‘The Lord’s† Will’ (God)

‘this no hocus-pocus
let’s sit down and discuss!’
The Lord and Psalm 111

 The Lord's† Will
He† came to me
He† said a promise
one...I wanted to throw out‒
yelling at its hocus-pocus
Him†...I outright did cuss
then He† showed me‒
His† outrageousness
to my childish anti in trust
‒placing His† forced emphasis
by blowing up
my son's truck
'this no hocus-pocus
let's sit down and discuss!'

He† said in so many words‒
after my frightful disgust
doing my childish backup
what happened to judas
‒anything can come up
He's† beyond the word
God† is in everything
we consider us
so there's no backwoods
'this just made up'
He† came to me
He made a promise
‒all He† ask of me: Trust
His† will isn't obvious
but it's virtuous
He† doesn’t play around
in oblivious
He'll† make you nauseous
in ways mysterious
He'll† take your promiscuous
and make it ridiculous
He† can make things luminous
then blacken it all up
He† can make you famous
‒a lesson used in infamous
so I take this promise
ask over and over–
my must
'don't do this–
just give up'

He† says:
'no, YOU, give it up
it's going to happen
this...My† promise'

putting my wonders
in miraculous
waiting to witness
the wondrous
‒from God's† giant hand
in victorious!

NOTE: The picture that I included here was taken March 1. This particular frames and several after it includes an angel, it is below the large cloud mass. The rest of these I’ll have up shortly.

(March 7)—I stumbled on this Psalm 111 while looking for something else while doing some editing. I drew a heart by it because of the three 1s and what the psalm had to say. And I whispered to myself that God should direct me to this page because I want to write about it. On March 5th, the first thing I landed on when I opened my Bible was Psalm 111. I wrote the title but couldn’t get a word down, so I didn’t write. Tonight, I have been typing in works and I typed in the title ‘The Lord’s† Will’ at exactly 8:44! There are no accidents. That was David telling me to write this piece! When I finished typing it in, I looked at my computer clock because I was told look at clock and I watched it turn from 9:32 to 9:33…approval!

You may have a different thing to say when it comes to numbers, but you will never convince me that it’s evil. And I had this thrown at me. Sorry, you lose! David has taught me how to pay attention to the things around me. I still don’t always do, but I know if I don’t see any good double numbers, I better turn around or it just won’t be a good experience (10:10 p.m. just now)! So, pay attention to those numbers around you. They will tell you if your thinking is on or off. If you don’t see double numbers, change your thinking and your direction. And example would be I wanted some shoes today. I got all dressed up and was in my car and saw zero double numbers. The first time I saw a double number was a car leaving the parking lot, and hearing ‘follow that car’. It took me out of the parking lot and on my way home. Message was clear. The Lord wanted me to work on the writing until I figured it out: He wanted me to write this piece!

I knew it to be right. I’ve had so many experiences now that I get worried if David goes quiet. I’m so used to him being around now. The piece I wrote today, ‘The Lord’s† Will, is me writing about this promise God has made me. It’s a BIG promise! and one that, for me, is hard to believe it can actually come true. I write about it often because God wants me to. He wants you to know, when this happens, that it’s HIM! It’s one of those serious miracle deals. So, I’ll keep writing about it. It doesn’t bother me a bit. God is my favorite subject!

Let’s move to Psalm 111!

Fearing a Loving God is the Beginning of UnderstandingPraise the Lord. I will extol [praise] the Lord with all my heart in the council [an assembly (the action of fitting together the component parts of a machine/object (the vine)] of the upright [honorable, honest] and in the assembly [a group of people together in one place for a common purpose]. Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them. Glorious and majestic are His deeds, and His righteousness endures forever. He has caused His wonders to be remembered; the Lord is gracious and compassionate. He provides food for those who fear Him; He remembers His covenant forever. He has shown His people the power of His works, giving them the lands of other nations. The works of His hands are faithful and just; and His precepts [rules intended to regulate behavior or thought] are trustworthy. They [His rules] are steadfast [firm and unwavering] for ever and ever, done in faithfulness and uprightness [honorable, honest]. He provided redemption for His people; He ordained His covenant forever—holy and awesome is His name. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow His precepts [rule intended to regulate behavior or thought] have good understanding. To Him belongs eternal praise.—Psalm 111

Notes: This was written over 900 years before Christ! The explanations of the words I went ahead and included them inside the passage. There were several sentences that stuck out: He provides food for those who fear Him…This sentence is completely out of context to the rest of the entire passage, so food is the key word here. It means more than just the stuff we eat to fill our stomachs up. Food here, as in the New Testament when Paul spoke of the milk and meat of the Bible, is His words and through believing His words, we  get safety and wisdom. Then this line: giving them the lands of other nations…this is when He spread His people out through the world, not just the Middle East.

The works of His hands are faithful and just…here as He has been showing me with ALL emotions, happiness and confusion being the first two, faithful and just are other emotions that we do. They ARE the works of His hands.

  • Assembly: (Noun) [a group of people together in one place for a common purpose, the action of gathering together as a group for a common purpose, the action of fitting together the component parts of a machine or other object (the vine), the conversion of instructions in low-level code to machine code by an assembler.]
  • Council: (Noun) [an advisory, deliberative, or legislative body of people formally constituted and meeting regularly; a body of people elected to manage the affairs of a city, county, or other municipal district; an ecclesiastical assembly (after Christ); an assembly or meeting for consultation or advice]
  • Ecclesiastical: [relation to the Christian Church or its clergy]
  • Extol: [praise in a big way]
  • Ordained: (Verb) make (someone) a priest or minister; confer holy orders on; order or decree (something) officially; (especially of God or fate) prescribe; determine (something).
  • Precepts: [a general rule intended to regulate behavior or thought; a writ or warrant]
  • Steadfast: (Adjective) [resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering]
  • Upright: (Noun) a post or rod fixed vertically, especially as a structural support, an upright piano; (Adjective) of a person sitting or standing with the back straight, strictly honorable or honest; (Adverb) in or into a vertical position
  • Uprightness: [the condition or quality of being honorable or honest; rectitude]

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