Interesting is the truth of things.

remember, remember
the days of december
thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth–
days God† pulled you
from your slumber
gave you strength to slaughter
–protection from your slayer
one...of many times...in cater
saving the thanks for later
forgetting these favors
in december
you put His† Son†
in place of
a murderer
becoming the crucifier
–the veiled little liar
God† wasn't the trickster
but...instead...the tester
waging out reasons for
the forgiver
you failed to be the seer
so He† became the walker
for all people...the joiner
now...become the kneeler
the sorry in the pray-er
come to terms as a
true sinner
not seeing the value
of the veiler
so you can forgo the
pit's gatekeeper
–and enter that
of the Savior†

Author: k. e. leger

I'm a writer.

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