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Misrepresentation Happens a Lot These Days!

A sample from Book 3

(July 23, 2016)My mother called me yesterday to ask if I was watching T.V. ‘No, I don’t have T.V.’ I replied. Then she goes on to tell me about the shootings in Germany. I try to explain to her why I’m not worried or surprised. She doesn’t quite understand. Neither does most of this country.

Germany is 8 hours away from the U.S.A. EIGHT hours. Back in 2011, they had a 6% Moslem…that would be Islam population. Also, the break in the United Kingdom. Why are you surprised? Islam has penetrated Parliament. Hello! Are you paying attention? NOPE.

 Faith Based
george w. led
never lost in his head
protecting america...I've proved
wasn't promises just said
but words and actions executed
with the heart of a newlywed
...I am proud to have signed No Child left Behind and Medicare modernizations, two pieces of legislation that improved life for our citizens and showed that conservative principles of accountability and market-based competition are effective ways to get results....
what is it
that was missed instead
no child left behind
win...lose net
the weak...needs met
the strong...the side lines‒
they were left
bureaucratic pet
un-thought rules set
higher salary concept
held to blame
‒discipline's neglect
students, parents
ride off
into the sunset
the medicare leg
heart-intended peg
half-rotten egg

america's elders
including every vet.
a more difficult ledge
like a slamming sledge
the depend-on government thread
no longer has to beg
with the feds‒
their secured money bed
then there's the moving insect
faith-based concept
slipped away jet‒
opening doors
non-religion-based rag head
leaving bush
a deceived pinhead
with claims their religion
improves america's
heated little hedge
all the while
americans slept
while this insurgence aspect
continued to wedge
solid grounds
they continued to set
things go unsaid
except for those
who refuse
to be misled
a psychological war embed‒
between the lines
goes unread
becoming more and more
less and less personal freedoms
Americans will get
a constitution
founding-father dream
down the toilet
the insurgents‒
continuous misperception fed
placing their bet
their big evil's drowned
in their warring sweat
buried in a suppressed crypt
‒their prisoners'll eventually
why they once wept

‘Faith Based’ was written in 2011 while doing my research on President George  Bush. His own book was very informative. It’s interesting how, since then, the masses have taken his presidential placement in history and twisted it to fit their own agendas. When I wrote about all that I read concerning our (that would be America) history, I looked at it all objectively with my present America in mind. It’s very interesting to see how all this plays out and it is easy to predict what’s coming. It’s very scary stuff. But no one is paying attention much. Shame.

I don’t care about history…I hear that so many damn times that I throw my own damn hands up. My political writings come from many sources and I throw my opinion in there because I’ve studied history. To me it’s obvious what is coming.

I don’t hate. But others sure do. Look back in history…Islam has been hating since day one! If you truly believe that when you die a horrible death by sacrificing your body to kill others you will be met in heaven by 7 virgins to fuck you over and over…you are on the wrong boat. That’s the devil and nothing else! That’s an ideology fed to you since you were a child…oh, that kindergarten class that received all those machine guns upon graduation (was that just a mock-up?). Come on! Really?

I watched…watched…a video of these Islamic people forcing a little boy on the ground then stretching out his arm and a car then rolled back and forth, again and again over his arm because he stole a loaf of bread! This was back in 2010 or 2011…and in the video were all these people…all with phones recording what was happening. Not helping this child, but recording it!

I watched a news cast about this group of people in Africa who take 13-year-old girls, hold them down, without any numbing medicine, with a piece of broken glass cut part of their female part off! This was an American news cast crew and reporter….they filmed this and did NOT try to help this girl! This cast was aired on American T.V….yes, the American crew DID NOT try to help! The show was to make Americans aware and try to help stop this crime, yet, they themselves did NOT HELP that girl they were witnessing screaming and yelling!

Mother Teresa said that if you stand around and witness someone committing a sin and do nothing, you are just as guilty! The Bible talks of this, too. So, don’t take my word for it.

The Bible talks about having knowledge and wisdom. Okay. Knowledge. God is of peace. Thou shall not kill…on the top of the list of His Commandments. So, do you really think He will reward you for killing innocent people or standing around filming others killing innocent people and not try to help? If so, you are working for the devil and not God. I’m so sorry to break that news to you!

History defines us and who we are today. For those of us who see through the B.S. and corruption and all this Illuminati crap, we are able to see truth! I did research on the Illuminati during my political blog days. I’m aware of them. That’s the elite I’m always talking about. I’m not a scare-tactic type of person. I just spill the facts.

So here’s one for you: All this police-hating, all these shootings…you are being played! And the funny part…you don’t even see it. So go on and continue posting all those articles and videos…go on breeding hate. You are playing right into their hands! Shame you didn’t study Hitler. He did it and didn’t even have T.V. or radio or the internet like we do. It took his plan a little longer to succeed but he managed to walk 6 million…yes 6 million! people right into gas chambers having them believe they were going take showers! That actually happened. I visited one of those camps. Amazing. People are so gullible!! History teaches yet people are still so freaking blind…AND DUMB!

I hear all the time about this slave deal, but I don’t AT ALL hear about how Africa trapped by net their own people and SOLD them for items to make liquor. Instead, I hear praise about Africa (the homeland) and how proud people are because they are African-Americans! I’m sorry. I would NOT in a million years add a country to my present freedom who sold my ancestors like dogs to the highest bidder in order to make whiskey…making whiskey more valuable than a human life! History teaches a lot. But, of course, so many will say that history books lie! Amazing! Facts are facts. This, too, ACTUALLY happened!

You don’t at all have to believe a damn word I say. Do your research? And I don’t mean byway of the net. I mean true research…going to a freaking library and actually read years of research, see actual pictures and notes of the times!

Today, they…when I put my work out and you read it, you’ll understand who they are…want you to fear those in Blue! WANT! They WANT you to feel hate and fear!

You didn’t see it when the man elected 8 years ago said out loud and in public that the Constitution (that would be the U.S. of A.’s Constitution)  was outdated. There it was…the dead give away. Do you really believe someone who is loyal to this country would actually want to say those words out loud in front of the American people let alone actually say them? Really? Unbelievable is ALL I can say! If color is not an issue then color should not stand in the way of you actually seeing the wrong done here!

Do you really know how many Islamic-practicing individuals have been placed into various positions inside the White House in the last 8 years? Do you even care? Hint: These people (All Islamic-practicing individuals)…HATE…need I repeat…HATE the American culture and ALL that it stands for! THEY HATE ALL Christians. Not just Catholics…ALL Christians. (That would be ALL people who BELIEVE in Jesus Christ!)

Do you NOT comprehend this? I do not care if this kind of writing lessens my chances of succeeding as a writer and publisher. That’s not my goal. My goal is to complete my vow. (If you don’t know what that vow is then you need to read more of me. That’s all I got to say.) All these killings happening! Really! The most killings (of mass in numbers) under any U.S. President in history! And you don’t question your leadership? Amazing.

President Thomas Jefferson said it himself…our founding fathers gave us the leverage to take back our government, even if by force (using arms) if it gets too big and out of hand! So, what constitutes too big and out of hand? I really would like to know what needs to happen in order for Americans to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

I guess when they come in and start raping and killing around the clock. Oh, that happened to us by the British before we declared our INDEPENDENCE and before a group of good-ole boys got together and wrote that out-dated Constitution!

PS. All these articles friends are sending me about the United Nations sending trucks and tanks and shit here on American soil…all white and shit with U.N. right there to see! I guess that’s made up, too. The United Nations…World Order…All that just doesn’t seem to phase anyone.

Here’s one for you: The truth of things is always right in front of your nose. I’m on God’s side! Period. Oh, and…I totally, unconditionally believe in Jesus Christ! I’m a Christian. Go ahead put a gun to my head and test me. You will lose! And…I don’t expect 7 freaking virgins. I KNOW I’ll meet God! That’s ALL…ALL I NEED to know! Period!

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