‘Lost Focus’

You Need To Take Action Instead of Complain!

A sample from Book 2

 Lost Focus
each other we don't see
we'd rather—
x-box, play station
cell phone, internet, tv
political wrongs
we don't see
our lives so neat
can roam any street
buy any type of meat
a nice bed to sleep
words we easily believe
whoever can lead
trusting any deceit—
they wouldn't lie to me
losing rights we don't see
our house, our car
our bling, our clothes
we're still free
the reality of it
we don't see
people shunned—
when they speak
running deep
each dollar taken—
we're less free
our lost faith
we don't see
every commercial, every show
every movie
God's† words are missing
the seven deadly sins we seek
without seeing our feed
our endless material need
we've fallen
to gluttony’s greed
without admitting our deceit
embarrassing flee
a selfish need
a self-centered plea
we've fallen
to pride's heed
without ourselves to be
for all eyes to see
for elite company
we've changed our dressing
preventing riot's heat
a willing lie—
we've told indeed
we've fallen
to covet's plea
without covering our need
power we desperately seek
to prove we're better than He†
willing to deceive
satisfying this self need
we've fallen
to lust's creed
without understanding Thee†
taking what's free
refusing to see
we've fallen
to anger's deed
without a wondering seed
hurting without grief
striving for more publicity
trying through deceit
anything for the better seat
we've fallen
in the trap of envy
without standing to speak
or expressing in ink
without researching
truth's creed
by-passing the hard road
to seek
without an honest need
to give a heart-filled speech
without taking the lead
to keep freedom free
we've fallen
in sloth's vining weed
our focus you see
lost down the wrong street
the seven deadly sins
we've already let lead
even if we don't believe
we have a chance
to reprieve
forgiveness He† does see
this individual intercede
can never be a we
in the end—
it's you and He†

(September 9, 2013)—[‘Lost Focus’ was written in 2010.] I’ve been posting a lot of stuff about our government. I think it’s important. I’m a mother of 3 and I want them to have a chance to experience freedom, but they don’t have the same freedoms I had at their age. Think about it.

At 18, they can fight to the death as a soldier but they can’t drink until they are 21. That’s just one on a long list of things that have come into play since I was young.

We elect people to represent us, to speak for us, but they don’t ask us anymore what we want, they just listen to a bunch of liberals who always want to change things and it always ends up with more laws impeding our chances to grow. We’re not paying attention. That’s the bottom line. That’s where ‘Lost Focus’ comes from.

Those who speak out are shunned, called fanatics, scare mongrels. You should see us as people who care for your rights. We are given the right to demand accountability. Why aren’t we using that right? No one would be in Washington D.C. if it weren’t for our hard work. Our paycheck pays for their SALARIES! Have you forgotten that? Just wondering….

Take Serious the trouble we’re in as Americans (at least for our children’s sake)…. I’m an American, damn straight, and proud of it!

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