Book 8 The Metamorphosis of Self

The Metamorphosis of Self: Accepting it wasn’t your fault.

In 2015, even though I still experienced many forms of the other four stages of grief, with prayer and faith, I began to move into the final stage: Acceptance. It’s not total normalcy, but you begin to feel new, alert, and a little bit more complete. I was lucky to have someone to help me lift the hurt from my heart. If you haven’t received this then your stages might last longer, but you will get through it. Am I over it? A smile is on my face.

These books are in your hands because I was able to pull myself together and gather all my work, write, layout the books, and edit the books. This in itself is my reason to celebrate. Just a year ago, reading a book took me months and months. Writing one seemed impossible. So, on that level of my self, I feel great….On my personal relationship status: I still don’t fully trust.

I can’t seem to bring myself to believe in another person totally yet. I pray. I have faith….I have to deal, and I am. Pretty much by myself. Today, there are many things that I’m grateful for. I have God. He’s made sure that I am financially independent and that my health care is taken care of. I don’t need anyone, but it doesn’t stop the craving way down deep in my heart to just want someone. I’m learning patience. It will come.

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