Heart Out, and Letting Your Story Tell Itself (Susan Pivar) (Digital)

Susan Piver – Walking Into Fire Writing Workshop Part 1 (Digital)


A Course in Miracles: Spiritual Principles of Love and Wisdom (Gerald G. Jampolsky) (DVD)

Additional Reads: Gerald G. Jampolsky

Aging With Attitude (Paperback)

Aging With Attitude (Kindle)

Attaining Inner Peace: Practical Applications of ‘A Course in Miracles’ (Audio Book, Unabridged)

Change Your Mind (Audio Book) (Cassette)


Creating Positive Relationships: Your Power to Turn Problems into Peace of Mind (Audio Book)

Finding Our Way Home: Heartwarming Stories That Ignite Our Spiritual Core (Paperback)

Forgiveness: The Greatest Healer of All (Audio Book,Unabridged)

Good-Bye to Guilt: Releasing Fear Through Forgiveness (Kindle)

Good-Bye to Guilt: Releasing Fear Through Forgiveness (Audio Book)

Listen to Me-A Book for Women and Men About Father-Son Relationships (Hardcover)

One Person Can Make a Difference (Audio Book, Unabridged)

Out of Darkness into the Light: A Journey of Inner Healing (Kindle)

Poetry and Notes to Myself: My Ups and Downs with A Course in Miracles (Paperback)

Shortcuts to God: Finding Peace Quickly Through Practical Spirituality (Paperback)

Teach Only Love: The Twelve Principles of Attitudinal Healing (Paperback)

Teach Only Love: The Twelve Principles of Attitudinal Healing (Kindle)

The ‘Oh Shit’ Factor: Waste Management for Our Minds (Paperback)

The Quiet Mind: Imagery for Peaceful Living (Audio Book)

The Tao of Healing: Meditations for Body and Spirit (Paperback)

Additional Reads: Susan Piver

Hard Questions For Adult Children and Their Aging Parents (Hardcover)

Joyful Birth: A Spiritual Path to Motherhood (Includes 2 CDs) (Hardcover)

Joyful Mind: A Practical Guide To Buddhist Meditation (Hardcover)

Joyful Wedding: A Spiritual Path to the Altar (Hardcover)

Mindfulness, Day by Day: How to Find Peace in the Present Moment (Paperback)

Start Here Now: An Open-Hearted Guide to the Path and Practice of Meditation (Paperback)

Tea and Cake with Demons: A Buddhist Guide to Feeling Worthy (Paperback)

The Four Noble Truths of Love: Buddhist Wisdom for Modern Relationships (Paperback)

The Hard Questions: 100 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Say ‘I Do’ (Paperback)

The Hard Questions for an Authentic Life: 100 Essential Questions for Tapping into Your Inner Wisdom (Hardcover)

The Mindful Way through Pregnancy: Meditation, Yoga, and Journaling for Expectant Mothers (Paperback)

The Monkey Is the Messenger: Meditation and What Your Busy Mind Is Trying to Tell You (Kindle)

The Wisdom of a Broken Heart: How to Turn the Pain of a Breakup into Healing, Insight, and New Love (Paperback)

Inspirational Gifts:

(Clothing) Keep Calm and Be Mindful T-shirt

(Home Decor) Love yourself first and everything else falls into line…-Lucille Ball quote Wall Stickers

(Home Decor) Make a Joyful Noise, Wall Art, Creation Vinyls

(Journals) Joyful, Thankful, Prayerful A journal that organizes your prayer time (Paperback)

(Journals) Love is letting go of fear: Composition Notebooks/ Books Wide Ruled 100 Sheets 8.5 x 11 inch

(Journals) Love is letting go of fear: Composition Books / Basics Wide Ruled Notebooks 100 Sheet 8.5 x 11 inch

(Kitchen Ware) Love is Letting Go of Fear Coffee Mug

Non-English Book Editions:

Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D.

El perdón: La mejor de las medicinas: Forgiveness: The greatest healer of all (Audio Book, Abridged)

Susan Piver

Kekkon madeni futari de kaiketsushiteokitai 100 no shitsumon (Japanese) (Paperback)

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