‘Win the Game’

You gotta stomp ‘negative’ to the ground!

A sample from Book 11

  Win the Game
say it sweet, say it deep
I'm in for the keep
know the curious fleet
those in your head‒
putting you in weep
it's just voices in need
hungry in greed
‒trying to get the heed
blinding you from see
so you don't want to be
it's just turds and pee‒
a careless, selfish deed
it wants to beep
all its hate‒
wanting you to meet
say it sweet, say it deep
I'm in for the keep
stomp out that weed
don't give in, don't feed
strip away
every poisoning seed
kill it from its creep
don't be just a referee
be the one
with all the beef
the one that holds
the pivoting decree
in which
no one has to agree
don't be too loud
don't be too meek
say what you deem
make it your solid creed
hey, you motherfucker
this is me
take a hike
to myself
I give this meed
from you

I AM freed
I AM the BE in ME

(November 20, 2017)—What other people do isn’t your problem! Read that statement again. The mind likes to make us think that what other people do is our problem. How does that thought get into our head? That fucking evil whore the devil…that’s how! It wants to interfere in our lives. It wants to fuck us up. It uses anything and anyone to achieve its goal. It has no mercy.

‘Win the Game’…we are given the right to choose how we play this life we are given. It’s strictly up to us how we play our hand…our hand. Not other people’s hand. Ours…and ours alone.

That’s truth right there. Even though we know this to be true, we still let circumstances (other people’s words and actions) affect the way we feel. We let it control our emotions. We ponder and twiddle away for days and days crying, thinking, imagining…all because of someone else. Isn’t that something?!

Most of that shit…is a lie! It’s what that evil whore is telling us in our mind in order to make us concentrate on just its words, instead of our own. I’m human. This happens to me all the time. The funny thing is…when I finally get a grip on it, my mind is so fucking clear, my heart is so steady!…I feel rather stupid for wasting my precious time on that bitch the devil. What a game it likes to play!

In the great big scheme of things, what other people do really doesn’t matter.It’s on them, not us…but…but we often take what others do and make it our own! We make it about us when it’s not about us at all. This is one of the hardest things, I believe, to conquer. Our mind sure likes to wander. It likes to build scenarios that aren’t even there. We play with these thoughts and build on them. That’s what the devil wants by the way. There is a reason we allow this to happen.

When we were busy living our lives and putting trust in another individual, we failed to see the reality of it all. We get hurt. All that stuff that we didn’t pay attention to comes at us all at once and we flip the fuck out! I know I did! Those holes in our mind open so far up that the devil takes all that information its been collecting all our lives, and then takes all the present shit and blends it and places all that fucking confusion in our head. All of it! All of it! has nothing to do with us. All of that B.S. concerning the other person, the devil takes and mixes it with our stuff and pulls the wool over our eyes so cleverly that we miss the intrusion.

We don’t see that the devil is the ultimate mastery of deception. Damn, doesn’t it know how to weave a good lie!When the other party of the play doesn’t come out and explain to you what’s going on, doesn’t allow you near their truth…that’s when the game escalates ten-fold. You really feel like you are going bat-shit crazy! You have all these thoughts going on in your mind…they are moving around in there so much that the first initial thought builds other thoughts and on and on…the devil winning.

All those bad feelings play on each other. Only you have the power to break that cycle. Ask God. You have to ask for strength. You have to remove yourself (meaning your thoughts) from the other person’s circumstances. It’s not about you. It really isn’t, even though whatever that other person has done has affected your whole world. It’s not about you. That’s really…really…hard to accept. It is, but it is the truth.

Many relationships end because one party refuses to explain, refuses to say—I’m sorry—refuses to fight the devil, refuses to see God’s hand at work, refuses to admit their sins. It’s not about you.If you pray and ask God for help and the relationship still doesn’t get better…most of the time gets worse, then God is working.He’s working for you! He’s removing the poison. That’s in the Bible by the way.

Just because bad things happen to us doesn’t mean we are bad, or that we attract the bad, or that we are sinning, or that we deserve it.That devil likes to put that in our head: You are a bad person. You don’t deserve better. You are a failure. You’ll never amount to anything. Give up…it’s a waste of time. No one likes you. You are ugly. You are useless.I know you’ve heard these before in your mind! It’s all a lie.

When you are down and feel like shit, pay attention to the things going on in your mind. If things aren’t working out in your life, pay attention to why. If you are praying, if you are doing all the right things and things are still not going well, God is telling you that you are not on the course that is right for you. When things go smooth and at ease, when no matter how much strife you experience, with prayer, things iron themselves out, you are exactly where you are meant to be. You are on the journey (the path) God has put you on. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand your journey. It doesn’t.

God works in mysterious ways. I know you’ve heard that. He does. It’s hard to trust in the journey at times. It’s hard to let go and just flow. There’s a reason for all things. There’s a reason why bad things happen to good people. God is working!

It’s hard to dry up them tears. It’s hard to see the other party laughing and living while you are hurting. God is showing you their true colors by the way. I believe that hurts the most. Once we can gain ground and see the truth, we can get a hold of our emotions, we can learn to see ourselves the way God sees us. It’s not easy. No. The good things in life never are. You do have to love yourself. You do have to love your own life. You do have to come to terms with God’s plan for you. Not your plan. God’s plan. Trust.

It’s really hard to do once you’ve gone through the darkness, once someone betrays you. Give it to God. That evil whore likes its game. It truly enjoys us waddling on the floor drowning in our self-pity. Its laughing so hard. Squash that fucking shit! In doing so, you may feel like a fool…that’s pride and ego…another part of the devil’s amour. You have to fight that shit, too.

That feeling inside that makes you want to continue whatever fight your are in, that makes you want to say fuck it and give up everything you’ve worked so hard for…that’s the devil. Don’t give in. Don’t give up. All those thoughts running around in your head…put a halt to them! Read positive quotes. Read good books. Watch funny movies. Go for a walk. Feel the sunshine on your face.

You may see this as funny, but I find one awesome way to take your mind off of negative shit is to exercise like crazy, so crazy that you can’t hardly walk. Why? Because your mind focuses on the sore muscles…it can’t help it…and nothing else. Try it and see how true this is. Keep those muscles sore.

When you hit that moment when you don’t feel the soreness, elevate the work out. Keep feeling those muscles! Sooner or later, you will have a fucking knock-them-out kind of figure, and then the devil loses because that nice figure will add confidence to your life like you’ve never known. The next thing your mind will be concentrating on is getting money to buy those nice clothes to put on that nice figure. Your mind will be thinking about pants, shirts, dresses, makeup, sexy things, taking the figure out on the town…etc., etc. The devil loses!

‘Win the Game’…it’s all about what you are thinking. Change the course of your entire life by changing the way you think and you will be happy because you’ll finally realize the truth…it’s not about you. You are beautiful.

Pay attention to your journey and see why the things are happening in such the way that they are happening. Think outside the box. You are not as small as you think you might be. Love the skin you are in. If you aren’t happy with where you are, move. If you aren’t happy with who you are or how your life is going…do something about it. Don’t dwell on negative. Win the Game!

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