‘You See Him†’

How is it that you do not know that He sends everything? How do you not know that He sends poor, rich, plagues, viruses, wars? How do you not know Him?

Note: The photograph was taken on November 11th. The Avenging Angel. Do you see the arrow in the sky? God was pointing out what He wanted us to see with an arrow, actual arrow in the freaking sky! AND the green orb. Check them out! Open your eyes! The button was pushed on August 25th! Read about the visions! He said He was going to shake up the nations!

 You See Him†
how do you see Him†
is there halos around His† head
or His† presence you dread
is there a glowing ring
surrounding Him†
or He's† a mere man
in front of you...standing
wanting to take your hand
wanting your mind to open
how do you see Him†
do you dream of Him†
does He† appear
in your color
in your language
He† should!
in the spiritual realm
all things are opened
all understanding exist
on earth‒
we're far off the list
we are veiled
we are shielded
we are part of the vine
tested hearts
‒our mind...to understanding
is closed
'til our hearts are known
to see‒
if you'll denounce Him†
or pounce
then open up to Him†
will you deny Him†
will you deny His† Son†
it's your choice
inside you, it's your toil
how will you see Him†
look! He† is all around
but He'll† disappear
if you, from Him†...go
it was your choice
and that decision
you can't avoid!

(March 16)—I went out today. I wanted to see the reality. I went to the local grocery down the road, packed with people but no rushing or pushing and the shelves seemed stocked. The difference I noticed today, different from a couple of days ago when all the shelves were depleted, is that the older generation was out. Today, must be their day to shop because they were moving as if everything was normal and their buggies weren’t full of things they didn’t need.

I bought my air conditioner filter, which three months are up for the one I have, and some flowers. Then I went to the gym. I didn’t see anything on their website, so I went on over there in person. No changes. Then I went to my tanning place, the changes came while I was talking to a couple of young people, younger than 30. The hours to the tanning place have changed. There I learned some shocking things.

Corporations are laying people off instead of having to pay them while they sit at home. Schools are not paying anyone who doesn’t have a teacher’s license, even if they are the main teacher with their own classroom and months of work already done! Yes, half of Las Vegas is shutting down. Those stories are true. The VA here has some cases and are advising people to stay in their cars if they go to the hospital, but they rather people call them first. I canceled my yearly checkup!

Food delivery is still working here. There are still cars on the road and people walking and going to stores. I see less planes in the air. No National Guard as of yet, but that is expected if the death rate grows because of our safety. I was in the military, Army and National Guard, so I know how that works. No one can explain to me the fixation on the Toilet Paper. Of course, God already explained that in, ‘Wipe Your Mess Away,’ didn’t He? I have another piece I wrote yesterday about deception, which I’ll post later.

My total concern: the complaining from those who aren’t stopping and paying attention to God’s hand. I see a lot of people thinking of Christ and God and making sure others are, too, but I’m not seeing enough. We are in a test. Do you not see this? When I was on the road to the tanning place, the fuck you church came in. I started seeing all these double numbers every where and I knew God wanted me to open up. I don’t want to cuss at you. I want to be firm. I want you to understand the truth. I want to plant as many seeds as possible. So here’s what I wrote first when I began this commentary:

‘How do you NOT know God by now? How? I read my Facebook wall. I read news articles. I talk with people. Here and there I feel His spirit, but confusion is more that I hear. HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW GOD?

Don’t you see? He’s in control of everything. This you don’t seem to see. He is more powerful than anything. How can you not know this? Yesterday, I read a post from a lady saying she didn’t believe in God anymore. Hello, He’s waiting for that. You failed your test. Back around you go!

All of your pain. All of your illnesses. All of your suffering. ALL of it are tests for your heart. Will you denounce Him when He puts you through His tests? Is your heart true? Are you worthy of the His house? It is sad to read when someone fails. It is said to read when someone falls.

How is it that you do not know that He sends everything? How do you not know that He sends poor, rich, plagues, viruses, wars? How do you not know Him? Yes, it IS easy for me to say it because I have His hand on me, but I’ve always known Him, I’ve always known His power, even before this past year when He let me know who I am to Him. Even as a child…I KNEW! I saw it.

If you haven’t, why not want to. He is awesome when you go to Him with your child heart! Why wouldn’t you want to know that? To know Jesus in such an imitate way. I saw Him! In all His glory and as a mere man! No, I have not seen God. I hear God. Plainly. Only Jesus has seen the face of God. I saw His animated face and hand. I wrote about it in the visions. No, I’m not some priest and studied person in the Scriptures. Too many of them have failed our Lord. He has taught me. He has separated me from all the rest. He is AWESOME! Why can’t you want that for yourself? I want that for you!’

That’s what my fuck you church has turned into. I read all sorts of drama. I bought into all that political hype. I wrote books about everything that was put in front of me. I’m well educated on all of it. Still, I have people that don’t have the formal education going to try and combat with me over research and facts. I am told not to argue anymore. The truth can’t be changed. So, let the deception roll. It’s part of the plan. God’s plan. Deception will get worse. There is nothing you can do. Do your research. And stop buying into fake news. I can say that all day long, but if God wants you to roll with it, you will. He’ll bring you out of it when He is ready.

I love you. God is alive and well. Jesus is doing His thing…waiting on you to get your child heart. If you are judging and causing fear, you are not working for God. It is a sad thing to witness. The greed, the corruption, the liars, the hypocrites, the fools. This is a test. It’s like war: when you are backed into a corner, what will you do? Will you do the right thing, or the wrong thing because it’s the easiest? Will you do the wrong thing because the crowd is rallying behind you? Think…God’s way isn’t any of those wrong ways.

The right way is a bit boring. The right way is the loneliest way, the hardest way. The right way brings on opposition! The right way will have others come at you with all their Satan-driven ammo. The right way leaves you with no one…just about. Hold on and stay the course…the right way…the Jesus way. In your darkest hour, hold on. He’s there. You are fighting for your place in the kingdom. Your time here on earth is small. It’s temporary. The kingdom…that’s God’s house. You want to get in there! The other option…stay away from! Eternity is a damn long time! Choose wisely!

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