‘The New Student’

The First Day of Class: They Sure Do Test Those Waters!

A sample from Book 4

 The New Student
as a teacher
I see life
in a different way
it’s not about me
and someone else
it’s about me
and the whole world
and how much
I can give
in a single day
I teach a different age—
an entirely different race
email, modems and chat rooms—
they don’t want me to lecture
just an enduring classroom
they’re welling to face
 but it’s all in my head
standing there
in a statue of voices
listening to the brains
that need to be fed
they are loud, uncaring, rude
the result of our government
and weak family link
the lack of paddles, rulers
disciplines rules to boot
they are given a choice—
I have to settle
they have summer school and g.e.d.—
I’m the school board’s fiddle

(2003/05)—[‘The New Student’ was written in 2002.] I’m back to the classroom at the beginning of the school year. They say that that first day sets the pace for the entire year. It’s sort of like the first impress you get when you meet somebody—it sticks with you forever.

I’m not exactly sure if I agree. The first day can be hectic or mellow. It depends on how you deal with it. Having seating charts and trying to keep order on that first day can wear you out. Sweat beads pour out of every pour by the end of the day.

The kids are excited and scared that first day. They don’t want to see a tyrant when they walk into the classroom. I know you’re saying that’s how a teacher keeps control. Wrong! I may be wrong saying this, but it’s the truth. The teacher has no control even if he or she is a tyrant.

I wrote many students up for bad behavior—they get a slap on the wrist and they’re back in my class. Many think it’s cool to go to in-school suspension! They’re not afraid. It’s as simple as that.

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