‘Without Burying in Holes’

You Be You. Let Me Be Me. While We Leave the Past Behind!

A sample from Book 6

 Without Burying in Holes
 (Sweet Man)
love outweighs libido
it offers room to grow
in each other an outflow
separate-together scenario
each doesn't forgo
their individual echo
maintaining meaningful amigos
never each other to outgrow
encouraging each's ego
−a constant expanding
each's manifesto
−see how high
they each can go
without one thing to owe
except coffee together
on a patio
having sincere trust
whatever way they row
enjoying the rainbow
kisses under a mistletoe
without doubting shadows
mutual integrity
each to show
each other's lingo
without a need
for macho
love is willingness
to lose control
−pride swallowed
letting it all go
opening the peephole
total envelope
letting every secret flow
exploring every shadow
of each's very soul
keeping it real
with or without clothes
living life with gusto
throwing away
the microscope
love allows feelings to roll
in and out−
allowing each to stroll
without digging holes
love's traveling different roads
enjoying solo
without worry
of an undertow
it's knowing
when to let go
without losing self-worth
apart...even though
wanting the best
keeping each other whole
love's a friendship stroll
hands to hold
without burying in holes

[Note: This is another bit of advice that I didn’t take. And I gave it to myself! Lose the microscope! The best advice you’ll ever get!]

(October 23, 2013)—When you fall in love then lose, you begin to fully understand what true love is. You don’t shatter each other’s pride to satisfy your own. You don’t hurt each other on purpose.

In divorce, what hurts the most is thinking that you thought you had that, but you were wrong in so many ways. That’s where ‘Without Burying in Holes’ comes from. When you find true love, how do you know? Twice in my life I thought I found it and in both, I was wrong.

Love is complicated. True love should be simple, should fall into place so naturally that you don’t even realize the journey until you’re there, all mixed up in the emotion. It’s really hard to separate the heart from the head when, by nature, you are a romantic.

Yes, I’m a romantic in so many ways. Naive is a good word to describe me. I guess life would be boring without that, and I don’t want boring. I like the fire. Love the skin you’re in.

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