‘There’s Time’

Time Passes but Change Never Comes!

A sample from Book 2

 There’s Time
who the hell knows
what we have seen
it’s under a finer screen
a woman going in as president
is all a bunch of hoot
wait for the actions
—all those who’ll file suit
we sulk for all the disasters
rain, flood, fires
what about all those
who’ve become big fat liars
rumbling with gay rights
struggle flairs
with black authenticity
whatever happened
to american supremacy
liberal-waged fights
conservatives wage
our given rights
what happens when our enemies
change their site
letting mexicans in
‒free passage
now what about our tax hassle
our sign reads free medical
‒free education
ss card holders paying all taxation
turning celebrities
they are permitted to do...say
whatever they deem
sex, drugs, neglect, abuse
whatever the case
for them...it’s an open race
it doesn’t matter when teens
see this as free-will
opening fire
through any window seal
it doesn’t matter
when teen parents
throw baby across the room
fun’s better to hum
it doesn’t matter when song rappers
idolize the kill
to see how many records
they can sell
what kind of society
have we become
when father wants to be
just like his son
what have we done
when kids are empowered with rule
going to court to sue
when criminals kill...maim
—sue our courts for being lame
when schools
aren’t for educating the young
but for baby-sitting your son
when everyone should have a computer
general school yards‒
play grounds are fewer
what happened to family unity
peaceful...friendly communities
when did self-importance
become the norm
in getting it
we have the right to harm
who would have ever thought
a lack of caring could bring
our world to a halt
before 2007
too much rush, too much hush
beyond 2008
we need to slow down
stop being the clown
more honest government
less selfish people—
to start saving what we have
loose faith in this money fad
we’re losing the young
but it can be undone
stop wanting to be their friend
give them books
save them from sin
you have to be firm
if they’re going to learn
we have to turn
this trend around
we need to be firm
parents, teachers, priest‒
need to be sound
help gentle court
your laxed rule
toughen up
allow them to drool
if we don’t return
to our constitutional state
just say good-bye
it will be too late
we’ve only half crossed the line
we can catch it
just in time
o’come...mighty americans
this is more than a war of terror
most motives are interior
if we don’t fight this
state of reverse
more than soldiers will
be in the hearse

(March 18, 2014)—My politics are strong and I wrote a lot on this subject up until 2012 when I mostly began concentrating on the personal side of life.

I wrote ‘There’s Time’ back in 2007. Strange how not much has changed. I read a piece yesterday a friend posted asking if we had enough of the craziness going on in D.C. and I went back and read some of my political pieces. No, not much has changed.

A good question to ask: When will enough be enough?Then I picked up a book given to me at Christmas time, John Grisham’s The Racketeer, and started reading. Grisham writes about the Federal code and all it’s laws. He discusses how complicated the Federal code has gotten and the amount of laws passed behind our backs to control us more and more. His book is a work of fiction, but he speaks truth.

Just go to any law university and pull up the Constitution and see for yourself all the laws added. You might just be amazed and disgusted at the same time. I know I was. When will enough be enough? Do you even care? Just wondering….

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Paperback: Denial and Isolation of Self Political Charms: Looking at Life on the Outside While Denying Life on the Inside Book 2

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Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity: Get Out the Shovel—Why Everything You Know Is Wrong by John Stossel

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