‘The Vine† to Nourish’

It keeps coming. Why to me? I have no idea. But I’m passing it to you. Hear or not. Your choice.

 The Vine† to Nourish
He† came to divide
in time
Him†...so many
would deny
He† wasn't unseen‒
blind to the eye
He† was touchable
He† spoke
was in man's sight
but so many‒
cast Him† aside
even with wonders‒
done before eyes
veils tested hearts
in try
as to knees
they cried
waiting there
in the light
hearing so many cry
He† wonders:
why they don't even try?

instead of nourishing
this vine
they believe the lie
they close their eyes
to the truth
of the vine
too long has passed by
too long
for their try
the body feeds
the vine
they're letting it die
without even a try
to rekindle this vine
time has come‒
a new life
that won't drain
the head's light

(August 30)—This was the 2nd work that came to me this morning. I didn’t expect this work to turn out the way it did either. That last stanza…I don’t even want to think about it.

This work fell on page 1213=7. Again September 18 (9,9…all 3s (explained in ‘Time in Ticking’). And Psalm 80 (all 2s…which symbolizes the union between Christ and the church…balance, a quiet power of judgment, beckons us to choose!)

I said I would put a post up about numbers and such in my Testimony, but I haven’t had a chance yet. But it is easy for you to look them up. That seems to say enough…the numbers…but the wording in this Psalm…I’m awestruck in a way. The words shepherd, bread, sea, see, vine…all have been put before me over and over again that they have seriously become part of my life!

I can’t make you see. I can only write down what I’m seeing. I can only give to you what I’m told. He’s not only showing me in visions, but He is showing me in Scripture as well. I pray for you. I cry for you. His power is beyond what you can even fathom. If you could, you would be on your knees. You would understand what He is saying.

Hear us, O Shepherd of Israel, You who lead Joseph like a flock; You who sit enthroned the cherubim, shine forth before Ephraim, Benjamin and Manasseh. Awaken Your might; come and save us. Restore us, O God; make Your face shine upon us, that we may be saved.

O Lord God Almighty, how long will Your anger smolder against the prayers of Your people? You have fed them with the bread of tears; You have made them drink tears by the bowlful. You have made us a source of contention to our neighbors, and our enemies mock us. Restore us, O God Almighty; make Your face shine upon us, that we may be saved.

You brought a vine out of Egypt; You drove out the nations and planted it. You cleared the ground for it, and it took root and filled the land. The mountains were covered with its shade, the mighty cedars with its branches. It sent out its boughs to the Sea, its shoots as far as the River. Why have You broken down its walls so that all who pass by pick its grapes? Boars from the forest ravage it and the creatures of the field feed on it. Return to us, O God Almighty! Look down from heaven and see! Watch over this vine, the root Your right hand has planted, the Son You have raised up for Yourself.

Your vine is cut down, it is burned with fire; at Your rebuke Your people perish. Let Your hand rest on the man at Your right hand, the Son of man You have raised up for Yourself. Then we will not turn away from You; revive us, and we will call on Your name. Restore us, O Lord God Almighty; make Your face shine upon us, that we may be saved.—Psalm 80

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