‘I Will’

Are You Willing To Stand For Freedom?

A sample from Book 2

 I Will
I will
use my intelligence
I will
fight for america's
continued independence
I will
protect my
individual residence
I will
america's signers'
aristocratic experience
I will
acknowledge God’s†
miraculous existence
I will
heed to every
historical reference
I will
every sentence
I will
governmental incompetence
I will
stand up
for freedom’s defense
I will
honor my flag’s
unsurrendering presence
I will
turn against
political over-indulgence
I will
I will
go against
tyrannistic obedience
I will
voice with
I will
write with
historical competence
I will
walk forward
with constitutional vengeance
I will
be brave against
corruption’s tendence
I will
I will
suffer my action’s
I will
tyranny’s existence
I will
my constitution’s every sentence
I will
be truthful
in all correspondence
I will
be faithful
to my constitution’s contingence
I will
not break
for greed’s influence
I will
not betray
for corporational benevolence
I wil
not scatter words
for continued turbulence
I will
for america's innocence
I will
learn from
every aristocratic occurrence
I will
obey america's
majority preference
I will
tyranny's insurgence
I will
stand against
constitutional disobedience
I will
be part
of the resistance
I will
american history's every reference
I will
not remain silent
payne’s common sense
I will
be strong...intense
I will
be honest
monetary convenience
I will
put america first
over any other
country's inconvenience
I will
hold firm
my constitution
over prevalence
I will
study in full
without a changing tendence
to weaken or condense
I will
over every
I will
speak america’s language
whatever my native cadence
I will
enforce with a
sharpened percipience
the american way
no matter
who’s abhorrence
I will
survive any
dictating acquiescence
I will
forever be
on freedom's
side of the fence
if through
open violence
to commence
I will
be a
true american
on this soil
foreign co-existence
for only her
my fierce defense!

(March 29, 2014)—‘I Will’ was written in 2010. My frustration of that year remains just as strong today. My frustration is the same as a lot of Americans.

In 1987, I took an oath to fight all enemies, foreign and domestic. I wonder how much of our freedom has to be taken before Americans will decide talk is just talk.

There will always be war when it comes to religion. Always. In this country, we have tolerance when it comes to religion. You practice yours and I’ll practice mine. But something is changing. Something is not right. Do you know what that change is? Are you smart enough to see it? Are is it that your ignorance is better so that you can bury yourself in your material world, in your greed?

If your life has been shattered by selfishness, greed, then you are in the mince of that change. And in this change, women suffer the most. Don’t take my word for it. Keep ignoring the change. Without action, without a voice, the change will hit your home one way or another.

I made an oath. No matter how much isolation, no matter how much ostracism, no matter how much intolerance to the freedom I once knew, I will continue to voice, stand with my oath…foreign and domestic. How about you?

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