Brace Yourself!

God’s hand is coming and there’s nothing we can do!

I’d rather warn people then do nothing. I’d rather have all of this written down so that the future will know. I know God’s time is not ours. I also know that visions could be wrong. I also know God never lies. I also know that people don’t give a damn! They just like to call people names and ignore the One being who controls everything. Have it your way! You were forewarned.

Note: The following article I wrote early this morning on Facebook. I thought I share it here. All I truly know is that this morning around 4 a.m., I was jolted to wake up, received more visions to inspire me…see ‘Backlash’…and this jolting which felt like electric shocks happened 3 times! So, I got up and have been writing ever since. The visions are well explained in the article below. They are not just a one time deal. I’ve had them every day for 3 straight days, then I took 2 days off of meditating because I was devastated by what I saw. Then I saw the visions again 2 more days.

Someone is trying to tell someone something! And I’ve experienced this stuff before so, to me, this is really big! When exactly? Your guess is as good as mine. But these events took place.

Today is August 24, 2019. These visions and physical things are happening… and tomorrow is August 25th (read the article below to learn why that is big when it comes to these visions). I do not want to cause panic, but I was jolted awake this morning with like electric shocks and visions that I’ve seen already and told to prophecy…I’ve changed that to write because I don’t feel comfortable saying prophecy. I am NOT a prophet!

Facebook Post

πŸ‘‡ I’ve been writing about the things God has shown me for over 10 years. It’s all been about healing, showing you how to do that byway of the 5 stages of grief that each and every one of us will sooner or later go through.

Sorry. There’s NO getting around it. You WILL go through them. God designed it that way so that each person has a chance to be reborn byway of His Mercy. If you do NOT know what that means then you are still an infant. πŸ‘

I suggest you learn what spiritual maturity is. After all, your church should have taught you that. Mine didn’t. So, for me, no more man-made churches! 😘

πŸ‘‡ For some of you, time is running out. God never changes and He doesn’t lie. So this πŸ‘‡ will happen! Sorry but it will.

UPDATE: [5 More Visions] 5 Visions: Major Tectonic Plate Shift West Coast U.S.A. August 2019

I read somewhere online that ignorance is teaching people that visions in meditation are not real. Those are the same ignorance that teaches crap byway of man-made churches, promoting all their B.S. in the disguise of God, but it’s just for money.

The spiritual rem is real. The visions are real. Those people telling you to ignore those visions are just like that Catholic Church which persecuted thousands of women for being spiritual healers, demanded that it’s followers pay heavily for their sins making them say 10 Hail Mary’s and 2 Our Fathers, then you left the confession both and those priest took your sins and fantasized about them while raping a young, innocent boy building Satan’s army!

And you know what: God is fed up with the hypocrisy! His hand is coming!

Here’s another hypocrisy: when those plates move, you will look to science! You will blame man for global warming and shit like that! And God is up there, with His hands on His hips, His toe tapping away, ‘When, oh My people, will you ever learn?’

A majority of the Jews… demanded that people follow the Law at the same time they were chasing Paul around the world plotting to kill him. That Commandment Thou shalt not kill. Oh that’s in the top 10 of the Torah! And they were so easily ready to disobey. Who do you think spread all over the world that Jesus was just a myth?

Wake up. He’s tired of waiting. I don’t think people realize that when God’s hand comes down, it doesn’t come down soft!

Oh, that’s right, many don’t believe He even exist! They believe that the most complex machine on earth, that would be the brain, just formed by itself! Out of fucking dust!

I’d like to shake the brilliant man’s hand who came up with that one. They, to me, should win the Nobel for marketing!

Oh, that’s truth, many think His Word is just an old piece of literature! Oh, how stupid of me, many don’t even believe Jesus ever lived or is the Son of God!

All those miracles that were done in front of thousands of eyes, oh those Jews were pissed! When they discovered they murdered the Christ! And their hate over 2,019 years ago has survived and has fucked up billions of human lives! For a large number of them, there is no turning back! Islam and the Jew! I bet they are connected! Nope. Not t judging. Stating facts. After all, Jesus came to divide. There you go! There’s the division!

Oh how foolish of me! So many ignorant infants believe I, little oh me, changed their opinion on Christ because of my journey through the bargaining stage! It totally slipped my mind just how powerful I am! To actually change people’s whole belief system! Sorry to break the news: I’m not! It was you all along who was weak!

You need to self evaluated! πŸ™ Pray! Time is running out! It’s time to choose. That grandchild. Those grandchildren. Those born to people my children’s age will see the end. Not just see! They will experience what Jesus told John in the Revelations. It’s up to you to get them saved so that they have the strength to not accept Satan’s mark! This is YOUR responsibility!

You don’t have to believe me. His hand will prove that my words are true. It’s time to choose.

UPDATE: [5 More Visions] 5 Visions: Major Tectonic Plate Shift West Coast U.S.A. August 2019

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