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Hello. Thanks for stopping by. Here’s a little bit about my past so you’ll know that God chooses whom He wants to choose and those He chooses don’t have a choice in the matter. Before I get into the meat of me, you should know a bit about my faith upfront. There’s plenty about my faith included in my writing, but you should be aware of the basics. I was raised a Catholic, baptized into it when I was a baby. I was raising my children Catholic until something snapped in me. I was sitting in church and something said, ‘Run!’ I did.

I’ve always had spiritual events happen. The big ones are written about in my books. The major transition, which took place in 2019, is documented on my page God’s Mercy. I’m not here to change your beliefs or condemn you. I am God’s messenger. One of them. He has many. I’m very bold in what He wants me to say. He knows who I am. In a lot of my writings, especially in my books, I have strong language. You should be forewarned. There’s a lot of false teachings out there. One of those things is judgment. My writing brings that judgment out. I’m used to it. It’s for a reason. If you don’t know that reason, don’t come at me with your blasphemy. I won’t debate you. Take it to God.

As God has instructed me, He is Love, Jesus is Love. Holy means Love. All of this man-made church stuff…it’s not who I am. You can do with it as you please. I’m not going to judge you. I write what God wants me to write. If you don’t like it, walk away. I love you anyway. I posted many pictures of my transition on God’s Mercy. God’s hand is on me. There’s nothing I can do about that. He’s allowed me to photograph these things and I present them to you. What you decide or consider is your journey and I pray you see God and Yeshuah before you your Spirit is taken.

I have only received messages about events that will happen and events that have already happened and they deemed me a witch. Jesus, and I’m no where near comparing myself to Him, delivered messages as well about things that happened and things that were about to happen. He made the dead walk, He made the blind see, He made the deaf hear, He made the lame walk, He walked on water, He turned water to wine, He fed many with little…that’s just a few things He did in FRONT of people and they deemed Him possessed and killed Him! Hypocrites don’t change their spots!

If you know anything about the Bible, basically, I’ve been rebaptized into the Spirit. For those who have experienced this, they know it’s a very scary process. It’s faith. Pure and simple. And faith, for some, is hard. I hope that what God has me presenting on this site will help you in some way make your way to Yeshuah with a sincere heart and mind. For those who know God, I would imagine you would want to learn all that is being taught through these words in messages, writings, visions, dreams, and photographs in the now of our present time.

This is a time, not just this twenty years or thirty or forty, there will be many false prophets, false shepherds. The charge is placed upon you to decided who is truth. Those who are true will give truth and society will demean them outcast, and present them in their way as Satan-driven, demon-possessed. That is a human’s point of view. God says differently. So it goes since the beginning of time how humans have treated those chosen by God. I can live with that. I know who I’m talking to. I know who I hear.

The Bio of Fabulous Me!

I actually had a normal life up until 2012! I was born and raised in South Louisiana. I’m a bit of a lot of things Cajun…Creole…that mixture of French, Scottish, German, Choctaw Indian, even some African…a nice pot of gumbo! I love that mixture about me. (There’s a lot more to me, which I’ll share in articles and on my page God’s Mercy.)

Me doing what I do best! Writing! Photo taken in 2016 by my beautiful daughter.

I was literally raised on the bayou. Not kidding. The bayou was my first swimming pool! There’s nothing like hearing tug boats coming down the bayou. The sound of sea gulls scrounging for fish as the tugs leave a trail of waves behind them. I love that! I miss those Cypress trees and big old oak trees, and how they shade the bayou, their moss covering them like old dresses. Mosquitoes…I don’t miss them!

I grew up in a little place in Assumption Parish, Louisiana called Bayou L’Ourse. It’s in between some old places like Napoleonville and Morgan City in St. Mary Parish. It was me in the middle of two sisters. Yes, the middle child! Oh, we don’t even want to go there. I love my sisters, though. Mama had it pretty good because we didn’t give her much trouble. That would come later…when I became an adult! I’m not going to write it all here. That’s why I wrote books.

[A 2020 Added Note: When you become a messenger for the Lord, He not only breaks you down to reveal all of your sins, but He also reveals the sins of others who sin against you. In my case, I had to deliver several of these spiritual messages and demand that these people heal. I don’t know about you, but I received a message like this, Book 1…the Introduction. I don’t care who is delivering the message, if they suddenly have this message and it came with no warning and it was meant for you, know that God is in charge of EVERYTHING, and you shouldn’t deny that message. That happened to me in 2014. These books and website are the direct result of what was told to me in that message!

So, because of how I write, the messages I delivered were not received well. I can’t help that because part of delivering those messages was to drill in the point of the seed: GOD DEMANDS YOU TO HEAL! Those people didn’t like that too much! Mainly because no one knew of their sin or the sin committed against them! But God revealed it to me! God chose me. If those who receive these direct messages deny God…I don’t even want to think about the consequences of that! That’s on them.

As a messenger, I can’t make any money with my books or gifts. The is being put aside for when I can establish Carol’s House, a place where extremely abused women and children can go to heal. This is what my original dream of making it as a writer has turned into! I welcome the change. So, even if I don’t get to see this place become a reality in my lifetime, these writings are for that. God’s promise is God’s promise and this is a promise He made to me. I don’t need to see the promise. I just have to believe in it and I do.]

A photo taken in 2016 by my beautiful daughter.

I graduated from Assumption High School in 1987. I joined the Army in April of that year and left in November. My life was never the same. Yes, an Army girl! That right there taught me about life and how to be strong. I sure would need those lessons later in life. You just never know what life has in store for you. Well, a baby and a war, and back home I went for one reason: to write. That would be slow coming once I got back to Louisiana.

After that one tour of duty in the Army (stationed in Germany during a freaking war!), I attended Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, La. and joined the Louisiana National Guard as a photojournalist (where I completed eleven years of military service).

During all that time, I married, had two more babies and started a life. Strange how you have all your ducks in the row, and you just think it’s all going to work out. Strange things do happen…don’t they! I’m getting a bit a head of myself. While I was having babies and taking care of the family and working and putting myself through school, I did accomplish a few things with my writing before all hell broke loose.

While at NSU, I studied creative writing under novelist Dr. Albert Belisle Davis and journalism under Dr. Lloyd Chaisson, I earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Mass Communications (print journalism) and certification in Secondary Education. I was a teacher for seven years.

My journalism and photography work have appeared in numerous regional publications, and I won numerous awards including the South Regional Award and the Bonnie Toups Wells Award for feature writing, the National Library of Poetry’s Editor’s Choice Award, Creative Arts & Science Enterprises’ Accomplishments of Merit for Outstanding Literary Achievement Award in Poetry, and Lliad Press’ Honorable Mention in Poetry.

My poetry appeared in nine anthologies in the United States and the United Kingdom—which all means nothing to you, but, to me, it means a great deal since it all ended because of silent abuse. That’s where My 12-Book Series on the tragedies of life and surviving it comes into play and how I ended up building this website so that I could bring my experiences to the world.

I didn’t go get my PhD, although my beautiful daughter said years ago that I should. I’ve been so involved in the school of life that I’ve become an expert on certain subjects. Jesus is one of them. You will find on here that I will bring Him into the picture a lot (In fact, I began writing directly for Him in 2020). It’s really simple. He taught us the most important lessons in life over 2,000 years ago, and we still haven’t gotten it right. I guess, sooner or later, we will. Until then, we just have to keep teaching what He taught all those years ago and hope that some day…all that love will matter.

As a writer, with a certain subject matter that doesn’t sit well with a certain type of fella and once being a codependent, I always tend to attract the narcissist. I did a lot of soul-searching and I can say that I love like Jesus said to. Those who can’t return that love…I can’t do a damn thing for them. That’s just me being honest and straight up. This is what you will find in my work…honesty!

I’m sort of an introvert. What writer isn’t an introvert! I totally enjoy what I do. I love reading and learning new things about my subject matter. I love talking to people about relationships. The one thing I’ll never get use to is how some men think they can treat women. There’s just got to be something in the water they are drinking that just makes them bat-shit crazy. The funny thing is…those types turn it around on us women. Shame! I was always interested in the human mind and human behavior. This isn’t anything new, but somehow this all the attention of our Lord and He tamed me, humbled me, changed me.

Sometimes we just got to look at things in black and white.

I’ve seen a lot in my life time and I read a lot on the criminal activities of those who lose control of their mind, and I always wondered about what makes a person do the things they do. I always thought this as a wife, mother, teacher, soldier. I’d watch people and wonder what they were thinking, or why did they do such and such. It’s not a far cry to be writing about what the human mind goes through. I just never thought that I’d use my own mind as my subject. Some things just can’t be explained and I know that God is in charge of it all…so I don’t even bother questioning anymore.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to just be. I still get hot under the collar sometimes, but that’s just them darn narcissists that bother me a bit. They just don’t do anything wrong! I’ve written a lot about them, but they need love, too. I just can picture them all old and gray and everybody’s done left them because they are just too hard to love and get along with. Well, that’s just me thinking and writing like I always do. You get older and you go through all kinds of mess and one day you just snap out of it and say, ‘Why am I even concerned?‘ And you just start worrying about your own life and just let who ever’s causing the mess be. Life is too short to bother. It’s easier to love when you’re not bothered.

I’m 51 years old as of January 2020. I have three beautiful children that I adore. Last year, I had all three of them engaged. My oldest got married in November. My other two are soon to be. My, how times flies. I sure am proud of my children. They are all hard-working young adults making their way in this world on a pretty good ride so far. They are travelers like their mother. It’s not always good to stay in one place. Sometimes, it’s best to get out and see some things…no matter how you get there. Just go.

As the years go on by, I’m really happy with my life and all the things I’ve accomplished. I’m very proud of what I’m leaving behind…a legacy…something my children can be proud of. That’s what matters to me. I became a grandmother, and one day I hope that my grandchild, as well as my future grandchildren, see that their grandmother was one hell of a strong woman, and that she remained faithful to God no matter what He did to her life to test her. I hope that when they see all that I’ve done, they’ll sit in awe and say, ‘Damn! That’s my grandmother!’ I hope that I inspire them to go for their dreams no matter what, and to remain faithful human beings.

[2023 update: Time does fly and things pile up. If you go under the Message Index, you’ll see what I mean. Not only did the direct writings pile up, but so did the grandchildren. I now have six and it is a blessing in all the right places.]

So, with all that said, I hope you have gotten to know me just a little bit better. Oh, one more thing: I am a 100% disabled veteran writing full time, living wherever I want…currently that place is Las Vegas, Nevada.

[2023 Update: I moved from the desert after living there six years. It was an interesting experience. I moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas, closer to where my grandchildren are, which grows really important as that age number gets higher. I know love hiking in my spare time.]

Wherever life takes me, as long as I am able, I plan to continue doing what I’m doing because I believe those who are hurting need a voice. I didn’t choose to be that voice…it was chosen for me! To understand that, you’ll have to read my Series. I now fully accept this journey and will forever live as the lioness: I Am Woman. Hear Me Roar!

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