My Roar!

My Mission Statement

They say a fire burns hotter when you enclose it then feed it a little air at a time. Humm….possibly. If that is the case then that would also describe the heart of a woman. She’s fire when she needs to be. When she goes through a storm, the fire may seem put out…it only seems that way. Inside the fire rages.

Picture taken February 2020. Contentment. Waiting. Being Patient. Trusting in the Lord.

I’m an artist, but God is the head of this ship. I weave words given until they tell a story, paint a picture…reveal truth. Sometimes, that picture will make you cry. Other times, it will make you want to scream and yank your head off your body. That is okay. If that happens (just don’t actually do it) then my art has come to life and feelings were invoked inside of you. That’s the ultimate goal of any artist.

Picture taken September 2, 2019. The aura. God is amazing in ALL ways!

All that you see here, on this website and in My 12-Book Series, are words given to you through me from God. I write for Him. I’m not here to convince you of anything. I’m just to present the work to you. The matter of healing is at hand here. All of these words are for that purpose.

[Note: I adhere to a certain protocol and I, even though at times it seems like I waver from it, I never actually do. What protocol is that? The one that respects a woman who has been through, or going through, abuse of any kind. I welcome your comments here. Truly, I do. If you respect that by giving sound, intelligent advice or comfort, then I won’t have to yank you by the throat and throw you into web-page banned-for-life jail. I’ve done it before. Don’t test me. That’s the fire in me….and it’s not nice….nothing ugly ever is and nothing involving hard love ever is either.]

My work is meant to help those in need of healing. No, if you aren’t going through the darkness, or have never been through a dreadful hurt, then you won’t know what I’m talking about. Those who have…know exactly what I’m talking about. So, clueless be gone. I have no use for you. I can say that you know. Why? Because it entails absolute zero souls. Every single soul on the planet has suffered the five stages of grief in all its nastiness in some way, shape, or form. Some live a lifetime in denial. Those are my enemies. So be it. I love enemies. They are the ones I eventually touch the deepest…and against their will. Love it. Those seeds will be planted.

Welcome. It’s a ride: a tough, hard ride. That’s the process of God, which I walk you through, literally in my books and then most recently in how He explains in. God has your back. So, do I.

Taken September 5, 2019. I work for God. Only! What He sends, I write. For you.

The Value Of Never Giving Up!

The above mission statement is mostly the same description I’ve included on my Facebook Author Page. That page was where it all started. Out of those initial screams came My 12-Book Series. What are they about? You can always take yourself over there and read for yourself. I’ve outlined each book for you, so you don’t have to guess. Just click on the link and bam! (technology is wonderful) it’ll take you straight to the books!

There was a lot of ups and downs along the way. I didn’t get a lot of personal support during all that writing because I was writing about my life, and those who were in my life didn’t appreciate that very much. (There names are not in my books.) These books are about my personal journey through pain, hurt, anger, depression, healing. They were God-directed. Check out my testimony ‘Testing Will’ to fully understand that. The description on My 12-Book Series page pretty much lays it out of you.

The books are there. They are priced the cheapest I can sell them to better get the healing process for you on the way as quickly as possible. My goal is to somehow find my way out there, hitting the ground, talking to as many people as I can. That’s my difficult task because you see I’m an introvert as well as an Empathe and that makes it rough to be around a lot of people, but I put my whole self in God’s hands. I trust He knows what He is doing! Always!

I wasn’t going to include my poetry on here, but I can’t do that. The poem…when one is written…always comes first, so not to include it would be sacrilegious! They are too important. I title my work by the poem if the poem is part of the work. As a journalist, I had to question this, but I do what I’m told. By reading me, you’ll understand what I mean by that. Just go with it…it always works for me!

I’m told I put too much out to the public and there’s bound to be someone who will steal my work. Well, that would be a heavy burden for them. I trust God. I have no choice. I’ve learned the hard way that you can’t let people get in the way of what you are destined to do. I’ve had so many things come in front of me trying to halt me. Do you know what? God is more powerful. Always will be! So, suck it butter cup and keep going!

I write a lot! That’s the whole point. If my words are inspiring enough, you’ll keep reading…working your way to the healing of you! I don’t want you to give up! Look at me…I came out of a 20-year marriage totally broken, everyone distanced themselves from me, I had no money, I experienced the crippling affects of codependency, PTSD, many health issues (I’m totally disabled for a reason), narcissism, betrayal, my mother’s death…and I still wrote and published 12 books! Trusting in God is EVERYTHING!

You can’t let life get you down…it will eventually, just don’t stay there.

‘God’s Scribe’…Always!

I began this website in March 2019. I had a website back in 2009 on politics. It was extensive and gained popularity fast. I had no one clue how to make money with it. Everything was new back then. But a lot of things have changed in the world and for me as well. My primary goal is to help as many souls as possible. I believe that if we actually help our fellow man that eventually we’ll get rewarded for it. I’ve always believed that and I’m going to go ahead and keep believing that because I’ve seen where people focused too much on the money aspect of life, doing things that weren’t in line with God’s wishes, and crashed. I’d rather be even than crash! Any day!

Since this site is just a baby, there’s bound to be change. I’ve grown use to change. That happens as life goes by. I know I have plenty of changes to come. Am I afraid? Damn Straight! But moving like 10 times since 2012 has prepared me for change. I don’t have a home. I have a place to stay. I haven’t really had a home since 2012. I want a home. Some place to anchor me. Where that will be? I haven’t a clue. I’m 51 years old here in 2020, single, and away from my family. But if I’m going to go out there and meet you, I guess I should just get use to living from a suitcase!

By reading this site and my books, you’ll learn a lot about me. I have some crazy ways or so I’m told. And those who call me that base their information on what…I’m not exactly sure! I had depression. Depression is devastating and I experience the depths of that after my mother died in 2019. My mother’s death was a turning point in my life. I began to wake up! I learned my true self: The Empathe. I learned the why behind my emotions, which helped me understand my life as a whole. Things begin to really make sense when God removes those veils that blind us in order for our spiritual selves to grow.

People can hurt us selfishly if they don’t get to know us. Being an introvert and an Empathe, I’ve learned it’s not me. I’ve learned that when people want you to change to fit their life, it’s going to crash! A person should accept you as you are. They shouldn’t impede on your boundaries. For me, I write about all my boundaries, so they need to read me first! My fire is hot…when I sense something wrong, I handle it for a while, but then that fire…Oh! My Lord! does it come out!

And (I’m so beginning this sentence with and)…AND that’s my role. My writing is designed to plant seeds. I plant the seeds then God takes over. As you make your way through my writing, you will learn a few things about me that apparently aren’t accepted well in society. On my page God’s Mercy you discovered the spiritual side of me. I’ve always had it. I write about my experiences in all my books. Since July 2019, things have really awakened for me. Visions, the third eye, auras, God, Jesus, my spiritual guide David…all of it has shaken me up to the core, but it all explains a lot about my life. So, my writing changed a bit in 2019. (This book I’m currently working on, but a lot I shared with you on this site.)

So, sit back, get yourself a nice cup of coffee (or wine…you may need wine!) and enjoy. I don’t have many people around me. I’m a writer. It’s a very lonely profession. So, I enjoy talking to you. Maybe, we’ll meet some day. That would be nice. I’d love to give you a hug.

Love yourself. You are so freaking special. Use my story to build yours. Don’t give up! Please, don’t! You’ve got this. You do. Smile. You are so worth it. Feel free to comment, email me, come to my Facebook Author Page and message me. I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to see you get your story out. Trust me…it relieves the pain in so many ways.

Remember: God is waiting for you to ask. He has so much mercy to give. Through His Son, Jesus Christ, there’s a way out of all the hurt you feel, all that hurt you suppressed. The light is waiting…what are you waiting for?

God bless you always! Your friend, k. e. leger

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