‘Esau’s Children’

You can’t take back what you’ve done. It’s already written on your heart. But He’s given you a chance to redeem. I’d make a choice before He takes it off the table!

 Esau's Children
you pillaged us
you raped us
you sold Jesus'† blood
for a soft bed
–a crown of jewels
for your head
edom, edom, edom–
you did as God† instructed
your chances to redeem
you never seen
you turned further away
as each of His† tribes
you added to slave
He† has returned us
to lands given to us
He's† watched us...all along
each move was His† own
All those who willingly
followed your false thrown
will wear evil's mark–
never sound the bong
will sink in deception, manipulation–
your minds will turn
into cesspools
–an endless vaporization
of truth–
without a variation
He's† bringing us home
to lands of our own
confusion is already
in the known
–not knowing us from
your own
for hundreds of years
your careless
has put us in His†
safety zone
our bodies may sleep
but our souls are
going home
to where He† sits on the
one and only throne
You…dear edom
lost His† kingdom
your choice–
He's† giving to you alone
then happily
He† will be gone!

Author: k. e. leger

I'm a writer.

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