Canyon Vision

Canyon Vision August 29, 2019: Spiritual Training With An Invitation To the People

I’ve been through a number of spiritual training exercises during meditation, but never was I told to share them. This is way different. The message was to share the crash scene I was shown and get the people involved on the accuracy of this vision. So, I’ll go into it by explaining how this vision came to me. There were two parts to what happened during this meditation. The first part is very personal and it’s not time for me to share. I will later on, but currently I’m told not to. But the second part…I’m told to share.

I got the feeling that the point of this is to reveal how things work. So, I don’t know if this crash scene took place, but I got the feeling that it already happened. I have no idea how to find such an accident. So, if you do, comment, share articles and pictures of the real scene. And…if this indeed did happen, we all shall know!

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