‘Reading A Necessity’

I’m just the messenger. You do what you want. I’d rather suffer than disobey. and He knows this!

 Reading A Necessity
reading's a necessity
in books...He† places the lead
if you cannot see...read
to those in see
He† places the seed
to pass it on
in hopes for the heed
play your games–
He† already sees
the helplessness of those
in disbelief
it is in faith that He†
carries the free
to heal in complete
His† demand from Heaven's sea
lay your burdens at His† feet
sit quietly on His† knee
all your hurt...release
for in your asking
He'll† part waters in
your burden's sea
smooth your puffy, cried-out eyes
so that you can see
sit down quietly
pick up the notion...read
leave behind society
so that you can grow–
in maturity
hear His† words in sincerity
leave evil behind
for the light in eternity

Author: k. e. leger

I'm a writer.

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