UPDATE 10: [19 Visions plus Conversation With David]: A Test For All Nations. Horror Awaits If We Don’t Turn to Jesus!

God’s Going To Show You Who He Is! These Visions Are Steps! The Earth Will Change Its Direction…AND A New Earth Will Become! The Mark of The Devil…How It Will Be Done. He’s Warning You. You Don’t Have To Listen! And…He Sent Me Orbs To Prove All Of This IS From Him!

God’s Going To Show You Who He Is! These Visions Are Steps! The Earth Will Change Its Direction…AND A New Earth Will Become! The Mark of The Devil…How It Will Be Done. He’s Warning You. You Don’t Have To Listen! And…He Sent Me Orbs To Prove All Of This IS From Him!

[I put this in the order in which the visions are coming. So the Updates are added to the end!]

Co-Writer: David…He’s from Heaven!

The Beginning!

NOTE: I’ve never experienced something of this magnitude…EVER! The things I write in this post are things that I saw in visions very clear and in the course of 5 (FIVE) different meditating periods throughout the day of August 16, 2019. I do not know why this was sent to me, but if you know who to pass this to, please do. Yes, it could be wrong. But FIVE of them! ALL showing the exact same thing then adding something each time. This is too out of the ordinary for me to NOT pass it on.

[ I posted the first paragraph of this article, along with visions 1 and 2 on my personal Facebook page and author page on August 16, 2019 because by the 2nd vision, I was really shaken up. After posting that and going into my 3rd mediation, I was given instruction to wait and repost or reshare with the world tomorrow, which is today. I’ve spent all morning with an upset stomach thinking nothing but what I saw, and was eventually led to Ezekiel, which I explain later in this post. I’m shaking a bit while writing this because this is so extreme in nature for me. I’ve had spiritual things happen to me…I thought those were extreme. This far passes that! And what’s more bizarre is what I discovered in research today: The Nostradamus prediction is at the end of this post!]

(Facebook post paragraph concerning visions 1 and 2 August 16, 2019)―Would you believe a vision if I told you? I pray that this WILL NOT happen. There is nothing I can do if it does, but as crazy as it sounds, I’m not taking chances with people’s lives. I saw the following visions in meditation. Some people already think I’m out there so it doesn’t bother me to say this even if it is inaccurate. I saw this twice today! I was given the word warning. After the second vision I looked it up. I didn’t know Oregon’s coast had an earthquake today. Freaky! So, I’m writing this and posting it. I’ve never had something like this happen to me, so in all fairness, it could be just a vision. I’m not taking chances. I saw this twice! Call me nuts. It’s okay.

Visions 1-5 (August 2-17, 2019):

Vision 1 and 2: A very large earthquake will hit somewhere along the United States Western coast (California, Oregon, Washington) sometime between Aug 22 to 25. A huge slice of earth will fall into sea causing a tidal wave, tsunami heading to the Polynesian (coast). Boats will roll over. Massive destruction. Las Vegas will feel it for days (maybe weeks). Get water, nuts, candles, light. August 22 to 25. Caution. Warning. Very large earthquake.

Exact Words/Phrases Received: ‘It has begun.’ ‘Warning.’ ‘Change your ways.’ ‘Choose.’ ‘It’s the beginning of the warnings.’ ‘152 years.’ ‘Caution.’

NOTE: I have been on a 30-day meditation journey. I’m three weeks in. I have experienced spiritual things most of my adult life and if you are a regular reader of me, you do know these things. I’ve written about them over and over in my books and on here. I’ve put off meditation for years because…well…I think I’ve been afraid of it. Since I moved into my new place, everything has fallen into place to begin my meditation journey. Starting in September, I will begin a meditation journal on this website. I’m told, in meditation, that I’m to reveal everything that I’m experiencing…that I’m to SHOW how God works.

I’ve never, ever experienced visions that weren’t related to my life. These visions have come out of the blue. I have not been researching this stuff, I have not watched, remotely, any type of movie that would lead to this kind of thinking. I have not even been thinking about anything remotely close to this. I have no idea where this came from. I have done research on the earth many years ago when I had a political website back in 2009. I’ve published a lot of my work in Book 2. Since then I haven’t done any research. I make comments here and there on posts I see on Facebook, but that is it.

There is nothing I can give you to show that I have any, whatsoever, credibility on this information. Nothing! These visions were crystal clear. The words I heard were crystal clear. The visions and dreams and intuitive feelings in my past have been very accurate. I write about the major ones, but the rest I mainly have kept to myself. This…is bigger than me.

Vision 3: I saw again the very large piece of earth falling into the ocean. I received a physics, I think that’s the discipline, lesson. A tidal wave will hit Polynesian not a tsunami. The tsunami will hit the U.S. as a Backlash…that’s the word I heard. I also saw within the earth the plates smashing against each other and heard this deafening crackling sound. I heard the following: ‘this is the beginning of the 152, this is small to what is to come. People must choose.’ I asked if this was going to happen this year. I was assured that it was.

This is the drawing I did after the first 3 visions.

NOTE:  I actually was given a small instruction here to correct my error in my Facebook posting. The reference to 152: The last 8, 9 pieces I’ve written and posted here came out as almost revelations and this 152 didn’t just surface in a poetry work but in my commentary as well. It is referring to 152 years to the big finale…Christ coming. Not kidding. Go and read those writings. They are freaky scary! It’s the same as the choose. Those were words I actually heard. As soon as I had the visions, I wrote them down. On the third vision, my heart became anxious and I drew out as best as I could what was shown to me. That’s the drawing above.

Vision 4: That cliff will fall forward in ocean. It possibly sits on a large crack in earth which when plates shift forward will cause whatever’s in the crack to push up causing this very large, massive piece of land to fall forward…displacing water which will be sucked in sideways then released sideways destroying beach houses both ways. The water will also go inland really far. A huge number of people who live where this massive earthquake will happen, if there are any survivors, will then have to face a massive amount of water. I was also shown, or brought down into the earth again. I could literally hear the plates grind against earth other, see massive sparks of fire. It was powerful images and sounds that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

This is the drawing after visions 4 and 5. I retyped all the writing here.

During part of vision 4, I was on the road that’s in the drawing above. It felt as if I was driving up. The land from road to cliff is quite a bit. I asked where this would happen and I was shown this area, so I’m assuming whatever is on the other side of this road is where the devastation or where the movement of earth will affect greatly, which whatever area this is there are very tall buildings. They will fall. As far as Las Vegas (I’m assuming Vegas was shown to me because I live here) some weak structures will be damaged. I can’t say for sure but there were very brief impressions of buckled roads, fallen bridges. I can’t say for certain if that was Vegas. I heard ‘Vegas will have damage’ and I was shown small glimpses. I also saw me in my apartment without electricity for a while.

I was also shown between the islands and U.S. in the ocean during this time there will be a large cruise ship and a navel ship or several navel ships which will be overcome by this massive wave heading to islands.

Vision 5: I was shown the earth falling into sea again. (In each vision I was shown this. It was very, very visual. This huge, massive piece of land just falling in the sea!) At this point, I was getting very anxious that if this was indeed going to happen, I need to know where. I have to warn the people…that’s what I was saying over and over for a while. Now, I’m in a meditation state and I was talking to who was showing me these visions. I was then shown a water tower with the a town beginning with M. I was looking up at it, so it was on top of a hill or something. It was solid white. I tried to figure it out and this is what was the result: Melton, Meadows (something like that), then Malibu…I heard this name very clearly.…I questioned, thinking not Malibu, that’s in California…and then I got the words Malibu Trench then I vaguely saw the water tower again and this appeared (the name which looked like Malibu Trench, Oreg.)

There is a lighthouse in view or some structure like a lighthouse. There is a look out point with those things you look through, you pay a quarter.

I was also given a lesson on water displaced byway of a vision: It was someone holding a very large board. The person released the board in water and it showed the water moving to the side as the board splashed on top of the water then sucking the water down with it, then as the board bounced up, the water was pushed back to the sides. The tsunamis of India and Japan was brought into the picture, showing that those tsunamis were caused by very large sections of earth breaking off and falling to the ocean floor. They were surrounded by water. There’s a huge difference comparing those to a very large section of earth falling from above the ocean.

I was also given a geologist’s name: Steve.

NOTE: I was trying to get the location but was only shown the above things. It was told to me over and over again that this was going to happen. The last time I went into the meditation state I was shivering, my jaws were actually quivering. I wanted to do something, anything if this was going to happen. I was demanding that this couldn’t be happening to me. This won’t happen. I was assured that it was happening and then I was brought to the most peaceful state I think I’ve ever experienced.

I hadn’t gone into meditation today because of what I experienced all day yesterday just about. When I opened my Bible this morning, I opened to Ezekiel 4-6:1-14. That was my answer when I questioned God about what I’ve been experiencing. Go read it. It will blow your mind. He was showing me that people that received visions, received visions that do not seem possible, they are weird, strange…filled with meaning. So, I do not know if the above visions are literal or filled with meaning.

I tried to do some research thinking I could locate the area described. Do you know how big the West Coast is?! During my last meditation I was told this: ‘No use trying to figure it out. You can’t. You can’t do anything or stop it. No one Can.’ I’m not kidding…I actually heard that!

Below shows the activity in that region today August 17, 2019: [These images I was instructed, by a higher power of course, to remove.]

Do you think I’m out there now? I was wandering myself. I’m a researcher. I look everything up. Well, the following screen shot is taken from a Nostradamus website that keeps the public updated. Nostradamus predicted the Notre Dame burning this year. It happened. He predicted what I’m seeing. [I was instructed to remove this image as well.]

You can take it with a grain of salt or take it serious. The visions scared the shit out of me, then I saw this prediction, what 500 years ago, which I’m sure was written in a very different way, but someone interpreted as the above! But I’ve been receiving messages for over a month concerning the end of times so the references to 152 and choose wasn’t much of a surprise. I don’t know what else to say but I had these visions and I’m putting it out there. If you know anyone that can understand these visions, get it to them. All I can do is tell you what was sent to me. God Bless and God Speed!

NOTE: As I was posting this my internet connection went down twice. This happened earlier during the week when I posted my last two posts. I actually had to call my internet provided and the tech guy worked for hours, with me waiting on the phone, trying to figure it out. Get this: The WPS to my internet box ONLY was disabled on THEIR end! He had not one clue how it happened! Those posts must be VERY important. That evil whore the devil doesn’t want what God wants!

Today, the first time I had the meat of this article up, the net went down and I lost it. The second time, I lost all the editing. It’s really weird because I use WordPress and the system constantly saves. I’ve had my computer freeze before and had to reload and it brought me to a separate page to choose which draft I wanted to keep. This time…NO DRAFT to choose from! And all my tags were erased. The second time, again all my tags erased! Oh my! the workings of the evil world!

My Internet connection was still on. My box never lost any lights or power!
The first time it happened this evening NO DRAFT saved, which has NEVER happened! Ever!

UPDATE 1: Visions 6-10 (Aug 18-20, 2019)

Vision 6: I saw the plates moving again and heard the cracking noises.

Vision 7: I heard ‘Karen………Karen……Karen’. I was a bit bewilder thinking, ‘Was it coming from me or someone else?’ Then it came again, ‘Karen……Karen….Karen.’ My name with long spaces of silence in between, and my name was said slow with familiarity—something inside me knew it wasn’t Jesus [this part will be explained in the journal I’m to include on here beginning in September], but God. His words were few. He said, ‘Listen to My Son,’ referring to me, like a Father giving His child instruction, which He has done in the past but not with a voice I can actually hear! He said, ‘Write what you see.’

He said, ‘The world will soon be listening.’ This came after I thought in my head: Why talk to me and have me write, no one listens to me? I said that to myself and He heard it! I knew that He could but to actually experience anyone answering something you say to yourself is a bit startling!

He said, ‘They will understand My hand.’ The word hand seemed to be loud.

Throughout Him talking, I was flashed very fast scenes of the plates moving and I heard the cracking. Then I was on a cruise ship and I saw this huge wave coming, then I was on a military vessel and I saw the wave. Then I was under the sea and I saw a submarine rolling and rolling.

Then I was like a bird flying over areas (different areas it seemed at the same time) and saw the massive destruction. Then I saw this huge enormous crater in the earth. There was so much wreckage―all I kept thinking was: Bodies. Then there was another cut in the earth―a huge slit, massive. Whatever is going to happen it is going to change the U.S. structure—land-wise. Alaska will virtually be cut off by a very large cut which will fill with sea water. The Polynesian Islands will mostly be over taken. I saw massive destruction.

My drawing isn’t that great but this is what I saw from the sky. I did not see the crater and the slit together. So I just drew them together. They are by no means exactly like that on any map. I saw the crater first, inland. Then another scene was this slit then I got the information about Alaska, so you figure it out.

After showing me this, He said my name 3 times in the same manner: Karen…….Karen……Karen. (He pronounced my name really slow.) He then said, ‘They will choose. They will know Me.’

NOTE: Before these 2 sessions, something happened to my eyes. Through all this, the space between my eyes throb, like pressure. Starting with the first vision here, my eyes kept moving in all directions and burning. Somewhere during this, God said, ‘See.’ and my eyes were pulled and began stinging—they keep like this during the entire vision. I see blocks of purple and now here and there, there’s a very light flash…that’s really bright. I will include more detail in the journal I’m to put on here in September. I’m instructed that this is what God wants me to do. To show who He is and how He works.

Vision 8: I heard God’s voice again. It came from far away. He said, ‘The time has come.’ Then He said, ‘Choose.’ Then He said it again, ‘Choose.’ Then He said, ‘They will know the hand of God…My hand.’

Before this, I was shown destruction again then something new: The land mass on the entire west coast from the top to the bottom (Mexico, etc.) will shift somehow. When the plates move, this will drag land.

God said, ‘Nations are going to be tested.’ He said nations not countries.

Then He showed me an example by using my basic training experience: When all the girls on my floor weren’t getting along and the drill sergeants woke us all up one morning by blowing whistles. We were rushed downstairs outside and yelled to get into front leaning rest…push-ups. It was cold and we were all in our PT shorts and shirts. We had to do 20 then the whistle and we had to rush upstairs. Well, we found ALL our rooms trashed. There were shoes in the toilets down the hall in the latrine. My clothes was in someone else’s room. It was a disaster. The first thing all of us did was go to our own lockers and beds and start cleaning. Wrong! Whistle. Back downstairs, 20 push-ups. Whistle. Back upstairs. We all did the exact same thing. Wrong! Back downstairs. 20 push-ups. Whistle. Back upstairs. We finally got the message. Instead of thinking of ourselves, we all went to one room, cleaned, then moved on to the next room until we ALL had the entire floor cleaned.

God showed me that in a flash.

Then I saw a world map with lines running from country to country. (I didn’t draw a picture of this but I think you can get the point of what I was shown.) He said, ‘This is the beginning.’ Then He said, ‘A test of nations.’ Then He said, ‘Will they stay corrupted?’ Then I saw the crater again with people standing all around. He said, ‘Will people put down their weapons and racism and help?’ Then He said, ‘Will they see this is not done by man but by My hand.’ Then He was gone.

I saw no major explosions. This is the earth moving!

NOTE: I asked my Spirit Guide, David, (I will write more about him in my journal) why can’t I broadcast this now because I was told not to. He said after 24 hours then I am to write this then go silent again. Yesterday after 11:25 a.m. I was told to go electronic silence. Don’t ask. I did it though. And this morning around 4 a.m. I was awoken by a shake. It freaked me out so I went to get on the net to check the news, I couldn’t get on the net….again!) David reminded me that I did ask God something. I didn’t remember it. I had asked or said, ‘This isn’t just a war, this is major’ and that’s when God said that it’s about the nations. I asked David: Why God didn’t say ‘this is the Lord Almighty’ the way He said it in the Bible. The answer was that the world knows who He is. David also said that the world is bigger, much more people now. God is testing the world because we are ALL His people.

Vision 9: I was shown Vegas and I immediately blocked it out. I heard God say, ‘Unseeing.’ and I was shook several times (something that will be explained in my journal). This I was show the below map. Excuse my drawing.

This is the best I can do when it comes to drawings. The handwritten words are typed in below.

I’ll  retype what I wrote: There will be spidery earthquakes or one that will travel down. I was shown a map with lines (like the drawing). I didn’t want to see but I kept being shown throughout these visions very briefly me without electricity and people cooking outside. There will be some issues here in Vegas. I didn’t want to look. I guess because I live here. I saw things fall in like the new stadium…I saw it fold into itself. Some bridges. I don’t know what this means, but I kept seeing people with dust on their clothes.

I was also shown the Navajo Indians. They were lined up on top of a mountain ridge dressed in war gear. I was looking up at them. Then I heard God say, ‘They know Me.’

August 19, 2019: I was shown this as I sat to write: 2019=12=3 The Year of the Divine: The Power of 3!

Vision 10:  God returned. He said, ‘This is the Lord your God. This can’t be stopped. This is the beginning.’ This is after I began questioning if this is true or not. This came after I questioned David on why He doesn’t call Himself the Lord Almighty! This I actually heard.

Then He showed me the aftermath.

I was by the crater. It was so big, deep, like a spin top upside down. I kept thinking: How are they going to get down there? There could be people down there alive.

Then I was shown dead bodies everywhere down there, then water began to seep in ’til it was full.

Then I saw another scene of it with construction workers and people recovering bodies, trying to bury the dead. I saw monuments being built. I saw people caring more for the dead than the living. I saw arrogance and greed. People rushing to help dig out the dead instead of taking care of the living.

Then I was on a street. There were dead bodies everywhere―mangled and dismembered. I saw a dead baby on the side of the street…dead eyes just staring at me. I saw a pregnant woman…dead.

Then I was above the sea. I saw debris and bodies floating everywhere. Dead bodies washing up on beaches every where. I said to myself, ‘This isn’t happening. This is just a dream…all in my head.‘ God raised His voice, ‘SILENCE!’ Then He said, ‘This isn’t a time for your fuck-you church!’ Then He said, ‘Write what you see.’ Then He was gone.

Then Jesus came. Like He sat by me and I was anxious. I felt numb like this is a dream or something. I said, ‘He said fuck-you church?’ Questioning that God would say something like that. David said, ‘He knows you!’ Jesus agreed. I said, ‘This can’t be happening. Did I make my Father mad.’ Jesus said, ‘No.’ Then more scenes were shown to me. A lot more: Vehicles lining the roads, heading towards the destruction. Other vehicles packed up, heading to the east. The west coast almost deserted.

I couldn’t handle anymore―I felt weird because I wasn’t crying. Then I cried and Jesus said, ‘Do what My Father told you: Write.’ Then He was gone.

Update 2: Vision 11 (August 24, 2019):

‘Karen,’ I heard the Lord say, ‘write what you see. This is the Lord, The Lord Almighty your God. See.’ I didn’t want to see. I kept blocking out the scenes. I was ridged and nervous. ‘You don’t want to see?’ He asked. ‘No. All those people die,’ I replied. ‘You are afraid of Me?’ He asked. ‘Yes,’ I replied.

Visions kept trying to make their way and I kept blocking them.

Then He forced it open. ‘My hand is on the button,’ He said. ‘When I press it, then you will know the truth.’

I saw a big button under the ground. I saw a large hand in the sea, like a child playing with toys and the hand was about to move the plate. The sea was like a pool to the hand. I saw houses falling in the sea all along the coast as I flew pass like a bird. But it was the large spin-top hole that I kept seeing most. It will start in the middle when He pushes the button. It will be slow because it begins when it is darkness and ends when it is light. There is something under the ground that shifts, slowly causing the earth to cave in in a huge circle. And I saw the name ‘Wassengerg’ or something like that several times. This huge crater…whatever is under ground pushes something up some where slow to where it causes something to bulk or give way which causes the huge piece of earth to fall in the sea (what I wrote about in the other visions)…almost at the same time that this shift happens another huge piece of earth collapses in the sea.

I kept getting Alaska. There will be many small earthquakes inland up and down coast and into Arizona and Nevada. I didn’t see what state this crater is in. He wouldn’t let me see. I tried to see road signs but He wouldn’t let me.

He said, ‘They will know I’m STILL here.’ (the word still was stressed). Then ‘The hand and button’ came again.

And I saw bodies all in the sea. The ships that I saw in the other visions were shown to me again…they were there then gone…I then saw the sea calm like they were never there.

‘A test to the nations,’ He said. ‘See. Write what you see. What what you feel.’

The whole time my heart was pounding. I wanted to know where this was. I couldn’t do anything to discover where this was. I kept going back to the crater but everything was blocked.

‘A warning,’ I heard Him say. ‘It’s already begun.’

I kept seeing a the round clock again with the ticking hands and 12.

The He said, ‘12,12. There’s no stopping.’

I saw a school go in the crater and a church and many houses. He kept telling to ‘See. Write.’ Then He was gone and I kept getting flashes of the destruction every where.

Update 3: Vision 12 (August 26, 2019):

Jesus came and told me, ‘My Father has something to say.’ Then my eyes were sealed, my head shook side to side and my eyes were rolled up really tight and up and I was unable to open them. Then after several times of my head moving side to side, I was floating in space (this happened before). I could see myself floating balled up like a child.

I heard my name, ‘Karen.’ Then my head was shook again. My eyes got tighter and began to sting and burn. I heard, ‘See.’

I was flying over a beautiful spot of land with large rocks taller than me and green grass. Then I saw castles. Then I saw large fancy houses and mansion. Then I saw people dining in fancy restaurants, and people wearing beautiful clothes and jewelry. Then I saw people with no food. They were dirty, wearing dirty and torn clothes. I saw them living in shacks and huts with dirt floors. Then I was shown drug companies putting out tons of pills. Then I saw young people in hospitals sick and dying.

Then I saw wars all through different times and ages, from civil wars to countries fighting to churches fighting. Then I saw sexual immortality: I saw a man raping a woman then killing her by stabbing her in the neck then throwing her body to the ground laughing like he was proud. Then I saw a woman leaving her home saying she’d be back in a couple of hours, then a man going to her daughter and playing with her private parts telling her not to tell anyone. I saw another man playing with a little girl’s private parts then rubbing his penis on her private parts. I saw a man raping a baby girl. I saw a man allowing his friends to have sex with his wife. She was not a willing participant.

Then I saw flashes of churches and rich men and their dark secrets of stealing children for sex. I saw a priest all dressed up in his fancy church robe walking away with a boy. I saw another man raping a boy, and another man raping a little girl and getting more excited as she screamed.

Then the voice said, ‘You had impure thoughts.’ ‘Yes,’ I said.

He said, ‘These are actions!’ Referring to the images I saw. ‘This is the Lord Almighty, the one and only God. What’s in the dark will be brought to light.’ He said, ‘Men use their gift in the wrong way. I have had enough of this. The button has been pushed. Change your ways before you can not!’

Then He said something like ‘this is for the world’…I was so upset over the images put before me that it was hard to hear and see at the same time and His voice was fading. He speaks from very far away. Then more horror was put before my eyes. I was flying over different areas around the world and watching the ground split open and volcanoes, many of them, going off at the same time.

Then He said, ‘Karen, See. Write it down.’ Then He was gone.

Then Jesus came and said, ‘Write what My Father has shown you.’ And my eyes were released.

Note: After the vision, I was really shaken up. I had questioned David before this vision about the other visions. I can hear him speak from inside. The dates in particular was stressing me. He said those dates were the time frame that the button would be pushed. He assured me that the button has been pushed and the process has begun. He said the process is slow. I asked if it was possible to give me a time frame and he didn’t answer…but the sentence ‘No one can stop it’ was suddenly sent back to me.

I was told previously to not only write what I see but what I feel as well. I didn’t write it above because I have to write down what I see immediately after the vision so I get it accurately. The feelings still remain. These feelings are put in me and are different than my own. I do, of course like every God-fearing person, feel sickening about the things I see, but these feelings of my own are added to, if I may say it this way, with body tremors and horror that I know is not my own…it is like I’m experiencing the feelings of those who these horrors actually happened to. With this vision, they are really strong.

The wealthy and the poor: These people with all this money should be helping those poor, should be feeding them and clothing them and helping them find ways to take care of themselves. He was showing me greed again, selfishness.

Drug companies: He was showing me that He gave the formulas to humans in order to save people, and instead they are killing them slowly for money. He was showing me that these formulas should not cost people all this money and people should not be getting rich off of helping others.

Wars: Nothing has changed. He was showing me that nothing has changed. He does not allocate killing in His name. He sends armies to fight evil or to test but not to kill in His name. I saw civil wars, churches fighting, which shouldn’t be. Senseless.

Sexual immortality: Horror. That’s what I felt. Horror. To see a man’s penis inside of a tiny baby…horror! To see a man killing a woman after he’s raped her…horror! Children being raped…horror! I have read articles about people being arrested. I’ve seen movies. But to actually see it done…beyond horror!

He is saying that we are all responsible for such horror! To know someone is doing wrong and do nothing about it, we are just as wrong for the sin as the person doing the sin! Horror! He showed me so many men doing this. Then He referred to the penis as a gift. I was disgusted when I heard this. How could men do such horrible things?

Update 4: Vision 13 (Aug 29-30, 2019)

Note: I’ve been questioning the Lord a lot these past few weeks about all these visions. I began meditation as a means of peace and I get these. So I was laying on the living room floor a bit pissed that I’m seeing all this and after having another one of my teary-eyed discussions with the, of course out loud, and silly me doubting that these are from the Lord. I decided to go into meditation right there and sure enough I heard the sound I hear when God or Jesus is present.

I was really beginning to doubt myself and my faith but hearing this sound and not being in my bedroom where all the extra sounds come from, made me see that I wasn’t imagining this. Then I asked, ‘Help me to see that this is coming from God and I’m not being deceived because I bow to only God.’ My eyes were closed but then they were pulled tight, very tight (I cannot open them when this happens until they are released) and they began flickering or blinking rapidly and stinging or burning as they had before and my head was moved side to side quite a few times, then the following vision came.

Vision 13: I first kept getting visions of the sea. This isn’t still images. The sea is moving. I can see the waves and such. Then I was flying again along the coast watching rocks and earth tumble into the sea. I then saw palm trees, then these very large red trees snapping like candy. I kept being shown the sea then back to the land. I saw the crater again. I saw a school falling in the crater. I heard children screaming. I tried to see where this was and flashes of Wassengberg and Meadows. I couldn’t get anything clear. These names were flashed very fast. I don’t know them so I’m only telling you what I saw.

I was up and down the coast as rock and land fell into the sea. I kept being pointed to the sea. Then I saw a large finger move something around in the sea, then briefly a clear line straight up and down in the sea. I was looking directly from the land to the sea. Then a large pointer finger and thumb flicked something from this line to the left of the line as I was standing on land looking directly towards the sea.

Then I heard, ‘See.’

Then many more images of the crater and a road along the edge of the coast. Again I was driving on it and I felt like I was going up. I kept getting images of the sea splashing high on the rocks as if it were high tide.

Then I heard, ‘See. Write what you see.’

Then I was standing on the piece of earth that will fall in the sea. I knew that the crater was going to be towards the back of me…up to the right. I’d look back towards where this crater would be to try and get an idea of where it is, but something kept bringing my focus back to the sea straight in front of me. Then I realized it was the sun..it was setting. It seems to be touching the sea. I kept coming back to this. Then I heard again, ‘See.’

I kept thinking, ‘I’m missing something He wants me to see.’ Then there it was…land or a very large object to the left of the sun. So, I’m standing on this very large piece of earth…the same piece in the first vision that will fall straight forward into the sea…and looking straight out to the sea and right in front of me is the setting sun with some sort of land or large object to the left of it.

Then I saw the finger in the water again, then the pointer finger and thumb flick something from the straight line to the left of the line.

Then I heard, ‘Write what you see. This is the Lord Almighty. The button’s been pushed. You will soon know the truth. See.’ He then said, ‘This is not a fantasy.’ I took that last statement directly because I’ve been wondering about these visions.

I was shown more images as before then again I was standing on the land looking at this setting sun and large land mass or object to the left of it. This has to be important because it kept being shown to me.

[I finished hand writing this at 1:16 (8) am., which quickly turned to 1:17 (9) am. I don’t know why I’m directed to look at my clock but it seems important. I finished typing this at 1:36 (10=1) am. I finished editing this at 1:55 (11) am.]

Update 5: Vision 14 (September 3, 2019)

(I sat down to write this vision at 10:10 pm) I kept seeing a large crack go fast along the earth. I saw it several times. It was a very large sandy ground. Then I saw people dressed in white gowns and robes walking. Then I saw a sail-shaped building fall. I saw this several times in a row. Like it was important.

Then I saw square-shaped houses the color of the sand and very tall buildings fall like they were toys.

Then I turned to the sea and saw a large face, he puckered up his lips and blue and the sea came up into a spin-wheel shape. It stood above the sea and got larger and larger ’til it was bigger than the face. Then it came towards me and suddenly I was up in the sky and the wall of water came on the land and collected sand. A lot of sand, then spilled it over the land. I kept seeing tons of mud, very dark in color.

‘See,’ I head a voice say.

Again I saw the houses then the sail-shaped building fall then I saw the face again puckering up and blowing, then I saw the spin-wheel of water go over the land again. Then I saw the land crack again, fast and long. Sand was everywhere.

Then my own lips puckered and my head turned very slowly to the left as my lips traveled to the far left of my face. My head turned as far left as it could. Then very slowly, my lips went back in place at the same time my face moved back in place and my head moved back to front. Then my lips puckered again and my head moved to the right as my lips moved across my face to the right as far as they could go. This repeated 3 times and as it was happening I saw the large face pucker too, then it blew to the left than to the right.

While my head and face was doing these things I also saw a very large sun, but it was orange and seemed to be touching the buildings. There were these domed-shaped buildings glistening in the sun. Then they were covered in black guck. I saw this black guck cover everything as far as I could see. I saw no living people.

I asked, ‘Where is this?’ and the voice said, ‘The Lord Almighty has spoken.’

On the third move my head made, I heard far off something that sounded like a bunch of voices chanting. I couldn’t understand what they were saying.

‘See,‘ the voice said. ‘Write.’ Then it was over.

I asked my spirit guide David if this was going to happen at the same time as the other visions, and he said yes. (I finished reading over this at 10:30 pm and typing it up at 10:50 pm, and posting it at 11:01 pm.)

Update 6: Vision 15 (September 4, 2019)

I first smelled the sent of orange blooms very strong. Then I saw a really tall building and a man falling like doing a cannon ball off the building, and I heard him screaming. He was wearing clothes that you would see someone in India wearing. Then I saw all these hut looking houses bunched together. I got the strong feeling of India.

Vision 16 September 5 (Before 7pm): It was like I was flying. I kept seeing flashes of cities, then I saw all these great monuments around the world crumbling. First the Eiffel Town, then what appeared to be the Taj Mahal, the big arch deal in Australia, tall buildings in New York, and others I didn’t recognize. The message sent: God hates monuments. I asked if I was seeing the destruction of the world. The answer was, ‘No…a crippling of.’

I asked, ‘Why haven’t You warned us sooner?’ He didn’t speak. He sent a feeling inside of me. He has tried many, many times but authorities have learned how to silence Him…or rather keep people from hearing Him. Churches deemed this means of getting to Him to be bad. The Holy Spirit was put into us in order for us to reach Him easier. Man-made religions have shut this means down by demeaning it witch craft. Others have taught chanting in place of hearing. This keeps Him from speaking to those who are open to hear. Others have decided that they are God and can tell people who get their visions what they are and to ignore them. They are not seeing God, or hearing Him.

Then my face made a frown all the way across my left side of my face then it travel to the right side. I was told God was tired of talking. I didn’t want to see more and I wasn’t forced, but my head was rapidly turned to each side really fast…showing me His power and that He was not pleased, but I’m told it’s okay that He understands why I didn’t want to see more. But it still makes me feel sad.

After the vision, I was still upset. God didn’t want to say anything to me so David, my spirit guide spoke for Him. The reason God hates monuments and tall buildings is because that money could be used to help people. We build them and then people spend money to visit them. He sees that as the people worshiping these places (idols) instead of Him. He despises these places. It was also shown to me how governments and banks kick people out of their homes because they can’t pay and the people are homeless and the houses sit empty. He despises this as well.

(Note: He’s shown these things to me many times. He’s sent writings to me about these things. All my books are what He’s sent me through the years. He’s been unhappy for a long time.)

I’m also told that the dead are dead. We shouldn’t be building monuments to honor the dead or spending tons of money to bury them. Their bodies are empty and their souls went there they are supposed to. We are supposed to take care of the living. That is what He gave us a planet for. A planet that is in abundance of what every human being needs. Instead, greedy people have stripped His planet of what the people need and held what the people need as ransom to the highest bidder. He despises this. He despises greed.

And I’m told that this will happen this year. The button’s already been pushed. It has begun. A test for all nations. I asked the question over and over about 2019, and the same answer comes, ‘Yes.’

I’m told there is much more for me to see.

UPDATE 7: Vision 17 (September 6, 2019)

I was literally pulled into this vision like it was a matter or urgency. I was sitting to type in this morning’s writing when I couldn’t see clear and I became really dizzy. It didn’t take long for it to come through. My chest began to feel pressure. I felt like I couldn’t breathe like someone was sitting on my chest. I kept asking, ‘Should I go to the hospital?’ and the answer was, ‘No.’

Then I saw bubbles, a lot of bubbles, then I realized I was under the sea. I saw the earth cracking. It was a very long, fast crack. It kept going on and on. I heard this tremendous loud noise. Then I was above the sea and I saw birds suddenly take flight. Then I saw an oil rig crumble into the sea and black liquid spill from the earth into the sea. I saw the beautiful blue sea then black.

Then I was back under the sea and I saw again the bubbles and the earth cracking. I heard far off, ‘It has begun.’ I kept seeing flashes of cities, like I was flying really fast over them, but I couldn’t make them out. Then I saw bodies floating in the sea.

I heard far, far away, ‘The Lord has spoken.’

I asked, ‘Please tell me when this will happen?’ Then I was shown farm fields covered with fresh fallen snow. I got a strong impression that this was in the U.S. I was shown grape vines like they were ready for harvest. I got the strong impression these grapes were in France or Germany. Then I saw a bunch of sheep crossing a road. Don’t know where it was but I got the impression they were being led to get shaven. Their fur was extremely thick.

I was shown the bubbles again then the earth cracking. I heard far, far away, ‘The button’s been pushed.’

Again, I asked, ‘When? Will this happen in 2019?’ Then I was shown the snow on the farm fields, and the grapes, and the sheep again, then cane fields burning. I knew this was in South Louisiana. I am familiar with this…this is done after the cane’s been harvested. Then I was shown a very fast image of a moon. It looked like a harvest moon.

Then I heard, ‘Karen, see. Write.’ Then it was over. (I finished writing this at 1:13 p.m. and finished typing it at 1:33 p.m.)

UPDATE 8: Vision 18 (September 7, 2019)

(Began writing it at 9:39 p.m.) I again felt the pressure on my chest then in my upper arms. Then I heard, ‘Karen, see.’

Suddenly I was at the bottom of the sea. Then I was looking up at a massive oil rig. I was standing at the base of this massive leg of this oil rig looking up. Then I saw the sea ram against rock walls under the sea. Then I was flying over cities, then I was up in space looking down at the earth, seeing a very large crack in the ocean floor. Then I was spinning and put, seemed like from space, in the center of the earth. I was spinning one way then I stopped and started spinning the other way. I then saw the earth plates moving from left to right and at the same time my lips and jaw moved literally in a circle from left to right. Then the plates stopped very briefly and began moving in the opposite direction from right to left as my lips and jaw moved right to left, too, twice. I asked if the earth was going to change directions and my head moved literally by itself up and down.

I was then in space again looking down at earth and I said, ‘But all those people.’

Then I saw a big finger on the earth and it spun it like a toy. I heard a voice say, ‘You think I don’t care…that they are all toys?’ Then I knew it was God. This had to be a response to an argument I had had with Him earlier in the day about me being just a toy to Him. He then said, ‘Do they care about Me? Let’s see how much.’

I kept thinking that it used to be about wars and such, why so grand? And I got the impression it’s because they [the world] are familiar with who God is.

I was back on earth and I saw the sudden switch in direction with cars crashing, airplanes falling from the sky. I realized the confusion. I started asking when and I saw a large, round clock with its hands ticking and a calendar with its pages flipping very fast.

I kept asking when and again I heard, ‘It has begun.’ Then, ‘In stages.’ I asked if this was the end of earth and heard, ‘No, a new earth…a fixing there of.’

And then the images again, only they weren’t images. Everything was moving like in real time. I saw everything switch directions even the ocean currents.

NOTE:  After this vision, I sat at my table thinking about all that I’ve seen and David, my spiritual guide (you may not believe in this but I assure you he is very real), said, ‘Ask questions.’ So I did. This vision threw me, in fact all of them have. I wrote something similar, meaning about the earth changing, way back before 2012. So, I’ve been questioning many of the things I’m told and have seen. There are a lot of things that have been shown to me and told about my personal life, but I can’t reveal until it happens because I’m told I can’t mess with destiny.

David assures me that what I’m writing here is accurate. He assures me that my work in Book 2 is accurate. I’ve learned that David helped me write all of my work. As I said, I’ll discuss more of him later. The following work, ‘Whatever May Be’ was written in 2010 (which I’m included in its original format). I was nervous about writing it but I had a strong feeling about what I was writing. It’s about the horses in the Revelations. I’m told I am accurate. I would read that book if I were you.

 Whatever May Be (written in 2010)
it's not an easy see
His† seal's release
a parable's tone
man cast this anti-stone
what if—
white horse's crowning bead
a white smoke's up lead
man's word is wrong
his untrusting song
what if—
the horse's fiery deed
redoing a cycling decree
taking earth's peace
not slaying to be free
but instead to eat
not a man's war zone
not a king's throne
what if—
black horse's scale's fee
planting an honest seed
hardening ground to keep
preventing growing wheat
corruption not to breathe
in order to succeed
His† forced hand's decree
without money's greed
a suffering zone
to make again—
humans strong
what if—
the pale horse's saddening plea
the sword—
really nature's weed
a cyclic changing need
an awakening sleep
testing man's truthful need
death to intercede
earth's beast
His† way—
truly unique
no horrifying reap
His merciful bleed
far from deceit
for man to greet
His† heart's real seed
unselfish stampede
slain souls' catacomb
help to postpone
this testing clone
what if—
not a judging concede
nature wild—carefree
who's hearted leaf
will help the weak
cleansing of earth—
to complete
healing its disease
sun not shone
earth's new home
its throat now blown
what if—
the earthquakes' speech
a tube's sleeve
casting its cold—
on every street
dust to cement
honor's succeed
moon's red fleece
earth's grinding teeth
stars mislead
a cough's upheave
earth's great sneeze
its giant nosebleed
mountains—islands agree
this cold to reach
those to seize—
governments to supersede
He† is really meek
sending crops—scientist to peek
a warning retreat
minds to interweave
just a rentee
a glorying interbreed
not for material—idol meat
to save—
from this fiery leash
together to knead
His† words to read
the silence outgrown
man's shocking moan
indecision sewn
what if—
air's cold-filled heap
lightning to creep
a sulfuring reap
thunder's mature key
slapping earth's cheek
man to take a knee
no need for democracy
or aristocracy
for all seen
for He† does weep
leaving a man's feet
His† promise to keep
for all man's seat
as one sheet
a gentle white freeze
He† has shown
man's way home
leaving none alone
nothing to clone
arrogance flown
hear His† loud reprieve
all man to feast
deception can't sneak
through nature's cyclic speed
He's† here to teach

David assures me that everything I’m seeing, everything that I’ve written is the truth. You don’t have to believe this. At all. That’s why God’s love is unconditional. It’s our free will to believe or not. But the button’s been pushed. August 25, 2019. I asked if this thing began when I was writing this work that’s in Book 2. He said no. I also had a political web site that I was documenting the climate conditions. He said those were warnings, but people didn’t take me serious. They were the fools, he said. Now, the button has been pushed. It’s all begun. So, now these are more than warnings. God wants people to heal, to choose to follow His Son and earn their chances for Heaven. All I can say, is that I write for God. Always have. He sent me the words via David, I heard them, I wrote them then published them as He instructed me from the format to the covers. Those books teach everyone how to survive through the five stages of grief which God designed. Not man. GOD! So, I write what I hear. Now I write what I see and hear. As God told me, ‘I will know the truth’ when it happens. So, for me, there’s no need to force anyone to acknowledge what He is sending me or what He has already sent me. If you read the testimony, you’d know these books were already planned! And no this isn’t some marketing deal or freak show. This is real. You can believe or not. I think God will reveal when He’s ready. And…God’s time is never ours! (Finished typing this up at 11:55 p.m.)

UPDATE 9: Vision 19 (September 10, 2019)

I was shown how the devil will put its mark on people: Repeatedly raping a person…in gangs…any person, any age and there’s no way to fight back.

There was this carousel, very large with a big bonfire in the middle…there were these boards on the carousel pointing out. On each board was a woman, strapped down with her legs spread open. There were all these men painted up. All colors of men painted to hide who they were. They would rape each a woman then turn the carousel and rape another over and over. They they’d clean up after women were killed, dawn nice suits, catch planes, and return to their normal lives as lawyers and business men. I was told this is going on NOW!

In other places, these normal men go on trips to rape children. If they aren’t satisfied, they can kill the child and get another one. I’m told this is happening NOW!

‘SEE!’ The voice said.

Before the visions came, I felt a wave of fear go through me. I acknowledged it and David, my spiritual guide said he’d be with me the whole time. I was afraid to see, I didn’t want to see what could cause so much fear, but felt it was my obligation.

The first woman I saw I was put in her body. I saw the man raping her but I wasn’t allowed to feel, then I saw him draw a huge knife. I saw the knife come down towards her body but I was removed before he stabbed her. God didn’t put me in any more bodies.

‘SEE! Write everything you see!’

Then He showed me multiple rapings, vans of men driving around, picking anyone out of stores, walking on streets, and gang raping them.

‘This is how the mark will be given!’ The voice said.

There was fear every where.

One gang (they were always dressed in black) went into a store. There were people waiting in check out lines avoiding eye contact with these men. I could sense the fear. They grabbed one woman. At first they put her buggy aside and said she’d be back, then they changed their mind because she was screaming. They took her in a black van. I saw some but God wouldn’t let me see all then they killed her and threw her body in the parking lot. Another van passed this lady and little girl walking on a street. They stopped, grabbed the little girl and put her in the van. The mother was forced to stand their at gun point and wait. The little girl came out the van, walked to her mom with blood dripping down her legs. I saw multiple horrors like this. I heard them all screaming.

‘SEE!’ His voice was angry.

I’m told that this is part of what the Revelations looks like. I’m also told that God knows everything and that He knows how people are responding to these visions…this is why He sent this vision. I’m horrify by this. I cried and I’m still shaky and out of sorts. I’m willing to go through what I have to go through to get these for you…you can at least take them serious and change your ways accordingly. Everyone’s waiting for horns and lamps and shit. Well, look around! It ain’t going to be horns and lamps. It’s going to be earthquakes, terrible weather, volcanoes, gang rapes and killings without remorse or law and order. Do you wonder how the no law and order will come into play? By the shaking up of the earth all at one time!

In all the work He’s sending me, He’s asking you to choose which side you’re on. Decide so that you can teach your children and grandchildren about Jesus so that they have armor to fight with! Stop thinking this isn’t happening. He’s sending it for a reason. What I saw today is horrible! He knows those who think this is from evil. He KNOWS! Your faith is weak. This is so freaking sad! Everyone seeks God but they don’t know how to reach Him and it’s so freaking easy it’s scary! It seems like all those so into faith would believe when He actually speaks! Where’s the mega-churches now? Or all those on Youtube? This world described above is the world your grandchildren will face. I have a grandchild, too. The Devil has been knowing for a very, very long time how to get its soldiers…raping children mostly. Why do you think all these perverts are doing this? They are working for the evil one, and all y’all can do is come at people who have spiritual gifts and criticize and ignore! Good for you. You are among many who invited this New Earth to come! Congratulations! It’s coming. The button’s been pushed!

UPDATE 10: Conversation With David (September 10, 2019)

David asked me to discuss because I feel horrible right now. The following is what he said:

My question to him about the part I heard about they wouldn’t be able to fight: He said they would have to learn how to put suits of armor on. Spiritual ones like I use. He said: By learning how to do this, the people won’t attract evil to them. It would ward them off. They [the people] will have to learn to fight spiritually. They can’t just think positive. They HAVE to be true in heart with Jesus! And learn how to reach God! They have to learn how to use the tools they were actually given!

The evil is coming! The only way around it is to truly, unconditionally accept Jesus in their hearts. Then no amount of danger will shake them. That’s how we build God’s army! The devil’s army is winning. They (the people) have the right to choose! He gave them His Son! To love conquers ALL evil! To abuse the body is evil’s track to ownership!

Imagine all the prisoners of the world set free! That’s going to happen when God shakes the earth! That’s evil’s play box. Oh its [he used MY term!] having fun with them! That’s on top of what’s out there free! Roaming, raping, killing already. That’s why sweet man’s [he said his name] job is so important to mankind! It will plant a huge amount of seeds. Then God will take over.

God is very unhappy with the world. Money…evil’s play box, too.

To fight evil, help those that have fallen. Resurrect them. Everyone! It can be done. The button’s been pushed. There’s no stopping it. The world forced God’s hand. Now, it’s up to the people every where to save as many souls as possible. There will be more visions for you to share. He’s given them a chance to save themselves and their kids.

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