‘His† Spirit’

You got this…BUT only if you WANT this! It’s your CHOICE!

Note: The picture that accompanies this writing was taken November 9th. God revealing His power in a big way. His ART! I’m still adding frames to this page. Every second, 1/2 second, He changes the art. To reveal His speed…His creativeness. He wants you to know that He’s giving you time to get right with Jesus! That’s unconditional love in a nutshell!

 His† Spirit
He† took me to the cross
pulled me within
like a boss
all my anguish
He† tossed
'I suffered, too'
revealing truth's
heavy cost
when I felt lost
He† came to me again
in the glow of brilliance
He† held my hands
as in His† eyes
my childish self
got lost
building me up
'you have a blessing coming'
His† words
adding a heavenly sauce
to the love
in the raw
that filled me up
I can't complain
in patience
I must wait
all the judgment
for He† said:
living in truth
a heavy cost'

as He† reminds me
of the cross
so I bow my head
welcome in
the Holy Spirit
filling me up
letting me hear Him†
then there He is
'I love you karen elizabeth'
'I love you, too, my Lord†'
as I'm surrounded
by the arms
of the boss

(November 14, 2019)—To deny Jesus is to deny God. You must look within your heart, examine it, toss it all around, then come to truth with self. This is today’s Scripture:

Jesus Promises Holy Spirit—’And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Counselor to be with you forever—the Spirit of Truth. The world cannot accept Him, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him. But you know Him, for He lives with you and will be in you. I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. Before long, the world will not see Me anymore, but you will see Me. Because I live, you also will live. On that day you will realize that I am in My Father, and you are in Me, and I am in You. Whoever has My commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves Me. He who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I too will love him and show Myself to him.’—John 14:16-21

NOTES: The Holy Spirit…The Spirit of Truth…There’s no denying when the Spirit comes into you…or I should say when He awakens in you. There’s no denying the joy or the sadness you get filled up with. People say they know God and Jesus…but if they don’t know the Holy Spirit, they know nothing. And when the Holy Spirit is awoken in you, in baby steps, you are moved to a fullness of Jesus where you don’t want to hurt anyone, where you don’t want to betray anyone, where you don’t want to lie, where you don’t want to judge. You come to a place where confessing all that you’ve done against God’s laws…you just spill out loud and clear…you abandon the fear of anyone knowing who you really are. It’s a place where you began to understand Jesus’ way…that it’s always been so damn simple. You come to understand man is the one who made it all hard.

‘His† Spirit’…I’ve heard of others speaking of being taken to the cross. If you have experienced this, then you know how profound this moment is. It’s not a dream. He literally takes you to the cross with Him. He wants you to see what happened. This is His power through the Holy Spirit. This is how He can do this. I saw Him twice. I will boast on this forever because I truly want everyone to have this experience. It’s like a gift beyond all gifts. It’s beyond personal…and it helps you to fully understand why He suffered, why He’s so damn…everything!

Once this happens to you, you WANT to defend Him, you WANT to make people understand how bad they are fucking up. There it is…my super-girl talking. I’m so criticized…let them criticize! Jesus has made me understand that when you get under their skin to the point of judgment, I have sown the seed! This is why yesterday God came to me and told me to not defend anymore. He said it again today that the truth cannot be defended. Only lies are defended…made cases out of. He told me to just be…do what He tells me…that He’s got me. You know what…that is so damn much better than worrying about man’s petty crap!

So, today it’s been ‘let’s talk’ and we talk. Once you awaken the Holy Spirit in yourself, you get this. You have to learn to trust. I didn’t at first. Then I had to learn to distinguish the voices between David, Jesus and God. And then I wanted to share this because it was so exciting to me and I didn’t once think that those I love the most would deny my experience. Not in a million years! But they did. All those criticizing are from my hometown…imagine that! No wonder God moved me.

When I hear that ‘let’s talk’, I turn off the computer and sit and speak what’s troubling me. I hear clearly. Is it my fault that you can’t understand this?

‘And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Counselor to be with you forever—the Spirit of Truth. The world cannot accept Him, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him. …there you go. He already said what would happen when we talk about the Spirit. You can NOT hear Jesus or God unless you allow the Holy Spirit to awaken in you. And that won’t happen with your ignorance and noise. God says to rest…so rest! Silence your world.

The challenge: Do you have the courage to rest in God? Are you sincere enough to rest in God? You can yap and yell and write comments all you want…that will NOT get you saved! And you yapping and yelling tells God, and me, that you are not saved! You are still judging. That’s not being saved.

You have to welcome in the Holy Spirit. God’s love and every bit of love that comes from His love is unconditional. He also gives us the free will to choose. He will NOT force His love on anyone. Can you accept that? Do you accept that? Have you prayed for the right reasons? Have you condemned others? Have you sinned? Have you fallen? Have you held it against God and Jesus…at any point in your darkness, your troubles? If so, then you offended the Holy Spirit and you have to repent more earnestly.

You have to go through everything you’ve done…admit it openly to the Lord. You don’t have to get on your knees or dawn some stupid robe or light a damn candle or go to some confession booth. In fact, you don’t have to tell anyone but GOD! But…He wants you to talk to Him out loud. Not for His sake, but for yours. Do you understand this? He wants you to Hear yourself!

I didn’t understand this until it happened to me. When you hear yourself, out loud, you are getting it out in the purest form. While you do this…take breaks and listen. You may have to go through this several times before the hear is awakened…this means you have to empty your mind of everything. Stop the noise. Be blank. Turn on a box fan if you need help with this. Every time your mind wonders, take it back to the sound of the fan. This will train your mind to go silent so that the Holy Spirit can awaken.

The prince of the earth does NOT want you to do this. Oh, damn it will work through all your advisers, friends to fuck you up. It doesn’t want you to hear. It will put all kinds of thoughts into your head. You have to learn how to see its tricks. The arguments people are putting on my Facebook pages, that’s the prince of the earth’s tricks. God told me to NOT defend myself because the evil whore doesn’t deserve the attention. And the truth can NOT change…GOD’s truth! The journey to spiritual maturity…when you are ready for the meat of God…is when you can tell evil from good…this is when the Holy Spirit awakens.

You will always have to battle. God sends this message through countless writers, speakers, preachers: Spiritual warfare. That bitch the devil will try anything to break you. You do have a weapon…a very powerful one: GOD! You awaken the Holy Spirit in yourself, you get your spiritual guide and that is a very powerful weapon. You will still battle, but you will recognize it faster.

I want you to win. And if I have to fight in cuss words, good words, whatever…I will. Remember the bus story in ‘Brave in the Snatch!’ I’m willing. Are you? Jesus is calling. He is building His army as well. Those working for the other side will fight you…from all angles. Can you handle this?

If you’ve done wrong in the past…it doesn’t matter what your sin or sins were/are, I’m telling you how to get to the light NOW! It’s NOT too late. Fuck what other people tell you. God is calling you now. I know how to wipe your sins away. And it ain’t by just studying a Bible and reading scripture and going into a building in some confession booth and saying ten Hail Marys. Sorry, they lied to you. No matter what they say, just doing this won’t work.


You have to get out there and DO for the Lord! And if you’re sin is really bad to the point you think that evil whore has you wrapped up in a bag, think again. Save a soul! You can repent what you’ve done by saving another soul…in the course of this, you will save your own soul. Trust me. This is truth! All that other bull…they are lying to you. And the prince of the earth will come at you hard! You have…HAVE to learn its tricks. Go on my personal Facebook page, most is public, and see some of the comments…tricks! The reason of the bug yesterday written in ‘Brave in the Snatch!’.

You have to be willing to open up to who you truly are in order to awaken the Holy Spirit in yourself. You will learn so much about God and Jesus if you just step up and not be afraid. The prince of the earth is the prince of fear and afraid…You can conquer this bitch with love and trust…and if you are confused in this…what I’ve written about over and over on God’s Mercy, in all my posts and books…just ask. It’s that simple. Then trust in the answer because I will only tell you the truth.

God bless you and may Jesus’ love surround you…shhh….this journey to the light…you can keep to yourself. When the Holy Spirit awakens inside you, that is when you WILL want to share. Before…it’s just you and Jesus. Everything you say to Jesus, He only Hears. The spiritual world will begin to move things in your world. The hardest part is the wait part. Patience. Trust. Hear. Always remember: God works in symbols. In a BIG way. Learn numerology. Every single thing that happens around you, you are being sent signs…EVERYTHING. In the pictures on God’s Mercy, just one frame…there are tons of signs, of meaning. It’s truly amazing!

You got this…BUT only if you WANT this! It’s your CHOICE!

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