David: My Spiritual Guide

Our intuition saves our lives. We have to learn how to HEAR in order to be guided by it. Our intuition IS our Spirit Guide!

Welcome to the Story of David Shepherd.
Intuitive Lessons
(Jesus' 'If they have ears, let them hear.')
they come in silence
a very brief hesitation
maybe, even in visualization
'stop, change course'
in our absence of sense
there's always a choice
one saving us from harm
‒reasons for the alarm
the other...suffering in wither
that evil whore's burning barn
train self...avoid malice
first instinct, first thought
follow, follow, follow
‒it's safety in brought
that evil whore likes to tempt
it isn't your friend
fun, excitement...just a begin
‒it's not how it will end
the other direction
may bore at first
don't give up the thirst
it saves you‒
from the hearse
‒bringing you to win
in burst!

(September 21, 2019)―I’m going to begin my introduction to David, my spirit guide, with 2 lessons in intuitiveness that I failed, because in order to understand what a spiritual guide is, you have to first understand what intuitive is. I know you hear all the time to follow your intuition or that someone is gifted because they are intuitive. Well, we are all intuitive, and there’s a very good reason to the why of this. And it is also the very reason why I’m being shown all of this and can photograph all that I’m photographing.

My First Failed Intuitive Lesson:

I wrote a piece back in 2017 (Book 11) about an incident I had the day AFTER I was led to a show about a little girl who was kidnapped around the age of 6 or 7 and held captive for 8 years. In an interview, she said that when she left school to start walking home, she noticed a white van parked on her usual side of the street, and a voice inside of her told her to cross the street. But she didn’t listen, and instead she became a strange man’s prisoner for 8 years, and lost her childhood.

The next day, after seeing that, I rode my bike to a different park, because I lived in a different area back in 2017. I’m a speed walker and I went to the park to walk so I locked my bike to some bleachers by a ball field because they had no normal bike railings. I walked once around the park and on my way to where my bike was, I got the feeling that I should leave. But…like an idiot…I ignored that feeling and kept on walking. At this particular park, a short ways from where I locked my bike, there’s a gate that I had to walk through to walk on the sidewalk for a distance before reentering the park and the walking path. I noticed when I got to this gate, there was a group of high school boys gathering because school had just let out. I’m a former teacher and I recognized the familiar I’m free look on their faces that all students have when the school day lets out. I didn’t pay any mind and kept on with my walk.

When I finished my second round, I got my bike key out and went to unlock my bide when I noticed that the hole that I needed to put my key into was messed up to the point that I couldn’t put my key in it to unlock my bike. Boy, did my intuitiveness go into overdrive at that moment. I took an assessment of my situation: right behind me was a set of bathrooms, the group of boys at the gate had increased, a young boy on a skateboard would come by me then another like they were casing me or something. I immediately had the hairs stand on the back of my head. Something was very off. I called the sweet man and he was on his way. I dialed in 911 into my phone and was ready to push the button! Finally, the sweet man got there and the boys at the gate scattered.

My Second Failed Intuitive Lesson:

I bought a bike, a new one. A week ago, I decided to go for a ride at Pueblo Park, which is not far from my place. I really wanted to go there to swing on the swings…yeah, I’m a big kid at heart. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to ride the whole trail because it has a lot of small hills that gets more and more difficult to maneuver as I get older. I get to the first dip, which is under a bridge. As I approached the dip, my eyes looked to the right. There’s a second passage to the right, which you can take to avoid the dip under the bridge. In the back of my mind went something like, I can take that way on the way back. It was quick and subtle, then I went under the bridge. I find it’s sort of fun going down the dip, with the wind in my hair. It’s not so much fun going up, but the going down sometimes outweighs that.

My new bike! Which David helped me pick out!

When I get to the other side of the dip, going up, my eyes, again, look to the right at the alternative passage, then I quickly focused back straight ahead. I get to a place to turn around and I head back to the bridge. Once I got to the split, where I could go right or left, my eyes looked to the left, which the alternative passage is now on my left, but something just made me go right, down the slop and under the bridge. (The fun part of it, I realized later, was what enticed me.) When I got to the tunnel part, I realized I got too close to the wall and my tires was on a lower part of cement. As I quickly tried to get back on the actual walking path, I lost control and flew off the bike! It hurt!

During the fall, I had used my right hand to block my face from hitting the cement and it began to really hurt. I looked at it and saw some blood, then quickly turned away. My left knee hurt as well. I was wearing compression stockings and it ripped a bit and there looked to be blood there, too. I didn’t want to deal. I knew that I should have listened to David. He knew it, too. I asked him if my hand was broken and he said no. It still hurt and I felt embarrassed. There I was 50 years old and I crashed my brand new bike because I wanted to have fun going down the dip, instead of listening to caution! Crazy! I sunk in shameful-land and pushed the bike to the swings. Yeah, I got on the damn swing! But it didn’t last long. My hand was hurting way too bad to hold on properly, so I rode on home.

Once I got home, the scenes of me looking at the alternative path kept flashing in my mind. I realized at that moment, I failed a test! A test in hearing and with my intuitiveness. I was warned 3 times to avoid the dip and I failed to listen! After this all sank in and I tried to ice my hand, but it hurt way too much, I went into meditation. I needed to be healed and I needed to know if I should go to the ER. I hate Ers! I was in meditation for a little while and felt the normal tingling of my skin (I’ll write more on this later…but I like to think it’s the nurse angels checking things out or healing me!). I asked if I needed to go to the hospital and I got, No, go eat. Really. My stomach was growling. So, I ate and took pictures of my hand and sent it to my sons. They both said to go get it checked out. So, I did. I only got the thought to send pictures to my sons after meditation. I got the feeling that I needed to be told to go to the hospital.

One of the pictures I took to send to my sons after my bike accident.

On my way to the hospital, I never miss the turn to hit the freeway from my place, but this time was different. Instead of staying on the far left for the turn, I realized I was on the far right. Nothing happens without reason. The alternative route I had to take took me through quiet, zero-traffic neighborhoods. It made it less likely of me getting in an automobile accident because my right hand was hurting me.

When I got to the hospital, I took a left in the parking lot and parked where I thought the emergency door entrance was. Wrong. I had to walk a ways around the building. The whole time my knee was throbbing. I dreaded going to the ER because I always have to wait a long time. This time was different. The staff was exceptionally friendly and finding out I sprang my hand instead of breaking it made me exceptionally cheerful, Too. After I got a brace, I was back walking to my care when I realized where I parked forced to walk, forced me to walk on the leg that hurt…healing it!

My sprained hand in a brace after the bike accident.

Intuition. We all have it. Every single person on earth. A spirit guide. We all have one of these as well. Our spirit guide IS our intuition!

Lesson: Intuition. Those intuitive feelings we have are given to us by our spirit guides to protect us. These 2 incidents that I shared with you are just a small example of how that intuition works. It’s that first thought…always that first thought. When we fail to heed to that first thought, we find ourselves in trouble. Our intuition is a reminder to us that we are not alone. Hence, our spirit guide.

Meet David…My Spiritual Guide

His name is David Shepherd. How did I find out his name? How did I get to actually meet him? Meditation. He first let me know that he was there during meditation, scaring the shit out of me. No, kidding. I don’t know if everyone can have this experience. All I know is my experience.

When I was back on my own and the books were done, I decided to give in to another word that had been coming to me for years: Meditation. After the first month, and doing a lot of reading on other people’s experience with meditation, I’m beginning to see that my journey is a bit different. I expected peace and stuff like that. That’s not what I got. I got a David!

The first indication that my journey was different is that my head began moving by itself and in all directions. During the beginning experience of this, I so needed confirmation that what was happening to me was coming from God because of what I experienced receiving and delivering the message, which I detailed in my last testimony. In comes the Bible. God reveals things to me a lot byway of the Bible, so one day I opened to a page and there was no Scripture on that page except for the name David. That happened twice. So, I asked this presence in my head, Is your name David? and…he shook my head up and down, indicating a yes! I continued with meditation with less, now that I knew the name of who was moving my head. I just didn’t know how.

So, my meditation began with me having very vivid impressions, which were personal messages to me, (I wrote them all down) and now I had a being beside me who was separate from me, but a part of me. As time went on, I recognized that I was always able to hear David. I know my voice inside my head. David is a man. And this made sense to me because the voice I hear, and always have, when I write, sounds like a man. I learned later on that David is the voice that I have always heard. He, as my spirit guide, is the belt-way to God and Jesus.

As I meditated, at one point, around the clock, I began to get weary about the whole thing. I mean how would you feel if your head moved by itself and you were seeing these impressions and hearing a voice inside your head? So, one day, I asked David to prove he was real. I had an empty vase sitting on my table since I moved in, so I asked him to give me some purple flowers to put in it. Strange request it may seem, but as a journalist, I am trained to not take anything at face-value until I have concrete evidence.

The next day in meditation another voice came around. It was a different tone. A smooth, gentle tone. He called me Karen Elizabeth. That’s my confirmation name and it’s not written down anywhere and only my mother would remember it and she died last year. David sent the ultimate purple flower! He brought me Jesus! As my meditation continued, Jesus told me that He was my Master for my meditation or rather spiritual training. I’ve gotten used to having Him come to me. My vision turns to purple in meditation when He is around.

There’s a lot more to say about having Jesus as my Master, including Him touching me with His energy, putting His face right next to mine, taking me to the cross with Him, and holding me like a child. I can’t even describe the emotion I have when He talks to me let alone describe these events. It’s so personal and so moving. Jesus is my brother. He talks to me as my brother. He’s gentle and calm. This part of my meditation journey I’ll save for another page.

My First Gift From The Spirit World:

Taken September 4, 2019, 5:46:05 p.m., at a lake in Las Vegas. In August, David kept telling me to go walking at 5 p.m. around the lake near where I live. When I’d get to a certain spot, he’d tell me to take pictures. I went a few times in August, but it was so damn hot. In September, I started up again. This was the first set of pictures that proved all of this was real. I had been asking for concrete, this was the start of it. Thus far through pictures and my hair changing colors rather rapidly. The pictures on this site are the result of David. It’s because of him that I have these to share with you. The clouds to the top right, in between the two bunches of clouds, notice the loop looking things. There’s also an orb on top of the mountain on the right of the sun ray. I didn’t notice any of this until I got home and looked at the pictures.
Taken September 4, 2019, 5:48:08 p.m., at a lake in Las Vegas.
Taken September 4, 2019, 5:46:05 p.m., at a lake in Las Vegas. This is a rather large orb and there is also one in the sun’s ray to the top left.
Taken September 4, 2019, 5:55:06 p.m., at at lake in Las Vegas. There’s other pictures that I took that day, you can see them in My 5:55 Lake Visits. Here, I want to get to the meat of what I was shown that day. In the above photograph, here’s what I was to see: To the top left of the picture, in between the two bunches of clouds, there’s 2 straight lines. Watch that in the next set of frames.
Taken September 4, 2019, 5:55:09 p.m., at at lake in Las Vegas. To the top left within the same set of clouds, in between the two bunches of clouds, there’s 2 straight lines. Notice how the 2 lines become more clear.
Taken September 4, 2019, 5:55:12 p.m., at at lake in Las Vegas. To far top left of the picture, in between the two bunches of clouds, there’s 2 straight lines. I moved the camera in this frame and the next frame, but I’ll move back.
Taken September 4, 2019, 5:55:22 p.m., at at lake in Las Vegas. Again the top left of the picture, in between the two bunches of clouds, there’s 2 straight lines. Notice how the 2 lines have gotten a bit thicker and there appears to be something in between those 2 lines of clouds.
Taken September 4, 2019, 5:55:27 p.m., at at lake in Las Vegas. Do you see it now? Again the top left of the picture, in between the two bunches of clouds, there’s 2 straight lines. Notice how the 2 lines have gotten a bit thicker and it appears to be a figure in between those 2 lines of clouds. David said there was.

David’s History:

 The Spirit of David
beside me...all my life
lives another life
–one...of the light
he's been there
through my every fight
vocally, spiritually
letting me know–
he's never been
out of sight
my spiritual guide
always standing
by my side
me...living part of him
all that time...out right
my ever-drawn height
the color of black
the extreme comfort–
wearing a uniform's stripe
that church in paris–
without a single visit
I knew its very site
that pure at-home feeling–
europe casted on me
–straight up
without a fight
music of an aged-old night
that slow-drag rhythm and blues
–it all makes me
feel just right
lost in a dream–
like a nostalgic moment
lost in time
the pull of my heart
to a black man's soul
wanting to add to it–
my flaming light
all from david's life
–a taste of his and mine
mixed in one life
–from birth 'til death
he's a constant presence
to comfort me
–on what troubles me
his wisdom...sheds light
during these long, empty nights
not inside of me
but...above me
–the spiritual realm
of the light
my forever open door–
to Jesus
and my mighty God
his life and mine
a black man in life
a colorless spirit–
in the light
my mind and his
forever combined
communicating outright
that instant moment–
I was elevated to the next level
in this here human life
…a learned history–
he shows me
in my mind's eye
parts of his life
–like the night
I saw him...lose his life
I felt it...outright
the fist to jaw
the slam to his eye
then the bullet
that pierced his side
there are things–
can't be forced
like seeing a black man
falling to the earth
lying still–
in the dry, sun-bleached dirt
me...staring down
at his dark, dead-set eyes
cherishing time in europe–
a second world war–
where his comrades
made him feel alive
–only to return
to a southern...way of life
racism and cruelty...to find
–a white man...took his life
a truly connected intimacy–
a human cannot deny
for him...I bowed my head–
and cried
he did nothing wrong–
for eternity
he lives in the light
where no color survives
where no hate or racism connives
his spirit...chose to be my guide
his soft heart is part of mine
helping me understand
the bulk of my life
all those times–
feeling I should be living
in an earlier time
–it was david's life
that I felt deep inside
an honor it is–
having him on the inside
–my guide to the light
a task not so easy–
for I know
my fightful little side
I welcome his openness
his patience, his love
I'm still in my little struggle–
fully letting go
but there to catch me–
david...my inside guide
to the light of God!

I was taking a break from mediation after I had one of the disturbing visions and I was watching an interview done between Oprah and the cast of Central Park Five. I decided I wanted to watch the movie instead and put it on. I suddenly began to feel really emotional, and I recognized that it wasn’t my emotion. Then the right side of my face and eye began to sting. Then the right side of my jaw began to sting. Suddenly, this piercing feeling on the lower part of my right side began to hurt all the way to my back. I had to lay down it hurt so bad. I then got this feeling that this movie was affecting David, so I switched off the movie.

I don’t remember how long after this interesting event that I learned what happened to David. He showed me in a vision. Then he told me more about his life…but not right away. It wasn’t until after I realized that he loves the old Blues/Jazz sounds of Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Lena Horn that I learned the era of him. This all is where ‘The Spirit of David’ comes from. He absolutely loves Lena Horn! When I’m down, he’ll get me to put this sound on and he’ll move my body or my head to the rhythm of the music. No kidding!

All the times that I heard that voice telling me, Look up or Wake up, when I was on my trips to New Orleans to go to drill when I was in the National Guard and had to be there for 7 a.m., it was David. I always wondered about that because I clearly heard his voice, I just didn’t know about spiritual guides back then. He’s the reason why I felt so comfortable in Europe and in the military uniform. He’s the reason why I’m so drawn to the soul side of life! He’s the reason why I can write rhyme with a soulful beat. Since I’ve learned about his life, I understand my own.

on earth–
his skin was black
a bullet–
pierced his side
in one–
out the other side
a smash...went
to the front
of his head–
the right side
above his eye
then the fist–
smashed his chin–
below his lip
on the same side
he did nothing wrong
he weathered
the storm
–wings he dawned
calling my world–
his home
guiding me
through my storms
answering me
when all...goes wrong
he was silent
for so long
me thinking–
I was on my own
–he was there
all along
he's my guide
–guiding me
from inside
way up high
I felt his pain
I now know
what's his gain
–a place where color
does NOT remain
I am safe–
he's my way
my buffer–
keeping me straight
as a true worker–
par of Jesus'† cape
–my guide
on my way
to the light!

Note: After I wrote the above piece, my phone beeped. It always does that when I get a spiritual message of sorts. At that very moment, the time was 12:33…I told him, You’re welcome. Then moments later, it beeped again. It read 12:37, which equals 13…LOVE!

Spirit Guides Choose Us At Birth:

As time moved on and my third eye became more recognizable in photographs (which you can see on my sub-page Third Eye (Spiritual Gifts)) and David sent me to the lake to received some God-surprises (God, the Sun and Me, God Sends Love Orbs, My 5:55 Lake Visits), I can hear him more clearly. I ask him questions all the time. Some he answers right away. Others he doesn’t answer. He either moves my head in the yes jester or the no jest or swirls it around for a maybe. When it is silent, I can hear his voice really clear.

He told me that he chose me at birth. Spirit Guides have access to the Book of Truth…yes, it does exist! And he knew my life before he chose. He’s been with me since before I was born. He tells me that a spirit guide can win favor with God if they can get through to us and we are guided in the right direction. So, their job is really important to them.

David was a black man in life. He was in the Army during WWII and spent time in Europe. France. That is the reason, as I say in the poem above, that I knew where a particular church was when I visited Paris for the first time. He said that when he was in Europe with his Army buddies, he felt the most accepted in life. He really liked that. He’s from Mississippi and sometime after he returned from the war, he was murdered there by a white man. (This is why the movie Oprah was talking about affected him so much.) He was beat in the face and then shot. These are the wounds he allowed me to feel. I saw his death. He was wearing a red shirt and jeans when he died. David would be over a hundred years old in human time today.

Of the spiritual world, David says there is no color. There is no emotions, yet things still affect them. They don’t have to eat, drink, or use the bathroom anymore! They can talk to each other. I asked him if he saw Billy Holiday when listening to her music one night and he said yes. They don’t even have to wear clothes!

I was having a bad day about a month ago and I fussed God. I do a lot of this during my meditation journey. In the course of that particular fussing session, I cried and said that I don’t even have dreams about my mother. (Now, I hear my mother in mediation. She is part of my team. I’ll write more on that later.) The next day, I was taken deep into meditation and it’s the first time I ever felt propelled forward. I had no idea what was happening. Then suddenly I’m standing in this beautiful court yard, it looked almost Italian, with this beautiful fountain in the middle of it. And by this fountain, there was a lady standing. She had this solid white summer dress on. It was ankle length and had short sleeves. Her hair was shoulder length, solid black and wavy, but tight and together and shiny. She was holding this pottery water jug. I realized that she was my mother, but thin and young. She turned and saw me and dropped the jug and hugged me so tight. I don’t remember how long I was with her or how I returned, but I do remember Jesus being there and me apologizing about the jug!

David did that. He took me to see my mother!

He informs me that we all have spirit guides. I’m shown that all these religions who feel they have demons on them, are probably just experiencing their spirit guides. I saw this happening a lot in a documentary that showcased India. They are just afraid of their spirit guides or don’t fully understand what’s happening to them because society made anything spiritual seem evil. This is the same with different cultures praying to different spirits…no…each person has one. A group of people don’t have a spirit…they have God! There’s one God, one Jesus, and one spirit for each person. This is very important to learn.

Here’s how a relationship builds once you learn to communicate with your spirit guide: The day after I had the bike accident, and after my first meditation of the day, David told me to walk around the block. I was a bit nervous because my knee was still hurting, but he knows best so I went. Along the route, he pointed out to all the flowers that I could pick that were just growing on the side of the road. After my second mediation that day, he told me to put a small pair of scissors in my pocket and go for another walk. Along the route, he pointed out to flowers to pick. The below picture is the result. I finally got flowers in my vase! But not only that, if I wouldn’t have went walking, my leg would have just gotten stiffer and the healing would have taken longer.

The flowers that my spirit guide, David, helped me pick.
The following works are direct writings from God and Jesus, meaning I heard them speak and these words are not mine.

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