‘Saddened Willowed Clown’ (God/Wavy Earth Vision)

‘Saddened Willowed Clown’ (God/Wavy Earth Vision)…Last night’s vision and conversation was intense. He is sad. God is sad. All these lies and misrepresentation of Him and Jesus.

Saddened Willowed Clown (God/Wavy Earth Vision)

as the earth spins
so does the web of sins
on and on it goes
wreckage, struggles and chaos
down on their knees
in pews they go
asking for help

‒so many words

an end that's never ending

oh my country, oh my love
you can't measure enough
the deepness of God's† love
nor the sadness‒
that's of wounded the dove

the united states of america
used to be the beckon
‒in matters of trouble
in any country
when those fighting saw
that u.s.a. patch
on the arm of a soldier‒
their eyes brightened from tears
they set aside their fears
‒offering up good cheer
for help was here

that was so long ago

now it's only hate and fear
that's the way it goes
we leave countries
to the enemy
left and right
‒just stand up, lose sight

but it's the way
God† setting the stage
for the coming age

(God takes over.)

oh sweet, sweet country
she calls home
My† scribe still hesitates
but she still does what's right
setting up warnings
that are of no use

rest well dear one
they will not understand
they are blind
oh My†! oh My†, the Almighty Lord†
speaks and they turn a deaf ear
for their arrogance is vast
and their hearts are hard

I†, the Lord Almighty†, made it
vast and hard!

I† will consume them
I† will bring havoc where havoc is due!

I† will call a name, oh america,
your time has come
it is not why or how
it is when?
the world fell on your shoulders
they followed your lane
you were sent to help
I† didn't send a sheriff
I† sent a warrior of help
you failed Me†

your first chief warned you
he told you what will happen
if you fail Me†
what he warned you about
is coming to be

salute, salute oh old chief
shalom, shalom
for the old is falling away
the new is righteous and ripe
and coming to replace the old

awaken oh master of arms
your job is being stripped

hear the thunder of hooves
the roar of chariots

pieces will emerge
a new birth is coming
she will be grand
full of splendor
white as light
for I† will cover her
with the finest of white silk and fur
and crown her with jewels and gold

and she will praise My† name
and all the earth will again
know My† power,
says the Lord Almighty†

Notes: The image is from October 15, 2019: The Phoenix. How appropriate. The Phoenix, as I’ve had to write over and over, means new birth! Remember David chooses the images by having me look away or close my eyes and click. This is the day God sent the angel on the water. I am told over and over again that all the symbols and images in these photographs mean something, that there is code in them. He had me go yesterday and take pictures and nothing! He wants me to put them up. I haven’t yet. These 2019 and 2020 photographs are different, special and cannot be repeated. He said it is enough.


(January 22, 2022)―‘Saddened Willowed Clown’…I was not writing this piece by myself, but I felt like He (God) wanted me to write from the heart during certain parts. It felt like ‘in and out’. It was a very weird experience. The part bold/italic…God completely took over. I didn’t choose the title. I ‘heard‘ the title!

I had stopped going into prayer for a while now. Here and there I would go into prayer, but it is so sad. Then I was asked day before yesterday to start every day now. And God brought me joy when He brought me to my mother again as in the vision on ‘She Pants’. That vision was full of joy. The vision of January 21, 2022 was not.

Wavy Earth Vision: I saw the whole Earth. A wave went through it like when you throw a stick into the water and a boat passes. The stick flows with the wave. That’s how I saw the land of Earth. I saw missiles flying to left and to the right. Then He showed me what saddens Him as He moved my face in a sad position. War. Fighting. Greed. Lies. Control of the weak. Abuse. Selfishness. Selfishness was a deep one. All of these things make Him sad as any Father would be of their children. He showed me so much…war. But it was His sadness that gripped me. I cried. He said, ‘Write what you see.’

A change is coming. He said, ‘Oppression.’ He said, ‘Someone has to burden the load.’ That was directed at me, the writer. What I write for Him will be oppressed, but someone has to warn them. He told me I was strong on the inside and that I was chosen to bare the burden.

Last night’s vision and conversation was intense. He is sad. God is sad. All these lies and misrepresentation of Him and Jesus.

The Scripture I was led to was about Jericho: Josh 6:1-5

God’s Jericho StrategyNow Jericho was tightly shut up because of the Israelites. No one went out and no one came in. Then the Lord said to Joshua, ‘See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men. March around the city once with all the armed men. Do this for six days. Have seven priests carry trumpets of rams’ horns in front of the ark. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times, with the priests blowing the trumpets. When you hear them sound a long blast on the trumpets, have all the people give a loud shout; then the wall of the city will collapse and the people will go up, every man straight in.’—Joshua 6:1-5 (Jericho)

P.S. I was instructed to write the following: The volcano and the oil spill as a result of this volcano…which the vibration of the blast caused a vibration in the Earth which caused many things to happen, is a warning to what is to come as God revealed in the photos on this website in the Wave Warning and the Oil Spill Warning. As I explained on those pages, when He does His four-point move, all the pipes in the oceans will break as explained on the page Certainty of Visions. He wants me to remind you that He told you what was going to happen through me the writer, His prophet, on the page Rough Waters…Millions Will Die…Feb. 9, 2020. Truth. He wants you to know the truth of Him, of His Son. He sent all the truth on all these pages. Much more is coming. Pray. Heal. Help as many heal as you can. And be forewarned: Many false prophets are coming on top of those already here. What you are seeing throughout the world is ALL from God. Science…is GOD! Space is GOD! ALL is GOD! He is ALL things! You want to know who He is, He said He is showing you!

You can read all of the visions, dreams and words, as well as see all the images and see the time frame in which they were given by clicking on Message Index.

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