June 17, 2020: Black Body Bag Vision

it will continue to be
from sea to sea
just a different part of history
as explained and pondered
as deciphered and analyzed
‒it still will be
in blank notions of time
no drawn-out lines
just the divine
sending sign after sign
it is up to the minds
of each time
to understand the rhyme
nothing gets condemned
it is all from Him†
just a change within
that takes understanding
instead of complaining
each page
changes with age
making way
for each new day
each new concept
hard to adapt
let alone re-adapt
but it's part of the app
‒the application of fact
that which causes
tips of hats
before they decided
to do away, too
with that
it'll all come around again
it's the begin
then the end
it's the end
then the begin
there'll be accepting
then fighting
there'll be love
then hating
there'll be living
then dying
it's all continuing
it's the bleak of infinity
what goes
must also come
what's up
is also down
what's to the right
is also to the left
what is yes
is also no
there's always possibility
there's always balance
of surety
‒the constant
of eternity

Note: The Dragon and the All-Seeing Eye…October 23, 2019 is being singled out this past week. There was a lot revealed this day. Like the bright green glow of energy of God (Tetragrammaton). Go on and dispute it, it’s okay. It still is. I have 1,000s of frames for you to examine. Then the dove. If you can’t see it, you are blind. Pray for the Lord to remove the scales from your eyes. Things are being reveal for a reason. And it’s not what your churches have taught you. Oh, my the bad shepherds!


(June 17)―‘Infinity’ was written on the 15th, the day after I received another vision.

The Vision: (This was given while I was in prayer) I saw the world again. Within seconds I was taken around the world. I saw streets in so many countries and settings. Every thing was clean and beautiful. I was transfixed on this beauty. There was no garage any where’s. But there were black body bags everywhere. On the streets. In neat stacks every where I went. They were full. It was like they were waiting for something.

Then the morning of the 15th, ‘Infinity’ and Isaiah 54:9,10.

Covenant as With Noah‘To Me this is like the days of Noah, when I swore that the waters of Noah would never again cover the earth. So now I have sworn not be angry with you, never to rebuke you again. Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet My unfailing love for you will not be shaken and My covenant of peace be removed,’ says the Lord, who has compassion on you.―Isaiah 54:9,10

Don’t you get it: God forgives. Even when our world turns upside down, He still hears us. But like a good father, He WILL discipline us!

I can’t help but repeat the fact that God came and said, ‘I am relent’…before the riots and this fella’s George’s death. It was like He was telling me what to tell you once all this happens. And I did because He came and said to. (You can go read the pieces yourself.

I’ve been really tired lately. I’m fighting whatever health issue I have. It’s like I have to go through something because there is something on the other side that is very important. Preserve…was a direct message I received. Preserve life without any help. Because I don’t have any. So, I’m doing. And seeing all this death. God is warning you. Are you listening?

He says I’m not doing this for nothing. Double negative always intended! I see the numbers on all those virus reports. I still question the things I’m told as in Rough Waters…Millions Will Die, Feb. 9, 2020. Will they? Then last night’s prayer: There will be 2 more waves after this one making a total of 4 waves. Each wave will be worse than the previous one. The virus will mutate. China is seeing another outbreak because God isn’t through. It will end when He says it will end. Meaning He will send a vaccine when He’s ready. Each new wave will be a new mutation, a new strand of sorts….

(I’m telling you what I’m told. That’s all I can do. Yes, I’m reassuring you because so far you are idiots, the whole lot of you since He’s been warning you all, the world, since last August.)

…The testing is nothing to get excited about. Just because you test negative today, does NOT mean you will test negative tomorrow. You people still don’t get this. It would make sense all this stupid testing if there was a vaccine to give all those who tested negative, then the hope these negative tests are giving would be beneficial. Currently, it’s stupid really! False hope is no hope at all. Instead of wasting your money on all this testing and reports, you should be trying to prevent…PREVENT…people from getting sick. That means halting! But you can’t do that because money has control.

So, the 2 new waves coming will be a mutated strands meaning all those people who got the virus the first go around and survived are now going to be among that 12-times-high-risk category that whomever put all those with non-perfect autoimmune systems into. Why? Because the first round damaged your body, you are now compromised! Many of you self-induced this compromise! Idiots! You are…sorry to say! The horn was sounded and you didn’t listen, so not only did you compromise yourself, but you probably killed other people making you a killer in God’s eyes. Like I said: Idiot!

The next 2 waves will be new in a way. There will be added lines of data to the virus. God did that to confuse you. He demanded that you do something. A large number of you are refusing, particularly the 20-35 year olds. Not good at all! I can’t help you. I tried. Your decision was made. So prepare yourself. That’s all I can say.

The vision/dream that I wrote about in This ‘If’ By-Law’ isn’t a joke. Now that I saw the body bags, I know it’s not a joke. That dream said the virus was going to become extremely toxic and rape anyone it comes into contact with. You aren’t listening. ANYONE IT COMES INTO CONTACT WITH…TOXIC…meaning DEADLY! What part of this don’t you understand?

All this reopening bull, you aren’t listening to God. I told you that I saw Jesus with the sickles in hand. I’m telling you what is going down, but you think you know more than God! Damn, most of you think you know more than science! Oh, Yeah, God gave us science. He gave us everything. Or don’t you know that yet! You best not be saying you know God and you truly don’t know Him because right now, it matters.

P.S. All that bull in Seattle. Are you really worried? Why? Did you not read the visions?

In a few of them, a whole section between the lower 48 and Alaska was missing…that would be the state of Washington! Whatever is coming and IT IS coming, Washington or part of it won’t remain when all’s been said and done. Those people are wasting their time. They should be on the knees praying!

The following works are direct writings from God and Jesus, meaning I heard them speak and these words are not mine.

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