‘Deception’s Muck’

Liars tell you not to worry, not to fear God. Liars tell you that God is all love and doesn’t have a wrath, that He does not punish. They are lying to you! You should fear God!

Note: Picture from November 11th, the Avenging Angel. It’s sad when God is trying to get your attention and you ignore it because of your prideful, selfish ways. Oh, you know more than HIM! Liar. No one knows more than Him. Maybe He chose me because I’m not afraid to say the truth. Maybe He chose me because I’m not afraid to lose everyone in my life, including my children because Jesus and God are more important than they are. Maybe He chose me because I’m not afraid of man! I am afraid of God! And Maybe He chose me because I know He doesn’t live in a building and that He isn’t part of any man-made church! He IS!

 Deception's Muck
chaos has spread
through the nations
with my eyes‒
I see none of what they say
except fear and tension
except monkey see, monkey do
I don't see
what they say
where are these sick
where are the contagious
I see bulletins
I see internet's reality
lost in the dizziness
of its virtual distrust
no emergency vehicles
no poe-poe choppers
no white cloths‒
hanging from doors
no emergency announcements
coming through my phone
what is all this
rendition song
there's no big medical tents
there's no camouflage trucks
no security lines to duck
where are they
shouldn't I be seeing them
walking around with canisters
everywhere...some type of spray
Lord†, is this a trap
are You† really‒
tired of their crap
is this Your† way
hand to face...slap
I'm ready to hear
sounds from bugles...tap
Your† ways in confusion
torment the mind
this isn't, at all, kind
please, my Lord†‒
release the line
You've† proven Your† point
to me...that's find
they'll remain blind
'til the right time

(March 16)—(I wrote the following on March 15) I wrote yesterday what I was told about the toilet paper. You can go ahead and read it, ‘Wipe Your Mess Away.’ A few paid attention. Then I went on Facebook a while later and nothing changed. I went on it this morning and nothing has changed. Why Facebook? That’s all I need. What I see and what I read is two different things. God wanted me to write again today and post. Jeremiah! He’s been directing me to Jeremiah a lot this year. What is interesting is what is said in the Scripture today! Very interesting.

I added a few notes this morning, but not many. It is clear what God wants…what He wanted then and what He wants now. Healing! I know He is sad today. He brings me to this sad emotion and tells me that it is just a tiny fraction of how He feels. I can’t even imagine how the whole of Him feels. Shame on societies. Shame on the nations of the world. Over and over He has proven His loyalty, His grace, His unconditional love, and STILL you fail Him.

You are MAN! You are not GOD! You bring the confusion to yourself. Here…in all this writing He has me doing, He tells you! TELLS you! And yet you are still naïve. You think man is in charge! Pay attention. In order to affect the WHOLE world, God has to be involved! He controls all! When something this grand happens, you ignore who’s actually in charge! You fear the wrong things! You shouldn’t be fearing a virus or the governments. You SHOULD be fearing GOD!

Deprivation Coming”I will take away their harvest, declares the Lord, There will be no grapes on the vine. There will be no figs on the tree, and their leaves will wither. What I have given them will be taken from them.”—Jeremiah 8:13

Destruction For Sins‘Why are we sitting here? Gather together! Let us flee to the fortified cities and perish there! For the Lord our God has doomed us to perish and given us poisoned water to drink, because we have sinned against Him. We hoped for peace but no good has come, for a time of healing but there was only terror. The snorting of the enemy’s horses is heard from Dan; at the neighing of their stallions the whole land trembles. They have come to devour the land and everything in it, the city and all who live there.’ ‘See, I will send venomous snakes among you, vipers that cannot be charmed, and they will bite you,’ declares the Lord.—Jeremiah 8:14-17

Note: I always wondered about Dan. Apparently they are a fallen tribe and God casted them out for, basically, not healing from His testing!

From www.hope-of-israel.org, ‘Notice what happened: “The six hundred Danites, armed for battle, stood at the entrance to the gate. The five men who had spied out the land went inside and took the carved image, the ephod, the other HOUSEHOLD GODS and the cast IDOL while the priest and the six hundred armed men stood at the entrance to the gate. When the men went into Milcah’s house and took the carved image, the ephod, the other household gods, and the cast idol, the priest said to them, ‘What are you doing?’ They answered him, ‘Be quiet! Don’t say a word! Come with us and be OUR FATHER AND PRIEST. Isn’t it better that you serve a tribe and clan in Israel as priest rather than just one man’s household?’ Then the priest was glad” (Judges 18:16-20). The tribe of Dan was the first tribe of Israel to plunge into pagan IDOLATRY! Over the centuries, they have become steeped in idolatry and image worship — so much so that they will be slow to repent of their sins and to come out of the prevalent end-time idolatry of Roman Catholicism, which numbers over 900 million adherents around the world, today.’

You can’t lie to God. That’s the silliest thing I’ve seen in all my life…hiding shit in the dark, in secret thinking no one will know. Damn, you are ignorant and small-minded! (And those who are will cast their own character traits on YOU. Watch it, it’s quite amazing and astonishing to witness!) I’ve seen so much of this that it makes me want to puke. And you know what, when I call it out, I get snuffed. Well, God saw it all! I don’t have to do anything. I don’t have to take revenge. I don’t have to tear your stuff up or hurt your person. God will do that. I don’t even have to take anything you said to me and throw it back. You will do that though. You who are not healed. You will call me names. You will talk about me behind my back…saying all kinds of cruel things, blaming me. You will cuss me and call me evil. You who are not healed will ignore God’s call to repent, to heal. God is still not with you. That is why He sends others to tell you what He wants. But…those of you still in death, (sin, darkness)…you don’t get that…you want to hate instead. Shame has got a real hold of you. Wake up! God is calling you. He already knows. Wake up! He’s calling you for a reason.

God’s Sorrow‘O My Comforter in sorrow, My heart is faint within Me. Listen to the cry of My people from a land far away: ‘Is the Lord not in Zion? Is her King no longer there?’ ‘Why have they provoked Me to anger with their images, with their worthless foreign idols?’ ‘The harvest is past, the summer has ended, and we are not saved.’ Since My people are crushed, I am crushed; I mourn, and horror grips Me. Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then is there no healing for the wound of My people? Oh, that My head were a spring of water and My eyes a fountain of tears! I would weep day and night for the slain of My people. Oh, that I had in the desert a lodging place for travelers, so that I might leave My people and go away from them; for they are all adulterers, a crowd of unfaithful people.’—Jeremiah 8:18-9:2

Note:  He’s wondering why there’s no healing testimonies, why there’s no healing taking place. I wonder why myself. Too many people are listening to the churches and those money-hungry preachers who say move on, put it in the past. Sorry, God says deal! God says face your pain. God says do not put it in the past. God says learn from it then teach others. Yes, talk about it to others. You are going down the wrong path if you don’t deal with what truly hurt you.

Nation of Liars‘They make ready their tongue like a bow, to shoot lies; it is not by truth that they triumph in the land. They go from one sin to another; they do not acknowledge Me,’ declares the Lord. ‘Beware of your friends; do not trust your brothers. For every brother is a deceiver, and every friend a slanderer. Friend deceives friend, and no one speaks the truth. They have taught their tongues to lie; they weary themselves with sinning. You live in the midst of deception; in their deceit they refuse to acknowledge Me,’ declares the Lord. Therefore this is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘See, I will refine and test them, for what else can I do because of the sin of My people? Their tongue is a deadly arrow; it speaks with deceit. With his mouth each speaks cordially to his neighbor, but in his heart he sets a trap for him. Should I not punish them for this?’ declares the Lord. ‘Should I not avenge Myself on such a nation as this?’—Jeremiah 9:3-9

Note:  Wrote in 2007: This seems to be happening again…there is no one to trust. And here God tells you to not be deceived. Liars tell you not to worry, not to fear God. Liars tell you that  God is all love and doesn’t have a wrath, that He does not punish. They are lying to you! You should fear God! He does not change. He gave us Jesus to make it easier to get to His kingdom, but He didn’t change who He is! The churches try to tell you these things, but it is a lie. The churches try to tell you that God will give you riches and all this material stuff if you listen to them. They are lying!

God owns everything! He doesn’t need your money. He needs your talents! He needs your heart! He wants you to go out there and buy a poor family clothes and food. He wants you to take what comes to you, as in material wealth, and do for others. That doesn’t come to you to horde. He didn’t say go out there and horde. He said give to those who have less than you do. He didn’t say you are allowed to make money with His name. He didn’t give you His Son to profit from Him. That’s churches, man-made ones, that preach that. They are lying to you. God does NOT bless you with material things. Material things are used to do what God wants of you. Do it. Stop thinking your money and things are for you, they are not! You are missing the whole point. You are given things to help others. It’s up to you to figure it out. He’s expecting you to figure it out. That’s part of your test!

If you are sitting there owning all of these big houses that you do not need, then you are no better than those who bought all that toilet paper and stuff. You do exactly what they did. If you have millions of dollars in the bank, you are doing exactly what those who bought up all that toilet paper did. You are hording what others need! It’s not rocket science. Satan will tell you that you earned that, you deserved that, that you don’t need to help anyone. That’s the test of the heart. What will you do? It’s entirely up to you to decide.

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