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Canyon Vision August 29, 2019: Spiritual Training With An Invitation To the People

I’ve been through a number of spiritual training exercises during meditation, but never was I told to share them. This is way different. The message was to share the crash scene I was shown and get the people involved on the accuracy of this vision. So, I’ll go into it by explaining how this vision came to me. There were two parts to what happened during this meditation. The first part is very personal and it’s not time for me to share. I will later on, but currently I’m told not to. But the second part…I’m told to share.

I got the feeling that the point of this is to reveal how things work. So, I don’t know if this crash scene took place, but I got the feeling that it already happened. I have no idea how to find such an accident. So, if you do, comment, share articles and pictures of the real scene. And…if this indeed did happen, we all shall know!

The Vision:

After writing until around 3 p.m. today, I started feeling anxious and nervous, so I decided to fix me something to eat since I hadn’t eaten all day. I got out the fixings for a bacon and tomato sandwich. I put the bacon to cook and the anxiousness increased. I kept trying to figure this emotion out since I had nothing to be anxious about. So, while the bacon was cooking, I put on some music and began to do some arm exercises, trying to settle my body. The feeling I was experiencing kept increasing.

I managed to deal and fix my sandwich. I sat down to eat and the feelings I was having kept increasing to the point I had to put my head down for a while. I even began shaking. After I ate, something told me to mediate. I felt like I had to. I barely reached my relaxation point when suddenly there was a pull on my chest, my heart started beating really fast. The energy came into my fingers and legs.

I was given a scene. I drew it out as best as I could. My fingers and left leg was literally lifted off the bed, the energy got stronger and stronger, as this scene was shown to me.

The entire scene as it was shown to me. I’m not gifted in drawing. Sorry. I did the best I could.
The left side of the map.
The right side of the map.

I saw a crash as I drew in the drawing above. I began to get anxious thinking, ‘Was I supposed to leave and go look for this crash?’ I kept trying to think where it could be. [I’ve had visions like this before, which I’ll share later, and they ended up being training of sorts.] I kept asking if I was to go now. I kept searching the vision shown trying to figure out where to go. I kept saying, ‘I don’t know this area. Do you want me to go? I’m by myself. It’s getting dark. I’ll get lost.’ I was trying to release to go, but it held me.

(This is something I learned early on in my meditation…this release and hold. If you are wondering who’s holding me…that would be God, Jesus…the only ones powerful enough to do such a thing. You don’t have to believe me. I’m not here for that. I hear, see…and listen. It’s okay. I understand that you don’t.)

I was panicky, trying to figure it out. But I kept being shown the scene all around, again and again. Then I got the feeling to stop panicking and pay attention to what I see. It was hard because there was a crashed car I clearly could see, so I was worried about any injured persons.

Then a car was coming down the road. I was put in front of this car and I used my energy to stop the car’s engine. The man rowed the car to the side, so it seemed, and a woman got out, walked around and ended up by the railing. She saw the car and dialed for help.

I then saw the car that crashed being lifted by a helicopter. I got the feeling that this was shown to me to ease my worry.

Then I got the feeling to see and I was to get the people involved in my spiritual training! I was to see as much as I can then share. The event I was shown already happened. That’s the feeling I got. I’m to share to get help on the accuracy of what I’m shown. Over and over the vision panned all around. I received the feeling to see as much detail as possible.

Area description not written on the map: During the vision, I felt tourist. Like this was a place not really frequented by locals. Mostly tourists. It seemed to be a scenic route, not many cars. I described what I saw in the drawing as accurately as possible. It seemed more desert than like the Rocky Mountains or country, but there was mountains and ridges clearly shown.

The woman who got out of the car had a shirt tied to her waist and what appeared to be brown hiking boots on. The man had lifted up the hood of their car and was looking at the engine when the woman saw the car that crashed. The car they were driving was more of a boxed kind of model, not sporty or anything like that. Like a family car or rental.

I wondered about anyone hurt. After seeing the helicopter lifting this car, I saw a medical bed, the kind in an ambulance, with someone on it but that was it and it was very far away. [After writing this by hand, right after I saw it, it is 6:10 pm. 7! I must have gotten this right! After typing this up…7:03 pm!]

The People’s Involvement:

So that’s the vision. I drew it out. I described as much of it as possible. Did it actually happened? Was it just some fantasy vision like all the meditation gurus suggest? Does God exist? Does Jesus exist? Does the spiritual rem exist? Are we in a spiritual war? Will my first visions come true? Are they really from God? I think the task is left for you to decide.

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