‘Changed Policy’

How Long Are We Going To Continue To Ignore Congress Changing Policy?

A sample from Book 2

 Changed Policy
realigned e.p.a.
carbon emissions take away
global-warming craze
set americans in a maze
american judicial branch
forwarding the chance
no longer
checks and balancing ranch
policy now made
world-government crusade
see the evidence
this theory's advance
easy entrance
american courts...hurrah!
foreign terrorist
given their day
miranda rights
you must say
molded in policy clay
cruel...unusual punishment
cause-biting decay
now okay
years of fighting arcade
none-mixing bouquet
moslem religious laws obey
american courts
an agreeing faca
christians...do awake
ongoing crusade
islamic hate
has continued what may
christians to slay
God† warned
to john —
locked away
america's constitution
says nay
God† must be
part of her clay
intrusion now paved
her courts
in disarray
by a false prophet's
two past crusades
jon of arch led the way
held together
after many slain
by islamic sword's rage
third crusade
open roads gave
by corrupting—penetrating
all governments' maid
hold to faith
to win this crusade
have to be made
in this coward's stage
—false leaders' rampage
christianity to lose her age
join together
God's† hand to lay
every conscious state
without fear...hate
God† to protect
open the way
then this policy
to fade

(October 13, 2013)—[‘Changed Policy’ was written in 2010.] Are we imagining all these bad things in our country or are we really going through another crusade of sorts without all the swords but with suits and big words? I’m just wondering.

I saw the Facebook postings of all those motor bikes in D.C. and now all these truckers. To me, it seems to be an extraordinary event yet I watched the news last night and not one report. As a student of journalism, I would have wanted to be there to report such an event.

If you really think about it, hundreds and hundred of truckers took time off to go to D.C. and protest. Trucking is their lively hood. WOW! And not one report on my evening news. Is this an illusion? Is all this made up for our eyes to see on the Internet and it’s not really happening? If so why? Not one report on the evening news. Strange. Just wondering…. Debate without argument.

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