‘Blessed Is He Who Bleeds’

To understand your pain, you’ve got to go find where it lies inside.

 Blessed Is He Who Bleeds
it hurts...the pain you feel
take a knee...kneel
sit in a chair...stare
lay in a bed
rest your head
give it all–
the Lord†...call
in all your discomfort
open the way...heal
there is one who cares
no need for fancy flair
you are not yet dead
listen to what's already
been said
no need for cards
to deal
break open hurt's seal
whatever's given–
you can bare
to be reborn
is only fair
with Him†...do wed
what's already been fed
what is unseen
is the real
your constant, true meal
all the world
constantly led
but no one...yet...has met
it is found in quiet–
not in sounds that blare
so close those holes
then go inside the mind
you'll find Him†
waiting there

Author: k. e. leger

I'm a writer.

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