Cloth yourself in God’s Word!

A sample from Book 10


in faith
vulgar, ignorance
cast away
live in light’s way
voices come
protect your way
hear, hear
hypocrisy is hypocrisy
it’s not your matinée
to sway
only you‒
your individual attaché
you need to obey
in faith
no one can penetrate
when God’s† your main deejay
your test
may cause some weight
‒keep the faith
you’re a work of clay
‒a simple, little pâté
a life
building résumé
it’s okay
‒be a little risqué
your faith
your way
don’t adhere
to man’s way
‒that’ll only bring
a bit of pompeii
your thanksgiving day
the only entrée
‒your only needed sway
being the protégé
of words Jesus†
had to say
can never be passé
when you’re open‒
your main forté

…When you are brought before synagogues, rulers and authorities, do not worry about how you will defend yourselves or what you will say, for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say.—Luke 12:4-12

(August 7, 2015)—I’ve been listening to all the B.S. being reported these days. I guess that’s where ‘Yclad’ comes from. The word yclad means clothed. If we are honorable in our faith then we should not worry. That’s what the above verse means. By honorable, I mean true.

You can say you believe in God all you want. You can say you pray all you want. But if you are not in it with all of your heart, then you are not with God. Period. The strife that comes into your life are tests.

You must learn from the tests. The tests are sent to you for several reasons: Your faith is too surface, God is preparing you for something greater, etc., etc. It’s that simple. I learned this through many, many hard, hard tests. You have to clothed yourself in God. How do you do that? Simple. Read the Word. But not just read the Word…think about what you’ve read.

Take one passage at a time and think how it relates to what you’re going through. The message is there. All you have to do is put all that ego, pride, greed, man’s law…put all of that out of your mind. That’s when the message opens itself up to you. You are no different from me. You have as much heart and soul to conquer the demons in your life as I have. You just have to allow yourself to be true in heart.

Most people live on the surface. They don’t dig deep into who they really are. A lot of us who have traveled through the darkness understand this fully. So, pay attention to your I. Pay attention to what you are feeling. If there’s confusion, doubt lingering…then the only…the only one who can help you is God. Trust me on that. You can go around saying you don’t believe in His existence all you want. Go ahead. Be my guess. Free-will. He gave that choice to you.

As things continue down the road of Not Changing…then maybe you will understand these words I say. May God bless you on your journey. Always adhere to your faith. As the passage from Luke says, if you get arrested or have to face greed-sucking entities, why worry? If your faith is true in heart, then God’s hand will lead your way. That’s just fact.

Love the skin you are in. You are beautiful. The whole world is at your feet…It’s yours. You only need to keep your faith in front of everything in order to get your piece of it. Love yourself. Love God. He’s got your back…trust me on that one 100%!

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