My 12-Book Series

Welcome to my world, which I wrote in a 12-book series to help you through some of the most difficult trials in life.

These books are done in poetic and prose form and cover the journey of a woman’s mind through silent abuse, physical abuse, divorce, family, spiritual healing, indifference, narcissism, racism, illness, and the surviving through the five stages of grief and learning to deal with codependency (the reality of always needing to make others happy before one’s self), as well as pushing to make that dream come true no matter what.

I’ve been through basic training, war, college, kid-rearing, and live with numerous health issues, and this particular journey has been, by far, the hardest endeavor I’ve ever had to experience. It’s been a serious struggle with what entraps our mind, what feeds us those negative thoughts that we bathe in and let control us.

These books are my journey from the darkness to the light.

These books will teach you that it doesn’t matter who is in our world, it’s learning the power to control those thoughts, it’s learning that even though we are all different, we still travel down the same path when it comes to grief and abuse. And, even though, at times, we feel absolutely out of our mind, we are not.

Abuse…all types, forms, shapes of it…not only plays a part in the physical harm, but also in the mind…our brain…both physically and mentally. Some of the damage we may never overcome, but there are ways in learning how to deal and live a better life.

The need to codepend on others after any sort of abuse is, by far, the most devastating to our future abilities to trust and love others without having that flight or fight instant gratification. It will never end unless you seek therapy and learn how to deal.

After attending therapy for nearly seven years and writing about everything I’ve learned, sharing it with you, I’ve learned that the answer is not in medications, but rather in learning oneself and how to love who we are in spite of any shortcomings we may have as a result of the abuse (any kind of abuse).

These books are a journey showing you, teaching you that you are not crazy, you are not stupid, you are not alone. You are right on time.

These books show you what narcissist do, how they gain their power over you, and how to break it. They take you through every emotion, every hurt, every part of anger, every part of the grief…and, like a hand holding yours, they will walk you to the other side of it all.

They are also filled with positive quotes, book exerts from many, many self-help books that have helped me along the way, examples of people’s lives who have been through the hard and came out successful, many, many works that will inspire you to keep pushing forward, many prayers, and all the scriptures that have helped me fight the anger, the depression, the hate, and the loneliness.

I’m told there are no other books like these, that no other person has had the strength to do this. I don’t know if that is true. I haven’t come across any yet. If it is true, then I hope they do what I’m told they will do, and that is save lives!

For those who need these books, I pray they find themselves to you. I pray that one day we will have a chance to meet and that I can hug you and cry with you and laugh with you.

God Bless you always. k.e.leger

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