‘Trayonny’ (Yeshuah)

‘Trayonny’ (Yeshuah)…Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.—Revelations 1:1-3

Trayonny (Yeshuah)

say the words
you need to hear
say them
out loud
be forceful
in your hear
but gentle

do you understand

let Me†, Yeshuah†, teach you

it is in the words
of your mouth
that need to be spoken
keep saying it
listen to yourself first
then wait
but keep saying it

as My† prophet did
she kept saying it
to herself
then to anyone who would listen
then she wrote it
then said it again

by her doing this
people soon started
falling away
her genuinity
seemed to be an obsession
an unhealing
becoming unnoteworthy

was it?

wasn't she doing
what the Father† asked
of all those
whom He† put through trials
in the words written
in the bible?

didn't she do the same?

but always
this always led
to the truth
which no one wants
to hear over and over

but she did
what the Father† taught
she knew the Father†
even then

and what did the people do
those who knew her?

they fell away
they turned to gossip
they turned to lies
they believed what
wasn't her truth

instead of standing by her
they turned their backs
still…to this day
their backs are turned

some come to her
and she makes one mistake
says the wrong thing
does the wrong thing
and their backs turn

she has become wallow water
not solid
but murky and wallowy

but it isn't true
none of it

I† can say this
as My† words move
from My† mouth
to her pen
then to the page she writes on

I†, Yeshuah†, the Son† of God†
stand as her witness

as I† will stand
as yours
if you do what the Father†
through Himself†
and through Me†

you cannot do it yourself
you can try
and for a time
you will get by
but barely

I† am the hard surface
in which you need
to bounce your thoughts on

I† give the thoughts
I† expect them back
if you hold onto them
in silence
they could tear you apart

speak them out
release them from your mouth
take as long as you need
no one has a right
to judge you
I† judge you
on that final day
until then
use the tools given
help rescue yourself
from the void of the world

My† grace is not of the world
it is in the Spirit†
you cause to awaken
within yourself

all that is coming
into the world
is coming
you must stand apart
from it

this won't be easy
for this reason
all of these words
given to the prophet
to pass onto you
is given

it is a preparation
that will be passed on
to the next generation
by very few
be wise in what you do
and pass these on

learn how to hear

I† do not tell you
to buy buildings
for worship

this is not why I† came
this is not why I'm† here

you take tests
mistaken them
for grace

your misunderstanding
is your own

money is not My† answer
healing is

take your money
feed the hungry
house the homeless
help the sick, the children
the abused, the imprisoned
those who are suffering

you have so much to offer

through My† prophet
I† have taught you
how to hear
before I† come to you
and make your final decision
that is on Me†
and I† look at your life
I† look at your decisions
to make My† decision

this is the first Son†
I† am speaking
through the prophet
your unbelief is your own
I† can help you
overcome it
you must be willing
for I† will never overpower
against your own will

see the prophet
I† overpowered her
but not over her own will
she was willing

learn from these words
the Spirit of Truth†
never lies
I† am He†

(February 18, 2023)—He said the title several times, then said it slow: Trayonny…I had wrote Trayonnie, but He changed it to Trayonny. I looked up every possible word and the only thing close to the pronunciation that I heard is Traaonnie which is Afrikaans for no tears.

He led me directly after to the following Scriptures (Revelations 1:1-3 through Revelations 1:19, 20. The added information in Revelations 1:9-11 was given to me by Yeshuah).

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‘Nostradamus’ Void’ (God)

‘Nostradamus’ Void’ (God)…In anger his master turned him over to the jailers to be tortured, until he should pay all he owed. This is how My heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother from your heart.’—Matthew 18:23-35

Nostradamus' Void (God)

it is a tale to tell
not in yell
but in a bowing-down hail
the brought in
intended mail
that has a screaming 'hail'
to the wrong nail

here let Me†
give you something
to sell
but not with money
but in words' amping sail

the voice of the Riddle Maker
the one that doesn't drink ale
but allowed
the nailing of the nail

visions sent in boxes
not narrow but wide
were warnings to tell
its awakening
were not just predictions
opening up to tell
but signs
of what's to come

a notre dame's plume
fires lit not too soon
revealing a church's
coming end
in a man-driven den

don't frighten over details
if you're not part
of this train's derail
it is all part
of the nail nailed

here…the accusations
a pun in ramifications
too soon you took part
in a rededication
forgetting true redemption

I† have a story to tell
the one you don’t hear
in retell
ancient goes the well
the spring is not dry
but forgotten
in the try

I† am as I've† always been
sound amongst the ruins
sending in spokesmen
to tell you
your fail

but you blocked them
killed them
and their families
hid them away
for secrets
not releasing the tell

but I† AM releasing
the tell
for the account is full

it is I†
screaming the yell
the Teller of riddles
to keep you
from the tell
to hold back understanding
to trip up wisdom
when she enters
foolish generations

your time has come
releasing an empire
for the false worship
of all your idols
to the ground
you are bound

your deception is vast
endless castles
blowing the whistles
breathing in incense
as solemn music
casts its sound
as your empty precessions
as your pointless sermons
spill all over the ground

your energy is boundless
or so it seems
I† see the vastness
all the mortar
all the stain-glassed windows
your robes and dressings
your ceremonious partake

as millions flock to you
without thought
of what you have done:

made yourself into a
nation of your own

do they not know
from what origins
you were formed

I† set the origins
I†, the Almighty Lord†

I† bind nations
I† bind them up
or I† loosen them
let them fall

you 'o careless nation
arrogance endures
after the nail
has been nailed

I† did not leave
I† am bound forever
in the creations
of My† hands

'o wicked chaldreans
standing on pedestals
of man
seeing glory from
you...no different from the jew
who turned their back
on My† chosen one

I† know your wickedness
I† know your destruction
and I† cast you out

you expelled money
from those in need
you refused to help
those in need

you set limits
hording money
fame and position
setting precedence
for more like you
to sprang up
all across the earth
adding burdens
and waging pillage
on My† name
on the name of the Judge
set above you

My† prophet cringes
while writing this
but faithful does
as faithful is told
she will not enter
your buildings
for you 'o rome
have defiled My† name
you have built your empire
off the backs of the poor
pushing away the hurt
and the lonely
feeding, clothing and
housing just enough
to allow your
innocence to pour
on the ground

a false heretic
allowed for the help
of the few

but the sick and
homeless remain
as your many buildings
lie empty
as those who built more
because of you
do the same

as you wedged competition
to out do
as more want the same
your financial gain
has proven fruitless

sell all that you have
dispense all your money

I† am the Lord your God†
if I† am your God†
then dispense your
worldly wealth
and return to truth

I† am the Lord†
I† know what you did
I† know what you will do
as you've done
to all whom I† sent
you will purge them
from the sight of the whole

but this one
the writer of this pen
you cannot purge
or indulge in your rhetoric
for I† walk with the prophet
for the times coming
are more advanced
in thought
more intolerable
than any other time
on earth

this change I† am employing
is vast and precise
I† must purge
My† own house
of the wicked and

'o seat of churches
I† have a different view
and I† set the trials
I† enable the struggle
through the one I† sent
He† is 

I† did not charge any
to build wealth
in the material world
in order to spread
My† name
sell all you have
and return to Me†
or fire will consume

I† charge the writing
as it is written
for it will breathe
for the word will live
the old and the new

I† will not put the new
before the old

the old will stand
before the new
and all will see
that I† am the Lord†

rise up 'o seas
the time is approaching
as the times of nines
is here
see My† hand stretching
see My† foot wanting
to march

change 'o sector
the charge is on you
make way 'o honor
for you are upon
the discipline
of My† hand
to do what is charged
of you to do

breathe 'o viper of embryo
the makings of a combine
to bring humble
upon all peoples
I† charge the combine
the awakening
of the scepter
that's put upon the earth
to reign for forty times
mixing amongst all the
gold and silver
spread throughout
the mountain
of My† temple

then all will shout
'sing praises to the 
Lord† our God†
for He† is good
and the only living
and all will be forgiven
and earth will 
and beauty will live

as wisdom gathers
her glistening white gown
and slowly walks
across earth
passing onto the remnants
a little more of her
beautiful jewels
and time begins
a re-entering of what was
but re-done
to a newness
a renewed life
for I† have deemed it
says the Lord Almighty†
it shall be

(February 17, 2023)—After He led me to the following the preparing of the Apostles.

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‘Throughout These Years’ (Yeshuah)

‘Throughout These Years’ (Yeshuah)….When any Israelite sets up idols in his heart and puts a wicked stumbling block before his face and then goes to a prophet, I the Lord will answer him Myself in keeping with his great idolatry…..—Ezekiel 14:1-11

Throughout These Years (Yeshuah)

a time is coming
a time you will understand
a difference will be shown
a difference between
man and man

they are different now
but the difference coming
is a bit different

faith is not hard to do, servant
but it is for them
industrialization has concealed
but not just the abundance
of machines
the mechanically driven
it is now technology
they are never satisfied

they believe that the Father†
gives them riches
they see the world
they don't see the kingdom

righteousness is slipping

the world comes together
in perils
but in every day things
they forget

the nations have overlapped
each culture is remade
in many countries
there are pockets of asians
jews, middle easterners
just to name a few
spread out
all over the earth

or is it just certain parts
like europe and america

it is a curious thing
why there?
why not leave your culture
and settle into your new?
why relocate
and bring your chinatown
jewish synagogues?

why must you relocate
and reestablish
what you have left behind?

if you're in america
why not be an american
why must you take your old
into your new?

these are just examples
of this strange occurrence

to put the old on top of new

you are a people
all through the world
who cannot leave traditions

you are a people
all through the world
who have gotten
extremely bored
and when boredom comes
calamity comes

the plague that traveled
around the world
it is a plague
this virus
it has changed
because of man
who has manipulated it
but has not stripped it
just changed it

and the populous
accept this change

it is like a disease
that they cannot see
they don't have sympathy
for someone who is suffering
until it breaks
their immune system down
and what cannot be seen
becomes seen
it is only then that some
ounce of sympathy
is shown

it is the same with the omicron
which won't be omicron
much longer
the scientists have taken
what is seen
and made it unseen

a trick in deception

it is still roaming
it is still upsetting
the balance
as it roams
as you ignore its roaming
it is feeding
and staying healthy
as the Father† is intending
for it is the discipline
at hand

and this discipline
is not complete

you don't listen to these words
you don't want to hear
but you will know
that these words are
not for you
for you have closed off
your ears to truth
a long time ago
and the Father† has closed
your understanding

so you only believe
the concrete of things

the prophet will write
these words
present them to you
but you will not understand

the discipline will change
a wind of change is coming
a combine in the wind
what man has created
and the discipline at hand

the ego is far worse
than any discipline by God†

you will blame each other
you will blame governments
and cultures
instead of seeing your own

the prophet hears
and still has a hard time
and it is for good reason:

for her to write everything
that she hears without
and for you to read in

all to preserve truth

and truth will show itself
as wisdom seeks the foolish
and smothers the geniuses

the discipline is not complete
time is still required
come into Me†
there's still plenty time
but that time will end
after the discipline
a different change
will be upon you

seek Me† then you shall find
but keep seeking Me†
a mocker knows its way
and the fiery pit
he shall go

don't consume yourself
in mockery
if you've been opened
to the truth
tell others
save others
don't worry
the Father† sees all

and He† is here watching
as I†, the Son†, Yeshuah†
you who can hear
shall listen
seek redemption
and salvation shall
be put upon you

straight words
and to the point
all these words
yet you still can't hear
look in the mirror
there are plenty
in your generation
ask the person starring
back at you

shut your noise off
seek solitude

the time presses on
but then it will change

(February 15, 2023)―He led me to Ezekiel 14:1-11 through Ezekiel 15:1-8 directly after. I’m to include the comments from the compliers of the Bible I use here. He said that the explanation has been given as you see here. He also said that the explanation for the current writings will be given to those in the future. For you, the current lives inhibiting the Earth, He said no explanation is needed for your arrogance can figure it out.

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‘Incorporating Needs’ (Yeshuah/Fuel Dreams)

Incorporating Needs (Yeshuah/Fuel Dreams)…I set a trap for you, O Babylon, and you were caught before you knew it; you were found and captured because you opposed the Lord. The Lord has opened His arsenal and brought out the weapons of His wrath, for the Sovereign Lord Almighty has work to do in the land of the Babylonians….—Jeremiah 50:21-30

Incorporating Needs (Yeshuah/Fuel Dreams)

it is in profound gratitude
that you hear My† words
the words of the one
above and below

a sanction of needs
is wanted
but what is the true need
that's needed

I† am the one
who can fulfill this need
but gratitude
must be the greatest
of joys

let Me†, Yeshuah†, fulfill them
why won't you let Me†?

of all the things
gratitude ranks highest
but gratitude of the highest
even in sorrow
because it's always a gift
being given
to elevate you
in every way

seek comfort in these words
these visions and dreams
so that a prevalent adjustment
can be made

I† am making this adjustment
precisely and slowly
so that your soul
may be spared

awaken to the change
at hand
there is a change
taking place
one in great multitudes
one unseen but seen

you are faced
with a decision
one of great importance
one the Father† is forcing
you to make

all peoples
are you of the world
unwilling to sacrifice
the greatest sacrifice
in the requirements


it has gone unnoticed
by the multitudes
of people

this change at hand

for the Father†
is precise and gradual
in His† movements

but a collision
is coming
a collision so vast
that to see it
may go unnoticed
if you are focused
all things of the world

set your eyes on Me†
the Son†, salvation
the only one
who can give it to you

gratitude of faith
is slipping

of all that is put
before you
faith is slipping

have you given up
your desires
of man?

have you reached out
to help the suffering?

do you still see the hopeless
of the streets?
are there still hungry mouths

in all your wealth
you fail to see

the discipline
is incomplete

it is a beautiful day
but darkness is coming
the streets will mourn
in sorrow

it is deemed
by the Father†
His† great discipline
must be
for the change upon you

all the words
are to prepare you
all peoples
who know Me†

all peoples
who deny Me†
I† will deny
on their day

that day is fast

the friendliness at hand
will turn on you
for wreckage is vast
the imbalance
cannot be righted
by man

the requirements of gratitude
is a must
the requirements of humbleness
is a must

faith can help you
overcome the world
put sin beneath your feet

for I† have conquered sin
I† can help you
conquer sin
but you have to come to Me†
with trust, gratitude
and patience

good dough
takes time
careful to rise correctly
for it to be baked
for the good bread
is required

I† am the bread of life
I† can rise you
in tenderness
awaken you
from your sorrow
for I† am capable
of this feat

rise 'o selfish you
strip away arrogance
see truth
I† am truth
I† give you truth

gratitude and faith
creates humbleness

awaken from your
material need
see the Lord's† hand
the friend He† has given 

be careful who you trust
this friend
will turn on you
when you least expect it
you will be betrayed
and sorrow will fill
your streets

I† am He†

cho vá má tá

go in peace
then peace
I† will give you

(February 12, 2023)―He led me directly after to Jeremiah 50:14-32. They follow the dreams.

The following two dreams happened weeks apart and were clear and I still see them clear. He wanted me to present them to you. Yesterday, He told me He would give me a writing to go with them. ‘Incorporating Needs’ is that writing.

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‘Strategy’s Shaft’ (Yeshuah/the box, the clock, the scientific formulas, and the alien dream)

Strategy’s Shaft (Yeshuah/the box, the clock, the scientific formulas, and the alien dream)…’You have defied the word of the Lord and have not kept the command the Lord your God gave you. You came back and ate bread and drank water in the place where He told you not to eat or drink….As he went on his way, a lion met him on the road and killed him, and his body was thrown down on the road, with both the donkey and the lion standing beside it.—1 Kings 13:20-24

Strategy's Shaft (Yeshuah/the box, the clock, the scientific formulas, and the alien dream)

We† don't belong
in the world
but We† are part
of the world

We† belong to the kingdom
not one made of wars
consisting of metal weapons

We† are holy
in all its nature

to fight a war
against evil
sometimes you need metals
but it depends
on its use
if it is good or bad

two sides could be fighting
both could be good
and both could be bad

if you are fighting for resources
when money is an issue
of greed
it is bad
on all sides

when you are fighting for lives
then it is good

there's a difference between
fighting wars
that are good and bad
for war always brings out
what is bad in each of you
whether you like it or not
your true colors show

when evil is at hand
malicious intent is always
it is evil in the purest form

as in good and bad
there are different kinds of wars
as when I†, Yeshuah†
walked the earth

misinterpretation…if spread
over long periods of time
bring in confusion
in massive amounts
when truth is standing
right in front of you

you most readily choose
the easy way
the most agreed way

most of the time
the easy and most agreed way
is wrong

take My† life
I† did not come
to start weapons-of-metal
nor to rid the earth
of money issues

these things
are things of the world

I† came to open a door
a spiritual door
yes, this door exist

and raising millions of dollars
building and/or buying
large buildings
so massive groups of people
can sing and praise
although note worthy
is not why I† came

grace is not money
when did I† or the Father†
ever say
'money is your reward'?

I† did not come for money
although you need money
to survive
you do not need it
to live

money is the quickest way
to death
it is the driving force
of the world

money alone causes war
within countries
and within self
and is the root
of all kinds of sin

the more wealth you have
the less chance you have
of ever seeing the kingdom

sell your multitudes of wealth
house the homeless
feed the poor
heal the injured

you bring more harm
to the people
each time you preach grace
as a means of money

didn't you learn anything?

after all this time
didn't I† demonstrate
by overturning the table
of the money changers?

didn't I† give you
stories to pass down
generation after generation
of what it means
to be children of God†?

Yeshuah†, Jesus†, Emmanuel†
the Chosen One†
whatever you call Me†
I† am
I† am still

look at all your wealth!
look at what you made
and call it 'church'

you misrepresent My† very being
preaching My† name
preaching My† Father's† name
and building for yourselves
claiming you give to the poor

the nurse maiden in calcutta
she had to beg for money
for the poor that surrounded
she had to beg!
why did she have to beg?

I†, the first Son†
of He† who sent Me†

selfish greed
malicious intent

she had to beg
while the church's priests
raped the children
and deposited money
of the evils of the world!

did you not know
your account would
come due?

didn't I† tell you
don’t preach this
in your arrogance?

the teachings came first
the instructions written
on how to prepare

now what comes
is truth
the reasons for the wrath
upon you

breathe dear prophet
they have no idea
what they have done
yet they know more
than they are telling
governments of the earth

'all' blasphemist
one of the sins
already put before you

write what you hear
put the warning before
all the nations
let them spread the words
let those with ears

I† am He†
speaking through the Spirit†
the Spirit of Truth†

do you call her a liar?
did My† prophet lie?
show Me†
and I† will condemn you
for dishonoring the
Spirit of Truth†

your time is not over
but is soon will be
then the combine
will be upon you

spare your time well
for time spent
is the most important sacrifice
for the Father†

His† wrath will spread
as the makers move
the makers of war
when buildings will fall
crushing everything below
when ships will over turn
when land will fall to the sea

When the Father's† foot
hits the earth
in His† walk of disgust
to correct the imbalance
you, 'o arrogance
have created

(February 8, 2023)―The Scriptures that were pointed out this morning, after the writing was given, is under the title in my Bible ‘Divided Nations’. Understand that, then you understand what is happening in today’s world.

I will talk about the first things that happened or rather pointed out to me and the Scripture after I write about the events that followed those things. All of it happened last night and early this morning.

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‘Dynamics’ (Yeshuah)

Dynamics (Yeshuah)…No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead he puts it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light. Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are good, your whole body also is full of light. But when they are bad, your body also is full of darkness. See to it, then, that the light within you is not darkness. Therefore, if your whole body is full of light, and no part of it dark, it will be completely lighted, as when the light of a lamp shines on you.’—Luke 11:33-36

Dynamics (Yeshuah)

it is being lost
that makes you weak
it is feeling hopeless
that tears the spirit down

I† can assure you
if you let Me†

let Me†

it is I†, Yeshuah†
the one with strength
the one who can out do
anything done
that is good

anything done to you
that is bad
even the smallest amount
I† can overpower

all you have to do
is ask
with an honest heart
the smallest of faith
that I† can do
what I† say I† can do

no matter how wide
or how high
no matter how long
the distance
or how short

no matter where you live
or what conditions

if you set your eyes
on Me†
if you set the smallest piece
of your heart
on Me†
I† will grow your faith
to where hope
is larger than your life
and all the life
around you

I† am He†
the one who can do
such things
for I† have the power
of the Father†
within Me†

I† speak His† words
I† honor His† commands
I† am
because you are

this is for all nations
all peoples
no matter color, race, ethnicity
all matter
to Me†

if you fail
at this simple thing
you forfeit
your life

why would you forfeit
your life?
does it not matter to you?
are pleasures on earth
really that important
to you?
are idols of wood, stone
of jewels and resources
of the earth
really worth
the forfeit
of your life?

I† ask in honest faith
I† ask with sincerity
of heart
look around you
the beauty of God's† earth
He† has provided
that you need
if you don't see it
than your faith is weak
to the point
it does not exist

I† am here
living in the Spirit†
His† hand moves through Me†
the Spirit† is there
for you to seek it

after all this time
why are you so unwilling
to seek
deep in your heart
you long for?

I† assure you
what you are desiring
is not of the material world

how do I† know this?
I† know
and when you finally achieve
what you think you desire
I† assure you
you will not be satisfied
you will constantly
want more

it is only in My† Spirit†
that satisfaction comes
where the desire for the material
slowly leaves you

all that surrounds you
is part of the world
part of that which
sets the Father†
and Myself† aside

I† desire you to come
into Me†
fall so you can rise
into the light
for good

if you keep falling
into perils of darkness
than your weakness
has overcome you

up until the day I† come
your chance of redemption
your chance at salvation
is still open

but your knowledge
is everything
if you know but choose
to ignore
if you know and continue
on the path of unrighteousness
then pity
I† feel pity for you
for you asked and I† came
over and over
you sought and I† was
you questioned and I†
but weakness grabbed you
and you slipped back
into sin
over and over
until the redemption of you
was stripped
from you

the pull will be
that much harder
the salvation of you

your struggle will be left
to you
and those around you

the Father† is not blind
and He† takes to heart
the fool who mocks
His† salvation

you will be casted out
left to struggle
on your own

He† is not
the God† of the dead
you must fully understand

you will have much work
to do
if you mock Him†
over and over

pay attention to the world
around you
there are many working
for you
on your behalf

faith has one demand
that you want faith
faith does not come
on its own
you must want faith
you must invite faith
faith can be tiny
or large
that depends on you

do you really think
into a building
at idols on a wall
to sermons
will automatically
give you faith?

if so
you are blind
to what faith is

I† charge you
with the discovery
of faith

My† prophet does not
step foot in a building
anymore...to find faith
nor is she around death
her faith comes from inside
from hearing and seeing
from knowing where I† live

she gets signs
because of her

do you want signs?

I† assure you
it isn't of the material world
and money does not come
from Me†
what I† have to give
is not of the material world

the prophet hears Me†
I† gave this gift to her
this is what I† give
and much more

many will not understand
these things I† give
faithfulness will bring
them to you

I† assure you
once you have them
the material world
becomes only a means
to survival
outside of survival
you will not need it

I† take your sins away
I† take any desire to sin
but you have to build
your faith
you have to come
into Me†
whole and complete

don't worry
once you are set on Me†
I† will heal what is broken
but you must be patient
good things come
when meaded slowly

be well in your healing
I† am waiting
the first Son†
of the one
and only living God†

shô māy tā

blessed are you
who call Me† by name

(February 4, 2023)—The following Scriptures are what He led me to after giving me ‘Dynamics‘. The notes are what was discussed with me. I’m not telling you these things, He is.

Need for Moral Reform—[Matthew] ‘When an evil spirit comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that man is worse than the first. That is how it will be with this wicked generation.’ [Luke] As Jesus was saying these things, a woman in the crowd called out, ‘Blessed is the mother who gave You birth and nursed You.’ He replied, ‘Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.’—Matthew 12:43-45; Luke 11:24-28

Notes: arid: lacking in interest, excitement, or meaning; (of land or a climate) having little or no rain, too dry or barren to support vegetation.

The man often gets bored with a righteous life. He opens himself up to fall all over again, but it will be worse…the life he knew before becoming righteous than falling again and again. It is best to become righteous and stay that way by busying your hands, which will occupy your mind, instead of allowing boredom and idleness to consume you, opening up your mind so wicked spirits can get in. Idleness and boredom allows openness to things that make you turn back to sin. Get a job. Get a hobby. Go help someone. Get a Bible and read. Talk with God and Yeshuah. Do. God wants us to do actions. So do something!

In order to grow through Yeshuah for God, we have to allow ourselves to feel. We have to allow ourselves to love, to seek comfort with friends and loved ones, to seek forgiveness and give forgiveness. Without these things, we starve, wither, ‘dry up’ to the point where our hearts harden and we cancel out the good, allowing the bad back in.

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Heaven’s Answer (Yeshuah)

Heaven’s Answer (Yeshuah)―Therefore God exalted Him to the highest place and gave Him the same that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in Heaven and on Earth and under the Earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.—Philippians 2:3-11

Heaven's Answer (Yeshuah)

it is a profound lost
this heavy cost
you're willing to toss

here's answers
from the Boss†


all of your wants
take everything you bought
share it‒
don't toss
be fragile
in your giving
some won't see
the necessity
of the 'not wants'

I'm† here…still
it is a choice…still
the listening
the adhering
to Him†
the one, true boss

space in time
in this here
rattles of the nines
a great move
pins the earth's stability
but it will be
set free

she is not your worries
'o deemed pharisees
who are scared
trying to smoother her
this called prophet

I† am your worries
the one you set aside

His† warnings are sound
into them
you are bound

the change set
cannot be changed
it is
it will be

awaken from your sleep
breathe in deep
the separation
is bound

the lost and the found

from the riddle maker
through the first Son†
I†, Yeshuah†
give the words
in sound

be well to hear
place envy in Him†
who sent Me†
be better, be more
than your current self

go back to your studies
the old and the new
He† will ensure
they are bound up
in holy…truth

waver not
see spectacular
in the solomnness
of this awakening
of wonder

space in between
so your consider
is thorough and clear

(January 27, 2023)—‘Heaven’s Answer’ was given yesterday. He had given me the strength to spend the day outside, hiking a 10-mile track. There’s reasons for everything. I couldn’t sleep because of nerve pain. I kept going over in my mind, a little, two books that I had to read instead of listening and writing these words from God and Yeshuah. I was told to briefly write about them.

I bought the books months ago, not by what was in the books, but by their authors alone. I was in a local grocery store and wanted to get some books to read, I saw these two authors and just grabbed them. Both, by totally different authors, dealt with the same thing: The pillage of the gift from God…woman.

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‘Forgiveness in Heart’ (Yeshuah)

Forgiveness in Heart (Yeshuah)…He has condemned the great prostitute who corrupted the Earth by her adulteries. He has avenged on her the blood of His servants.’—Revelations 19:1-5

Forgiveness in Heart (Yeshuah)

stay where you are
My† sweet servant
pass onto them
everything you've heard and seen

times are approaching
times that cannot be fathomed

reconcile to Me†
for I† have redeemed you

a peril of circumstances
is about to unfold
one you will be witness to

I† give you the right
to see
do not be afraid
for I† am with you

we're in the time of nines
where a miracle
will be born
awakened to the earth
as six miracles join the seventh
then it will begin

an awakening of truth
truth that I†, the Son† will reveal

you know nothing
without Me†
the one put ahead
the one gathering
and the one sorting

I† am both
life and death

which do you prefer
life is simple
a broadness of simple
unspeakable love
a holiness not yet proclaimed

you who have ears
words are given
in times of trial
in times of calamity
in times of suffering

all of the words put together
reveal the truth
the truth cannot be changed
or debated, or analyzed
it is set
in the reams of time

confusion has been given
set upon you
to open up questions
thinking and consideration

I† am the consideration

wake up from your sleep
I† am the word
I† am the teacher
I† am the redeemer

say the matters
of your heart
all peoples who come
into Me†
don't let silence
bitter you
stay in the approximate
of the faith
bounded to your heart

great peril comes
onto the earth
in a time needed
to balance
a saddenness
of unbalance

be well to see

the one at the well
reveals truth
man judges you
they lay blame on you
the criminals of the time
the lost
the uncared for
the abused

I† came to honor you
for in each
deep inside
there I† lie
I† lie within the Spirit†
of God†

the world has condemned you
I† redeem
come into My† salvation
for it is here
for Me† to give freely
to whom I† want

you, peoples, each one
come into Me† freely
I† shall go into you

for the suffering
is charged to Me†
carry the cross
not as a burden
but as a status
of love
for Me†

show the world
your courage
your undying need
to bless others
to hold faith
to endure
in spite of the evil
roaming the earth

I† came
I† have come
My† Spirit† lives
among you

it is I† speaking
as the prophet writes
doubting even herself
after all I've† shown her
for the traditions
of the world
has weakened faith
even if you don't see

I† see all
as the Father† sees all

false teachers around the world
have laid heavy burdens
I† sent these words
to remove these burdens
for a future is coming
a profound darkness
in which faith will be
all you have
to get through each day

a weight placed
to restore faith
to restore the living vine
by the king Himself†

all these words
are meant to add
to the confusion
for I†, Yeshuah†
have sealed them up

all of them
every single letter
the old and the new
will never fall away
but they will disappear
from the unfaithful's eyes

this time is approaching
a time unmatched
by time itself

He† has shown you
though you are blind
He† has told you
though you are deaf

a future is coming
a future hungry and thirsty
for which food and water
cannot mend

a period has been added
for the time of instruction
is coming to an end

the plague has become
your friend
you do not fear the Lord†
as you should
your arrogance has accepted
has surrendered

but the discipline
has not been completed

it will

for those with ears
that hear
and eyes that see
study words given

a puzzle has been laid out
the work of God† the Father†
the one, true living God†
the one who gives life
and takes life
through the first Son†
the Son† of God†
so many claim cannot be

I† am

and so it is written

you are in the gap of time
the time of nines
when the gap closes in
the puzzle will be complete
the confusion sealed in
and the horses' hooves
will pound the earth
will be set loose
for it is the will of God†.

Note: The photograph David chose is from God Sends Orbs.

(January 19, 2023)―After He led me to Revelations 18:9,10 through Revelations 19:1-5.

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Stranded Purpose’ (Yeshuah)

‘Stranded Purpose’ (Yeshuah)…if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save him? Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to him, ‘Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,’ but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.―James 2:14-17

Stranded Purpose (Yeshuah)

come 'o gentle souls
time moves
it is not delayed
hold yourself up
come slow
but come

don't be weary
of the collection
they understand
what they are doing

be well in your coming
release the affliction
that has captured you
be not proud
but be brave
for the Father's† hand
is soon to wave
in a way
not expected
not anticipated

it is I†, Yeshuah†
the one who saves
the one who paves ways
gives thoughts
cleanses hearts

the one who prepares you
for the kingdom
of the Lord Almighty God†

I† am the one charged
with the balance
made imbalanced

He† has moved
to correct
that which is imbalanced

are you weary
are you tired
of all these words sent
have you completely
because His† wrath slowed

you lose faith so easy
turning to Him†
when things are uncertain
when calamity is on you

you surrender so easily

forty years some had to wait
some even longer
and they waited

you waited a year
then grew tired
and restless
for money has become more
and the Father† less

you are weak in mind
and in spirit

your make is so delicate
another year
will break you
so easily

seek Me† in the times
I† will give you shelter

(December 13, 2022)―‘Stranded Purpose’ was given on Dec. 11. After, He led me to the Letter by James: James 1:26-27 through James 4: 1-4.

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Dramatically Incorrect’ (God)

‘Dramatically Incorrect’ (God)…All the counsel you have received has only worn you out! Let your astrologers come forward, those stargazers who make predictions month by month, let them save you from what is coming upon you. Surely they are like stubble; the fire will burn them up….―Isaiah 47:12-15

Dramatically Incorrect (God)

beguiling of notion
the standards set aside
for the mere collection
the collection
leading you to the grave

be still 'o lonely warrior
the Lord† is speaking
stay humble
in your stillness
for My† hand is grand
in nature
I† spread it all over the earth
getting it ready to push
a new birth is around the corner
one you cannot fathom

awaken 'o wonder and see
what the Lord†
has set in motion
a great plan
making its entrance
its debut
on the mighty earth

she is ravaged
by hate and greed
by pillage of My† seed
by pillage of the gift
I† sent to every man

awaken and see
the mightiness of the Lord†
for His† wonder
stills the loud
silences the arrogant
the obnoxious
and the criminals of the land

this time of nines
isn't for one
but for all

for a great change is coming
is upon you
slow and precise
but accurate
and lasting

a dark pillar of salt
stands at the door
it will not crumble
so easily
and behind its columns
is great darkness
a coming sanction
on all the nations
poor and rich
greedy and humble

then you will know
I† am the Lord†
when calamity hides
in its brief stay
and conquering cease
for moments of mourning

bury your dead 'o great arrogance
My† hand is moving
it is about to change
all that you know
a science full of certainty
will long for the days
of its certaintiness

be well 'o pilates of the world
it will not leave you out
'o courts of nations
Justice is being sent to you
a randomness
not so random

halt goes your travel
all across the earth
a crumbling has been put
into affect
a wage of the stone thrown
its mark soon to be seen

humble your hearts
before Me†

all who deny Me†
will be shaken
like the earth moving
under a large quake

steady your feet 'o humbleness
My† wrath is over all
for your forebear
forsakes My† commands

change back your assignments
rescue the children
from the hands of satan
protect the woman
the gift I† gave you

shriek 'o arrogant woman
the world has changed you
steady your hand
revenge is out
for the terrors brought upon you

I† have let you rest
prayer most did not seek
'o pity the day of darkness
it will not go well for you

the chains will tighten
release what you cannot bear
money has no power
over Me†

release your burden
and I† shall shoulder you
through the one I† sent

save self from the moving wreckage
My† hand's destruction

pity on the ones who fall short
who do not hear
for I† am speaking
the prophet is writing
on top of faithfulness

do what you will
and I† will rescue her
and you will know
I† am the Lord†

says the Lord Almighty God†
the one in charge
the one who gives the charge
the one who brings change
to purify what is tarnished

(December 13, 2022)―‘Dramatically Incorrect’ was given on Dec. 11, then He led me to Isaiah 47:12-15 through Isaiah 48:6b-11.

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