‘Days Gone By’ (God/Classroom Dream)

‘Days Gone By’ (God/Classroom Dream)…His judgments are in all the earth.

Days Gone By (God/Classroom Dream)

it is in sorrow
that the heart
is planted
a ream of emotions
an instrument
of chaos
not easily mended
which wages wars
strife and hate
but also 
love and forgiveness

why are you so afraid
to stand up
to do what's right
in the eyes of God†

why are you treading waters
instead of stepping in
why are you so afraid
on just getting by

'o mighty eagle
of the plains
of the mountains
of great waters

'o iridescent shoulder
sandy islands
'o walled countries
solemn vasts
what is in the hull
that can't be brought
to sea

come all you plentiful
stand up for the weak
the sick, the blind
the homeless, the widow

why is money
so much grander
than sacrifice
of comfort

the hand that made you
wails at your cowardness
at your selfishness
at your reluctance

be the bear of the foe
be the lion of the cub
set pride aside
drop fear
to the ground

wage discomfort
on the enemy
know the right
and the wrong

sing, sing praises
'o iron maiden
of chaos
sniff,  sniff your nose
an echoing
beyond the rose

come mighty lion
awaken from your sleep
the eagle reaped
now sinks deep

'o islands in sass
what is your intended
the bounty is waiting
in your vast

wage up, wage up
your mighty hand
the Lord Almighty†
is taking His† stand

carome of delight
too many words
to write
the end is in sight
but first
a veiled circumstance
in might

listen 'o wayward one
listen to the watchman
hear the bugle call
the venom's not just for red
but for brown and white

I† am He†
the one with many words
I† am the old
and the new

I† train
I† refrain
nothing done in vane

I† choose
I† accept
whatever pleases Me†

the hand is mighty
My† hand
the Lord Almighty God†
I'm† mighty
mightier than any man

I† wage war
I† wage peace
depending on a man's heart
on a nation's stability

on their lies

I† make it easy
I† make it difficult
vengeance of My† jealous hand

'o idols of worthlessness
why are they so vast
that their worshippers
cannot see
their worthlessness

I† will strip
these worthless idols
out of the ground
I† will pluck them
one by one

the time of pleasure
is coming to an end
'o worthless arrogance
all your money
can't defend
against My† angered hand

'bring peace' you say
seeking money
any which way you can
at the cost
that no one can pay

the death of the innocent

where is she
where has she gone

your vastness of need
will become
your vastness of want

raise up the flag
for it is too late
a surrender accepted
the slow march
marches slow

which way will you go
all along the coast
all along the sea

'o beautiful mountain
and all your intellect
all your genius
without the notion
of deciphering
simple riddles
simple code

all your banks
can't hold
the money to buy Me†

I† am the Almighty God†
the speaker
the riddle maker
the giver
and the taker

courage is lost
bear the fruits
of your labor

'o lion, 'o bear
'o eagle

stomp the ground
your arrogance
is coming around
you tested Me†
so I† shall test you

says the one and only
living God†
the alpha
and the omega

how shall you handle
a plague and a war
how much money
will your greedy hands
cipher from the poor
to buy your way out

how much?

your building
and your surplus
won't last
a stripped maiden
a former prostitute
a conquered soldier
all lay bare
stripped of their clothes
laying naked
on the sand

for the balance
will be straightened
lift, lift your head
watch My† hand wave
then My† feet stomp

a proud man full of pride
last as long as
a lily blooming
in a field

how long do you think
an arrogant man
will last

it is I†
the lessons are being taught
a verbal passage
is coming
wisdom will be hard
to come by
to find her
fading away
as I† will
for I† will allow it

the riddle maker's
last stance
before the time
of concealment begins

says the Lord Almighty God†
the one
you are subject to
the one
who exist
all the time

Note: The photograph is from  October 7, 2019: Faces.

(April 26, 2022)—After ‘Days Gone By’ was given, I was led to the fours again as I explained in ‘Once Given’: In my Bible pages 444 and 445 and King David. This scripture follows the dream and explanation.

Classroom Dream: I had to pee. Really bad. I was a teacher. There was a bathroom right down the hall from my classroom. I went in it but all the stall walls had been ripped out, everything was ripped out except for the toilets, they were untouched and a roll of toilet paper, laying on the floor, clean. I was too ashamed to use the toilet with so much destruction, so I went back to my classroom. There were two chalkboards, one on each wall, from where I was sitting, one in front of me and one on the right of me. The chalkboards were full of writing. The class was full of students, maybe middle schoolers or older. They were all talking and not in their seats but it was acceptable. It was chaos but acceptable. I was sitting to the back of the room with a notebook on my lap. My feet were propped up. The notebook was full of writing, all scratched out. One word wasn’t: Land or something close. I was trying to get the students to tell me something about this word. I didn’t know. I was trying to get the students to tell me. Then I was standing in front of a girl asking where another bathroom was. She didn’t know. No one knew. I got frustrated and said, ‘You don’t know the layout of things.’ She was not new to the school, apparently, I was. No one knew where another bathroom was.

End of dream.

I woke up a bit confused. I had this dream after my morning writing session. I was tired after writing so I went back and laid down. Because of the dream, I was a bit angry thinking I don’t know what I’m doing with all these writings from God and Yeshuah. Then a few hours later, I sat down to drink my smoothie and an explanation came. Not just of this dream but of the two visions I had with President Biden being shot in the chest twice on the capitol building steps with the children laying dead all around his feet.

I didn’t read ‘Days Gone By’ until after because before it didn’t make sense. Then after the explanation, it did.

Bidden’s a coward. I’m not certain about the two bullet holes. The two means something but I’m not told that. He’s a coward. He could prevent what is coming but he won’t. Him standing on the steps of the capital building is important. There’s chaos in D.C. They don’t know what to do with Russia. The money will not work. Someone is going to push the button. I don’t know who but someone will. The ones in D.C. are afraid of losing their status.

The details about the bathroom means something but it is held from me. Again the kids, those in D.C. are acting like spoiled children in a very serious situation. The chaos of the students and all the writing on the boards and my notebook: The debates and discussions are useless. They don’t know what they are doing. The only word on the page which I barely remember, land or something close to that, is significant and goes with the ‘sniff, sniff your nose’ but I’m not allowed to know. This particular line was said to me twice, once here and once in a previous work sometime this month. It is important.

Songs of Praise—[Chronicles] That day David first committed to Asaph and his associates this psalm of thanks to the Lord: Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done. Sing to Him, sing praise to Him; tell of all His wonderful acts. Glory in His holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice. Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always. Remember the wonders He has done, His miracles, and the judgments He pronounced, O descendants of Israel His servant, O sons of Jacob, His chosen ones. He is the Lord our God; His judgments are in all the earth. He remembers His covenant forever, the word He commanded, for a thousand generations, the covenant He made with Abraham, the oath He swore to Isaac. He confirmed it to Jacob as a decree, to Israel as an everlasting covenant: ‘To you I will give the land of Canaan as the portion you will inherit.’ When they were but few in number, few indeed, and strangers in it, they wandered from nation to nation, from one kingdom to another. He allowed no one to oppress them; for their sake He rebuked kings: ‘Do not touch My anointed ones; do My prophets no harm.’

[Psalm] He called down famine on the land and destroyed all their supplies of food; and He sent a man before them—Joseph, sold as a slave. They bruised his feet with shackles, his neck was put in irons, till what he foretold came to pass, till the word of the Lord proved him true. The king sent and released him, the ruler of peoples set him free. He made him master of his household, ruler over all he possessed, to instruct his princes as he pleased and teach his elders wisdom. Then Israel entered Egypt; Jacob lived as an alien in the land of Ham. The Lord made his people very fruitful; He made them too numerous for their foes, whose hearts He turned to hate His people, to conspire against His servants. He sent Moses His servant, and Aaron, whom He had chosen. They performed His miraculous signs among them, His wonders in the land of Ham. He sent darkness and made the land dark—for had they not rebelled against His words? He turned their waters into blood, causing their fish to die. Their land teemed with frogs, which went up into the bedrooms of their rulers.

He spoke, and there came swarms of flies, and gnats throughout their country. He turned their rain into hail, with lightning throughout their land, He struck down their vines and fig trees and shattered the trees of their country. He spoke, and the locusts came, grasshoppers without number; they ate up every green thing in their land, ate up the produce of their soil. Then He struck down all the firstborn in their land, the firstfruits of all their manhood. He brought out Israel, laden with silver and gold, and from among their tribes no one faltered. Egypt was glad when they left, because dread of Israel had fallen on them. He spread out a cloud as a covering, and a fire to give light at night. They asked, and He brought them quail and satisfied them with the bread of Heaven. He opened the rock, and water gushed out; like a river it flowed in the desert. For He remembered His holy promise given to His servant Abraham. He brought out His people with rejoicing, His chosen ones with shouts of joy; He gave them the lands of the nations, and they fell heir to what others had toiled for—that they might keep His precepts and observe His laws. Praise the Lord.

[Chronicles] Sing to the Lord, all the Earth; proclaim His salvation day after day. Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples. For great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; He is to be feared above all gods. For all the gods of the nations are idols, but the Lord made the Heavens. Splendor and majesty are before Him; strength and joy in His dwelling place. Ascribe to the Lord, O families of nations, ascribe to the Lord glory and strength, ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name. Bring an offering and come before Him; worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness. Tremble before Him, all the Earth! The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved. Let the Heavens rejoice, let the Earth be glad; let them say among the nations, ‘The Lord reigns!’ Let the sea resound, and all that is in it; let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them! Then the trees of the forest will sing, they will sing for joy before the Lord, for He comes to judge the Earth. [Psalm] He will judge the world in righteousness and the peoples in His truth. [Chronicles] Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever. Cry out, ‘Save us, O God our Savior; gather us and deliver us to Your holy name, that we may glory in Your praise.’ Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, for everlasting to everlasting. Then all the people said ‘Amen’ and ‘Praise the Lord.’—1 Chronicles 16:7-36; Psalm 105; Psalm 96

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