‘World Trade Center’

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A sample from Book 4

 World Trade Center
(Written September 11, 2001...the day it happened)
I don’t know much
all that financial stuff 
assumingly wall street
determines economy
what now
do they store records
someplace else
are they going to have to search—
a thousand shelves
are there companies
around the world
to figure out
all that wealth
what about they
aren’t the best
the brightest
of this finance world
at play
in the world trade center
every day
these buildings totally destroyed
all those lives
all that knowledge gone
what did survive
did they have a day-care center
did they sound a speaker
how many children were there
how many babies didn’t fare
what about ladies expecting theirs
what about the young men
not yet experienced enough
in life to care
their mothers waiting there
what about the elders
who hadn’t jotted down memories
that were rare
all that knowledge

(September 11, 2001)—September 11, 2001 marks an atrocity for every American citizen. Remembering, without a choice, for the rest of our lives, exactly where we were and what we were doing on that fateful day.

It’s a strange thing what you remember. I remember exactly where I was when Princess Diana crashed into that tunnel wall in France. [x] and I were coming back from the hospital (I forget why we were there). We were turning on Victor II Boulevard in Morgan City when I heard the news. I felt the impulse to flag [x] down and tell him. And I did. I couldn’t believe it. Then as I was getting out the vehicle to tell him, the newsman announced Princess Diana had died. I was devastated and didn’t exactly know why. She just seemed to be a symbolic figure of good and humbleness not just to England, but to the world.

As for 9/11, I’ll remember well, too, because I wrote word for word those first dreadful moments.

This is what I wrote: I’m a school teacher, mother of three. During the transition between third and fourth period today, my students tell me we’re at war—war! What? I ask them. They get anxious. Everyone wanting to tell me what has happened.

A plane bombed the building! A building was bombed!

I can’t help but think of all those dead. God, what has happened?I’m in shock. I had to go to the teacher across the hall to confirm it. Somehow I couldn’t believe them—couldn’t accept what they were telling me.

Two planes were hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center—it no longer exist. The Pentagon was also blown up. The teacher said something like Afghanistan is responsible. Who cares? Why did it even happen at all? There were probably children on that plane! In those buildings!

I look at the children sitting in my classroom. It’s fourth period now. They’re taking a test. I wanted to stop them. Pray with them and hold them. Tell each one of them how special they are. But they have studied—I would ruin their concentration.

It didn’t take long for my students to complete their test. Usually after a test the room is bursting with noise hoping I won’t start something new. Not today. The room remains quiet. Then they shocked me. They asked me to lead them in prayer. Everyone got up and formed a circle, then we bowed our heads and together recited the Lord’s Prayer.

The following days were met with solemn smiles and bowed heads. None of us could concentrate on much of anything. We kept the class television tuned to the news, watching the memorial services and silently praying that we were okay. One teacher posted a sign on his door that read something like: In case of war, the laws on prayer in school are abolished in this classroom.

My students expressed their anger through art. Then we hung their creations in the hallway right outside the classroom. It was a welcoming delight to come to class and see the many crosses designed in colorful glitter, the American pride and God Bless America staring back at me. For once we were allowed to express our true views on religion in school without being condemned or forced to conform. My students wanted God in our classroom and their message was loud and clear.

Me—I wrote about something I didn’t quite understand.

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