‘An Enemy Cover’

So don’t worry about the body dying. Worry about the soul dying. This is extremely important. There’s a bunch of idiots out there saying there’s no God, saying there’s no after this…they seriously think that all of this, all of this beauty around you was the result of a big explosion. They believe this without…WITHOUT…any evidence. And, no, they DO NOT have evidence.

An Enemy Cover

'we are here, my friend
in the belly
of the enemy'

so goes the disillusionment‒
its birth
impregnated long ago
‒a burst of vomit
ghost...blending in
disguising themselves
as friend
‒a malicious insurgent
waiting for the strike

as arrogance conceals
as ego and pride
their enemy‒
consumed in entertainment
controlled in entitlement
living paycheck to paycheck
begging, blaming, suffocating

lost in greed's religion
accepting words of false prophets
for a profit

those declaring these
the 'enemy'
are just as twisted
in the self-declarations

'we be judge and jury'

the punishers
the punished

all in the hands
of the almighty
shaking up the nations
for His† formulation

'pray...then I'll† relent'

warning them
again and again

for a cycle ends
bringing out sin
a testing of hearts
sincerity, liars

here: here's a God† flier:

the cycle is ending
examine your heart
heal your circumcision

the hour is approaching
the choice
soon to be removed
from the table

Notes: The photograph is from October 2, 2019: Wave Warning. These are some pretty amazing photographs, messages. It is up to you to see them and understand them. This wasn’t at all a point-and-shoot type of thing. I was told by David when to shoot and where. All of the photographs on this site came about in that manner. Then after he brought me to the shoot, when I got home, he directed me to the elements in each frame. This wasn’t a guessing game. This was an amazing thing to hear what God was revealing through the photographs, through David, for me to tell you. It doesn’t get any plainer than that.

(October 21, 2021)—Psalm 7 (below)…for those who still are preaching that God does NOT bring wrath, does NOT bring viruses or hurt or pain. Those people are LIARS!

For those who want to know the truth: God is in charge!

All those who have done wrong, they will be dealt with accordingly. Don’t wish anger or hate or revenge. Don’t seek revenge. If you want to make a difference, if you want God’s attention, wish LOVE! Wish love on the one who raped you. Wish love on the one who murdered your daughter or son. Wish love on whoever cheated you, betrayed you. Love. Don’t let hate and anger and bitterness tear you away from love. Just don’t.

It’s okay to be angry. You will be bitter. You will hate and yell and scream and condemn. You will. It’s part of the God process (The five stages of grief). You ARE NOT meant to stay there. You are meant to learn the lesson God is teaching you and move on. If you can’t see it, then it is the job of the vine to come and help you see it. No, it won’t happen right away. It won’t happen when the second person comes to help you, nor the third, nor the fourth. It may be the tenth or one hundredth, but it WILL come. If it never comes, then it’s not the vine, it’s you. Your faith is weak and it’s your choice to figure it out, to let help in.

Don’t keep anger inside. Go out in the woods and yell and cry. Break some dishes or burn your bed. I did both. Then I moved. I moved until I figured it out. Do what it takes but don’t stay put, don’t waddle in your sadness. It won’t go away that way.

Sadness, hate, angry, jealousy, arrogance, envy, confusion…they are all beings and God sends them to you to test you. It is up to you to say, ‘No, you can’t stay.’ It’s your test. And at first, you won’t see it, but you will.

That, above, is on the personal level. God’s tests…individually. His wrath is another story. God’s wrath is on nations. And His wrath is upon us and it isn’t over. You do not have a choice in the matter. You are part of a nation, so you shall suffer. What can you do? Pray. Seek healing for yourself because no matter what God has in store for the nations, your being…that which lives inside of your body…will eventually enter one of two gates.

So don’t worry about the body dying. Worry about the soul dying. This is extremely important. There’s a bunch of idiots out there saying there’s no God, saying there’s no after this…they seriously think that all of this, all of this beauty around you was the result of a big explosion. They believe this without…WITHOUT…any evidence. And, no, they DO NOT have evidence.

But there’s evidence that Jesus was here. There’s evidence that God exist. It is just so divine and ‘magical‘ that people just can’t fathom it, so they make up stuff and convince as many as possible because they don’t want to be alone in their confusion.

Truth: There’s a kingdom. God exist. Jesus exist. Check out all the visions below. I’m not the only one who’s had visions like these, nor am I the only one who’s been told of the coming things that are in the visions. There’s only one explanation to this: A Supreme being telling all of us the same thing, trying to warn because this is how He test people. He already knows what they will do, but He is surprised at times…we get to choose.

We also get to choose to help others. We get to choose not to be arrogant, and greedy, and mean, and cold. We get to choose to cut someone’s head off or not. Confusion has been set upon us. Read the links below. It will not get any better. The warnings are in place. So is the prophesy. It will happen. How do I know this?

God. He says not enough people are repenting. He is willing to relent under the condition that more repent. The nations will suffer. It balls down to the individual. So don’t worry if you see wrong by another. They will be dealt with, and that will be God doing the dealing.

§Prayer for Refuge from Enemies (A shiggaion of David, which he sang to the Lord concerning Cush, a Benjamite.)—O Lord my God, I take refuge in You; save and deliver me from all who pursue me, or they will tear me like a lion and rip me to pieces with no one to rescue me. O Lord my God, if I have done this and there is guilt on my hands—if I have done evil to him who is at peace with me or without cause have robbed my foe—then let my enemy pursue and overtake me; let him trample my life to the ground and make me sleep in the dust. Arise, O Lord, in Your anger; rise up against the rage of my enemies. Awake, my God; decree justice. Let the assembled peoples gather around You. Rule over them from on high; let the Lord judge the peoples. Judge me, O Lord, according to my righteousness, according to my integrity, O Most High. O righteous God, who searches minds and hearts, bring to an end the violence of the wicked and make the righteous secure. My shield is God Most High, who saves the upright in heart. God is a righteous judge, a God who expresses His wrath every day. If He does not relent, He will sharpen His sword; He will bend and string His bow. He has prepared His deadly weapons; He makes ready His flaming arrows. He who is pregnant with evil and conceives trouble give birth to disillusionment. He who digs a hole and scoops it out falls into the pit he has made. The trouble he causes recoils on himself; his violence comes down on his own head. I will give thanks to the Lord because of His righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High.―Psalm 7

The following works are direct writings from God and Jesus, meaning I heard them speak and these words are not mine. (They are in order of year then put in alphabetical order per year.)

God: (2019)  ‘A Bid for the People‘, ‘A Prophet’s Dew‘, Prophecy’s Awakeness‘, ‘Ringing of Ears‘,  Tests of Worth‘, ‘The Hate of Me‘; (2020) Adulterous Woman’, Busy‘, ‘Death of the Sound, ‘Death-Toll Rise’, ‘Every Day Life’, ‘Fallen Traps’, ‘From Left to Right’, ‘God† is Father‘, ‘He† Speaks‘, He† Speaks to Me‘, His† Fellowship’, His† Pardon‘, ‘His† Time‘,  ‘I Am Truth’s Voice‘ (3 separate messages from both), ‘Indirect Communication‘, ‘Initiation‘, ‘Mercy Granted‘, ‘Mighty is His† Hand‘, No Exchanges: Your Masks for Mine, ‘Noose‘,  ‘Oh! Sorrowful Heart!, ‘Open Up’ (both), Open Structure‘, ‘Pillage of Souls’,  ‘Pleading for Audience‘, ‘Sad Silver Bells‘, ‘Send Me† a Rose, ‘Smells of Manure‘ (both), ‘Spinning Heart‘,Suffering Cadence (both), ‘The Lord’s† Will‘, ‘The Seer’, ‘This, This, This(both),  ‘Twenty, Twenty‘ (commentary), ‘Uprest: Non-Negotiable’,What Is: Is!‘, ‘Who Am I?’, (2021) ‘A Time In Between‘,  ‘A Watchman’s Journey, ‘Commencement Entitled (Fifth Sin), Dire Warning‘, ‘Heal‘, I† Am Here‘,  ‘It is‘, ‘No More Sabbath(First Sin), ‘Oh! Weakened Warrior,  ‘Over the Hill’, Ringing of Words‘ (Emergency Supply List), ‘Stagnated Waltz‘,  Woe to the Peach (There’s This Time)‘ Direct Message from God’Truancy‘, (Untitled),

Jesus: (2019) ‘His† Spirit’,  ‘The Hate of Me‘; (2020) ‘A Coming Healer‘, ‘A Fall to Rebuild‘, ‘All That I† Am’,  ‘Blessings‘, ‘Blinded by Actions‘,Busy‘, ‘Call Her Witch!, ‘Circumference‘, ‘Decided,  ‘Failure’s Birth‘,  ‘Feeding Them‘, ‘Foot Work, ‘Foreseeing’s Agony’,  ‘He† Breathes‘, He† Speaks Softly, ‘Inhuman Love’, ‘Initiation‘, ‘Love Exists’,  ‘My Feet‘, ‘On the Ground‘, Prospective Tourist‘, ‘Rotten Figs‘, ‘Sheba’s Matter‘, ‘Slow it Down‘, ‘Small Miracle‘, ‘Song Bird‘, Spiritual Blessing‘, ‘Stamped Heart‘, ‘Swagger’s Dance‘, ‘The Adjunct‘, ‘The Clown‘, The Judge†‘,  ‘The Sound of Songs‘, ‘Words to a Prophet’,  ‘Words’ Song‘, You’ve Come‘, (2021)A Talk of Sheik‘ ‘A Time To Be‘, ‘Adaptable Indifference, Aliens Are Not, ‘An Account of Blasphemy, An Unconquerable Will, ‘Break This Down!, ‘Conditioned Response‘  ‘Deuteronomy‘ (Forth Sin),  Do You Know?‘, Dominion‘, ‘Formidable Tide‘ (Third Sin),  Four Points to A Round Box‘, ‘Hickory Dickory Dock‘, Honorable‘, Indecent Dressings‘, Inside Sacrifice‘, ‘Inside Thinking‘, ‘It Is The Same‘,  ‘Judgment’s Song‘  No Valentine, ‘Ominous One (Poison Dream),  Stay the CourseSyllables of Gems‘, ‘Tensions Fold, ‘There Is‘,  ‘Time ‘A Waiting,  ‘Times Darkening‘, ‘To Move Within Ranks, Today’s Menu‘, ‘Treacherous Rendition‘ (Second Sin); ‘What Is It?

Dreams/Visions: ‘Backlash’ (My Crucifixion Vision),  ‘Brave in the Snatch‘ (bus story warning), (August 2019) Visions, August 29: Canyon Vision, Rebuke Me (Snake Dream); (2020) March 22: Four Disc Dream‘Hard-head’ (Jack-ass vision), ‘Butterfly Vision‘, This ‘If’ By-Law’ (Apr. 25: Virus Vision Toxicity Dream), June 17, 2020: Black Body Bag Vision, June 26: U.S. Presidential Wake Vision; April 11: the Jackass Dream; January 21: Aladdin’s Genie Lamp; ‘It Happened‘ (Mother/Dead Babies Vision); Virus (The World Vision); (2021) A Lie   (Hole in Sky Vision); Chief Among Mountains‘ (Volcano/Ocean Vision); ‘Death of the Sound’ (The World Death Vision), I Am but Lowliness‘ (Rough Water Dream and Buildings Crashing Vision), I Drink (Train Wreak Vision),

 ‘Indecisive Humanist‘ (Sinking Vision 2),  Listen! Oh Arrogance’ and ‘Your Mother’s Tears’ (the Spin-Top explanation),Rejection Undone   (Sinking Vision/Dead Body Vision), ‘Sanctification Deferential‘ (Jesus/Classroom Dream, ‘Strangled Times‘ (Pacific Ocean Visions Continue); Telepathically (Me and Jesus: Curious Vision), ‘Time ‘A Waiting (Bear/Deer Dream);Time Is Gone (God/Jesus/Dead Baby/Children and President Assassination Vision), Variables of Concern (Jesus/A Foreign Military Prison Camp Dream)

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