‘Write It!’

Be exceptional! Trust in your journey. You are being led in a specific direction for a reason.

 Write It!
don't be afraid of it
be bold in admit
don't smother it
‒force it
pen to paper
fingers to keys
write it!
be brave in commit
‒you're chosen for it
save those
dying from it
you got this!
you're surrounded by angelic
trust in it
don't fear it
‒bring the Boss†‒
to the front of it
rock it...own it
heart and mind‒
combine all of it
you're the way of it
don't deny it
be the just of it
obstacles...jump over it
hell...plow right through it
that evil whore‒
crush that bitch
to the world...say fuck it
God's† the way of it
‒be the hot of it
to all His† askings...submit
then you'll have‒
the glory of it!

(September 19, 2019)—Things are not always what they seem. Trust…the key word. There’s more here than meets the eyes. You are guided. Believe in that and you have everything!

Author: k. e. leger

I'm a writer.

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