‘Actions vs Words’

Pay Attention To What They Do…Not What They Say!

A sample from Book 1

 Actions vs Words
saying words
that want to be heard
is like a song's verse
then forgotten
in time's hearse
saying promises
sounding so rich
becomes an endless nich
becomes an endless list
ballad in a fist
a stream of tears
each...sealed with a kiss
becomes a silent contest
the break
starts to hiss
when words come
—where ever they're from
expectations rise
putting a heart on fire
innocent expectations—
waiting for their revelations
waiting for actions
behind their declarations
end the frustrations
tells the tale
—words not just for sale
to make you feel swell
words said
filling the head
are meaningless
—just an old list
if no actions done
the words
weren't just
for fun

(October 16, 2013)—[‘Actions vs Words’ was written September 23, 2011.] What one does and what one says are two different things. Be careful what you say because if you can’t back your words up, you lose slowly everything you worked for.

In the same sentence, if one is angry and they say things, watch what they actually do because when someone speaks out of hurt, they usually don’t mean it and their actions will tell you the truth. Actions tell the truth about a person.

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