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Answers’ Awakening

Second cover…working on a third.

What if you had to make a choice between love and a moral fight for humanity? Answers Awakening is a novel about Kasarina and Jason, who, driven by their love for each other, ambition and determination, build successful careers in oil and writing, which eventually lead them down different paths testing their love, and teaching them what love can endure to survive. Their childhood romance grew into a Johnny Cash—June Carter love affair that made them believe their love was forever. But like Nicole Redon and McKim Hendricks in Ruth Harris’ The Last Romantics, life’s full of twist and turns. They quickly learn that the adult world has a way of changing everything starting with Jason’s job in Houston and the Organization (a secret, drug-fighting group of rich, powerful men), leaving Kasarina secretly married, alone and pregnant. As Jason struggles with his moral decision to fight the drug war and leave his wife behind, Kasarina struggles with the lost of him while keeping his son and their marriage a secret as her writing career soars and fame and fortune takes its toll. During their ten-year separation, secrets, lies, and deceptions try to destroy their love, but through the people who come into their lives—Walter Chamberlain, Madeline Casoni, Maxell Howard, Ben Frazier, Craig Bravero, Don Stanley, Ron Vicknair, and the Cortez family—they learn that friendship, honesty, and truth are the only ingredients needed for love to remain strong, faithful and forever.

Shadows of A Life: A Lone Journey, Vol. 1

A Lone Journey Volume 1 is about the writer and the world that surrounds them…a world often times spent in complete solitude. It’s not necessarily lonely…sometimes the solitude is needed in order to form the words exactly right, but it does take us writers to places most people don’t often go. The deepest thoughts can sometimes bring out the saddest moments in our lives. That’s where this collection comes from…the deepest part of the writer and the world in which they live in.

Shadows of A Life: A Mother’s World, Vol. 2

The Shadows of A Life series is about a journey everyone takes.From the lonely writer, to being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, to being an educator, a student, to relationships, to politics, to America’s history, to being human. I hope with each volume to rattle your cage in some small way. That’s what poetry is all about . . . stringing some type of emotion along a winding road.A Mother’s World is simply about being a mother and the world in which she lives. There’s nothing more rewarding than being a mother . . . even through the challenges. With each different age comes a different challenge . . . some good, some bad. That’s okay . . . mothers prevail.

Shadows of A Life: A Fight from Within, Vol. 3

A Fight from Within (Volume 3) is for everyone here in America. Everyone of us for the past ten years have watched our system fall somewhat apart. It doesn’t matter what party you are affiliated with. America is about all of us, together. Views are sometimes strong, sometimes weak but they should be shared…our Voice should be heard.

Shadows of A Life: A Given Price, Vol. 4

The Shadows of A Life series is about a journey. From the lonely writer, to being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, to being an educator, a student, to relationships, to politics, to America’s history, to being human. I hope with each volume to rattle your cage in some small way. That’s what poetry is all about…stringing some type of emotion along a winding road. A Given Price travels the road of undiscovered truths. Why have Americans become so blind to what they have been given? Why have we forgotten the reason why this country was born? God has always been at the head of our ship. The men who sacrificed everything for what we have now never thought twice about who was in charge. American citizens have allowed this very truth to be taken, twisted, and cast away instead of trying to protect a future, a tomorrow.Some men, long ago, gathered together and built a great country. Not on theory or ideals, but on truth. They knew that no matter what happened, God would always protect us…and without God, we would be nothing. Instead of holding on to that, we have let the elite of this country and other countries control what America is supposed to be about. In order to revive what these men formed long ago, we have to see reality…the truth that God is a part of this country if you like it or not. It’s a road we have traveled…it’s a road we will travel again.

Shadows of A Life: The Invisible Conquest, Vol. 5

Shadows of A Life: The Invisible Conquest Volume 5 takes a turn toward a vicious truth. A truth we don’t want to acknowledge. Americans have been so caught up in how much they get, they have forgotten what it took to get it. It only takes one to study the thoughts of those men who began this country to understand their warnings. They have come to pass in today’s America. Individual rights are slowing slipping away. American citizens’ liberties are being striped, spread out to accommodate those who didn’t earn their place in America. Americans are being suckered into the tune of the “Cause” without paying much attention to the affects. These shadows are an impression left forever to our young. Shadows has weakened what used to be strong. Former President George Washington said in his first inaugural speech in 1789, “The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty and the destiny of the republican model of government, are justly considered as deeply, perhaps as finally staked, on a experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people.” Powerful words that the American Citizen seems to have forgotten. We have been “entrusted” with one of the greatest countries in the world, and we are failing.

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