Every journey has meaning. Every part means something. Pay attention.

he said let go of fear
I tried
with him near
knowing, he too
had fear
then it all
came to a still
all that passion
lost to indiscretions
gone...separate directions
I lay me down
sink in a world
outside of me
really...the deeper of me
only to find distorted faces
all my hidden fears
bringing me to sadder tears
facing what haunts me
in endless seas
sad and ugly
what the world buried in me
dark, oh! so dark
why hadn't this hardened my heart
Jesus† said: I didn't let it
trust He† says
so I sink into His† care
as He† digs me out
these darkened places
that's buried me
as I think of him
somewhere out there
gone...without worries
of me
as the rest
think I'm out there…crazy
so I put my life
in Jesus'† hands
my master
with david...His† shepherd
guiding me
back to where
I was born to be
him, baby and me
bringing together
the rest...in family
scared as I am
I'll let Jesus† lead me
to where He† wants me to be

Author: k. e. leger

I'm a writer.

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