‘Chastise Me’

Just because they say it, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Chastise Me
You† place a dare
I abide
by the heir
You† had me write it
I questioned it
You† demanded it
‒O Lord†, did I fake it
hearing Your† voice
through the ages‒
ever so rare
‒over the top
do I care
‒into space
I stare
for with the world
You† demand
I share
my heavenly Father†
my sincere Brother†
of all...the most holy
if I have heard wrong
with all the strength
in strong
chastise me
flog me
strip me of life
for I only heard
what was there
to write
now, I beg, O Lord†
teach this young heart
how close
to being an heir
do I fare
in words You† declare
all the responsibility
on my sleeve‒
I wear
because You† said it
in Your† sovereign declare

Note: The photograph is from the February 9, 2019: Rough Waters…Millions Will Die collection. The title was given to me. In every set of photographs there’s a cross. This cross is combined with the Anchor. It’s there. If you see it, you see it. Many other things were revealed with God using the Clouds to help me, help you. If you don’t want to learn, I can’t help you understand. It is…still!

(November 7)—God does not lie. I woke up this morning to the declaration that Biden won the USA presidency. I’m told it’s a lie. I’m not at all involved in politics and I hate having to write or comment about it because the US government has become too corrupt to even consider it worthy of writing about. I should know. I do have several books on it. I have done enough research to know truth. The accepted truth in America is the lie.

Jeremiah Angry at DelayYou are always righteous, O Lord, when I bring a case before You. Yet I would speak with You about Your justice: Why does the way of the wicked prosper? Why do all the faithless live at ease?  You have planted them, and they have taken root; they grow and bear fruit. You are always on their lips but far from their hearts.  Yet You know me, O Lord; You see me and test my thoughts about You. Drag them off like sheep to be butchered! Set them apart for the day of slaughter! How long will the land lie parched and the grass in every field be withered? Because those who live in it are wicked, the animals and birds have perished. Moreover, the people are saying, ‘He will not see what happens to us.’—Jeremiah 12:1-4

I was sent to the above Scripture this morning. I’ve been sulking in my own fear. I know what God is capable of. He can turn and send me to the guillotine in a heartbeat! I didn’t want to post this as I didn’t want to post ‘He† Speaks Softy,’ so I was given a lesson.

(During the editing part of this work, somehow my mouse flipped me to ‘Enchantress’! What I had to say in that piece and in the commentary is so very close to what I wrote in ‘Chastise Me’. There are NO accidents!)

The Lesson: After I wrote this, I fixed breakfast and laid down, then I got a phone call that made me get up. It was the VA. I need to go through physical therapy. The VA here in Vegas has gotten bad. It takes months to get anything done if they do anything at all. They scheduled my therapy for the middle of December. I told her that was unacceptable, so she told me she’d put in a consultation for the private sector. This will take 7 to 10 days! That is what the VA has become here. I wasn’t too happy. Then I sat down to type up ‘Chastise Me’ when I remembered I ordered new PJs and they are supposed to be in, but they didn’t come to my door as usual. So I went walk to my mailbox. The postal worker was there with the mailbox open, so I just pulled my package out of my slot. Then the postal worker when all ‘postal‘ on me. All I did was take my package out from my box. He accused me of stealing someone else’s package then said he was going to stop my mail! But he said I was stealing someone else’s package. I walked away from this man. I felt all his negative energy. I told him he was being rude then walked away. I was quiet and he was loud. I allowed this to get to me and I went home and almost cried. Then it dawned on me that he can’t stop my mail although I allowed this statement to mess with me. Why did he say that? He can’t stop my mail. That would be a crime on his part. Right?

Lesson Learned: Just because they say it, doesn’t mean it’s true.

I’ve been watching the president ‘counting‘. This whole process does not seem correct. Is there some machine that they can put ALL those ballots in to insure that the social security number is correct, and not duplicated, and the people are actually alive? I recall the same kind of fraud-like practices the first time Obama ran for president. The same. Of course, people aren’t voting for Biden. They are voting for Obama. So, how are they counting these ballots?

I’m neutral here. I think both candidates are criminals. But God said Trump is not done. Biden is not the president. The true winner as in votes is Trump. So, I have to go with God on this. When I don’t put up what He wants, bad things happen in my life. I rather the smooth and nothing happens compared to the rough and bad.

The second Scripture, which has been shown to me a number of times is Jeremiah 12:5-17

God Answer’s Jeremiah‘If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumbled in safe country, how will you manage in the thickets by the Jordan? Your brothers, your own family—even they have betrayed you; they have raised a loud cry against you. Do not trust them, though they speak well of you. I will forsake My house, abandon My inheritance; I will give the one I love into the hands of her enemies. My inheritance has become to Me like a lion in the forest. She roar’s at Me; therefore I hate her. Has not My inheritance become to Me like a speckled bird of prey that other birds of prey surround and attack? Go and gather all the wild beasts; bring them to devour. Many shepherds will ruin My vineyard and trample down My field; they will turn My pleasant field into a desolate wasteland. It will be made a wasteland, parched and desolate before Me; the whole land will be laid waste because there is no one who cares. Over all the barren heights in the desert destroyers will swarm, for the sword of the Lord will devour from one end of the land to the other; no one will be safe. They will sow wheat but reap thorns; they will wear themselves out but gain nothing. So bear the shame of your harvest because of the Lord’s fierce anger.’

This is what the Lord says: ‘As for all My wicked neighbors who seize the inheritance I gave My people Israel, I will uproot them from their lands and I will uproot the house of Judah from among them. But after I uproot them, I will again have compassion and will bring each of them back to his own inheritance and his own country. And if they learn well the ways of My people and swear by My name, saying, ‘As surely as the Lord lives‘—even as they once taught My people to swear by Baal—then they will be established among My people. But if any nation does not listen, I will completely uproot and destroy it,’ declares the Lord.—Jeremiah 12:5-17

‘…If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses?Think about it!

Why aren’t you strong enough to stand up for yourselves? Why are you accepting things? All this pandemic, I’ve been hearing, ‘You all are just sheep falling to fear.’ I look around and see all the sheep. True sheep are those who do NOT stand up for what is right. Fearing man is the wrong answer. You should be fearing GOD! Because of your backwoods thinking, this virus is spreading all over the place and you have allowed the machine to dictate to you who is your president…even  if it is illegal. They did this for Obama and you only saw skin color. Be careful…the SHE in Revelations gives birth to the anti-christ. God sends this by the way. All this false preaching, it will come and bit you in the butt!

But if any nation does not listen, I will completely uproot and destroy it,’ declares the Lord.…the IF factor! Read ‘This ‘If’ By-Law’ for further explanation.

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