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A sample from Book 2

world lost in its pungency
to see through the prophesy
destruction of past democracy
just historical consistency
horrible...cramping pregnancy
perfect accuracy
unfaltering congruency
plague-corrupted bureaucracy
hidden world autocracy
wanting nothing but supremacy
global warming deficiency
u.s. presidential hypocrisy
brainwashing tendency
leading to inadequacy
without using necromancy
just a structured mobocracy
hidden world allegiancy
with a press’ proficiency

self-serving sufficiency
ratings improved by belligerency
quickened relentless policy
blindly led odyssey
not by contingency
american minds—

an easy absorbency
for their natural contumacy
media’s constancy

too much divergency
world-political diplomacy
focused blatancy
the world’s most powerful candidacy

civilization’s degeneracy

political lunacy
media’s fraudulency

—man’s endangered inheritancy

(August 12, 2016)—[‘Repeated Unnoticed’ was written in 2009.] I wasn’t going to post any of these any more. But I watched something today that made me see that these writings aren’t of some crazy lunatic like the ex and others tried to make me seem to be.

These writings go back as for as before 2000. These are part of the 11 books I’m putting out. The serpent has been over and over trying to halt my progress. After watching what I seen today, it seems I’m not the only one receiving these messages in rhyme format.

I wondered about this, but the Bible began in rhyme or song format. In the book Proof of Heaven, the author writes of God’s words, which he described as music. My faith is powerful and in all that has come in my world, the rhythm of song seems the best way God communicates with us. I’m not afraid to speak up or say what I’m supposed to talk about. In this poem, if you can’t understand what is being said, get a dictionary.

All this rain we are experiencing down here, it’s just part of the seasons. Like my daddy told me, seasons change. We are headed for a big seasonal change. Hint: God made the perfect Earth. I’ve spoken about this before. Bacteria has to be dealt with…from the smallest to the largest. How else do you halt bacteria? If you know the answer to that question, then you are pretty smart.

Knowledge is key. The messages we [who are writing about these things] are being sent is the lock. Put two and two together. If you can do that then you are really smart. Just saying….God bless.

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