‘Sheba’s Matter’ (Jesus)

He said, ‘The harvest has commenced.’

Sheba's Matter
all this gold
all this royalticity
spreading out
throughout history
as they praised the Lord†
then faltered at heart
the wisdom given
led to what was taken
what proved
to be forsaken
ego and its built-up lust
too much
turning a king
to just a fool
solomon tried to rule
with the wrong
sceptering tool
sheba had to see
all this majesty
not caring to admit
traveling 1200 miles
through a sworded sandpit
was mere jealousy
and not wisdom's legacy
but written all over history
lays it down...that sheba‒
the Lord† had found:
oh! here it is
let's honor this god
who gives without bribe
‒not knowing truth
or caring for the nod
all this of course spread
people bowing heads
to what truly...leads to dead
‒but never knowing
for they'd do what they're told
for one slice of bread
oh! what given...so easy to unload
a temple of gold
given as a mold
but for lust...sold
less than five hundred years
battles in fears
tumbled down that golden temple
‒solomon's name simplified
as sheba's rubbed into lust
all strains the brain
as all...lust mixed in fame
sets it all
in flames
sheep...matching in rows
behind whomever has gold
for wisdom lost its hold
to that one in hold
to the most gold
‒all that happened yesterday
happens still today
the test of lustful desire‒
that which sets greed
to its fires
leads poor men
open for hire

Note: September 27, 2019: Love from Heaven. I labeled this set of frames Love from Heaven because it was. A lot was explained to me by way of using my face, my hair, symbols. For instance, in the frame below, the upside down V on my forehead…no, it’s is NOT there normally and it wasn’t there that day except when I looked at the photographs. The upside-down V symbolizes TRUTH! When I’m in my doubts, this motion is done with my head in the symbol of this upside-down V very slowly, letting me know that I’m in truth. God is great ALL the time!


(July 15)―When I finished writing this, I was immediately pulled into prayer. I can’t totally explain this, but it happens. Symbols or signs are formed using my head like the cross and the infinity sign as well as many others that I do not know. I learned the sickle and this was done today. Jesus was doing prayer. After He finished, He said, ‘The harvest has commenced.’ That is scary since the world has already lost over 1/2 million to this virus.

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