‘Done! It is’ (God)

‘Done! It is’ (God)…Two things I ask of You, O Lord:
do not refuse me before I die:
Keep falsehood and lies far from me;
Give me neither poverty nor riches,
but give me only my daily bread.
Otherwise, I may have too much and disown You
and say, ‘Who is the Lord?’
or I may become poor and steal,
and so dishonor the name of my God.’—Proverbs 30:7-9

Done! It is (God)

the ways of the world
are shaped
open in accordance
of My† hand

I† see the gorge
of the times
the minutes and the hours
even the seconds
that go by
without thought
of what is happening

My† plea goes unheard
the acknowledgement
of your arrogant ways
go unnoticed by you
'o peas of nations

I†, the Almighty God†,
have seen
time move
in accord with My† hand
and the refusal
of man's hand
to change

I† have set a pace
a sequential moment of time
to move in accord to My† hand

each movement
I† set
movements that go unnoticed
until it matters
until masses of people
are affected
until then
the smaller movements
go unnoticed

why are you so blind?

I† have sent out change
a massive innuendo of change
a counterbalance
to the imbalance you place yourselves in

denial of this change
will only bring solitude to you
in all places

it is best to awaken to the change
upon you
for soon the movements
will hinder speed
overcome it

string the bows
sharpen the arrows
for times are approaching
times when holy will be no more
where waves will crash
abundancy will deciphin
acknowledgment of truth
will wither
deception will matter
as games are played
to see who has the most malicious act
leading to stories to tell
unmatched to stories yet told

I† am He†, the orchestrator
the canner and the doer
the preserver and the taker
My† hand proves true
throughout the earth

things are not what they seem
powers struggle
to avoid conflict
making deals
against an unbeknownst people

deals that will not last
they will be proven unworthy
because malicious hearts
are making them

the movements move
and words are given
awaken to the refuge
awaken to the ungodliness
soil is being stirred
masses of top soil
reentered with gentleness
and preciseness

to come
a darkened hole
too deep to see
for all around the world
rape and incest
murder and pillage
are running wild
with desires of the flesh

times are coming
'o dreamer of dreams

when the way of babylonia
will awaken fully
and sin will spread
because of a plea of uncertainty
an arise of hatred
and false love
will spread through shepherds
who are not Mine†
but the belief in them
will spread in celebration

be wise 'o peoples
the time has come
the wreckage throughout earth
will overpower earth itself
but not completely

it has already begun

fires will start
but a cool breeze
will stutter it out
overtake its heat

the new earth will arise
with the chosen few
who will derive a need
to rediscover Me†
the God† of all things

all these words will happen
all these events will take place

it has already begun

a future of uncertainty
has already been pulled forward

as people suffer
for lack of understanding
as land is consumed
and held for ransom
I† shall shake it loose
and ownership will return to Me†
'o greed of the world

I† am after salvation
those who seek it
with all their hearts
sincerity and honesty

I† am He†, the Almighty Lord†
who sees all
who moves this pen
preparation is at hand
before it is not

seal the scrolls, I† tell them
long ago
not anymore
these words are open
for all eyes to see
eyes that are opened

the proof is given
in all of these words
in all of these signs
through the servant
who gives them

you are still blinded to them
and understanding is hidden
for wisdom knows
sincerity and honesty
and She protects them
with a solid hand

your commerce will roll over
like tyre
be redistributed
to those who seek no greed

your industrialization will halt
your machines slowly die off
a new way will emerge
since you could not set aside the old
the old way will return
replace the new

a redistribution of seeds
a hundred-year reign
of chosen
will redistribute them

a time times nine
will close
and the tens will begin
leading to the reign chosen
carefully placed
a generation who will not know
the difference
a conditioning
you will not understand
all peoples who fall beneath it

the light will come
for the remnant will remain
and from their hands
I† will return
and they will be My† people
and I† will be their God†
they will fully understand
My† kingdom

(July 8, 2023)—He led me to Proverbs 30:1-4 through Proverbs 30:32,33,  the says of Agur.

deciph-in…that is what He said. I did not hear an er ending, just the in ending.

The photograph David picked is from October 8, 2019: Oil Spill Warning.

The sayings of Agur son of Jakeh―an oracle: 
This man declared to Ithiel,
to Ithiel and to Ucal:

'I am the most ignorant of men;
I do not have a man's understanding.
I have not learned wisdom,
nor have I knowledge of the Holy One.
Who has gone up to Heaven and come down?
Who has gathered up the wind in the hollow of His hands?
Who has wrapped up the waters in His cloak?
Who has established all the ends of the Earth?
What is His name, and the name of His Son?
Tell me if you know!'—Proverbs 30:1-4

'Every word of God is flawless;
He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.
Do not add to His words,
or He will rebuke you and prove you a liar.'—Proverbs 30:5,6

Two things I ask of You, O Lord:
do not refuse me before I die:
Keep falsehood and lies far from me;
Give me neither poverty nor riches,
but give me only my daily bread.
Otherwise, I may have too much and disown You
and say, 'Who is the Lord?'
or I may become poor and steal,
and so dishonor the name of my God.'—Proverbs 30:7-9

'Do not slander a servant to his master,
or he will curse you, and you will pay for it.'—Proverbs 30:10

'There are those who curse their fathers
and do not bless their mothers;
those who are pure in their own eyes
and yet are not cleansed of their filth;
those whose eyes are ever so haughty,
whose glances are so disdainful;
those whose teeth are swords
and those jaws are set with knives
to devour the poor from the Earth,
the needy from among mankind.'—Proverbs 30:11-14

'The leech has two daughters.
'Give! Give!' they cry.—Proverbs 30:15a

'There are three things that are never satisfied,
four that never say, 'Enough!':
the grave, the barren womb,
land, which is never satisfied with water,
and fire, which never says, 'Enough!'—Proverbs 30:15b,16

The eye that mocks a father,
that scorns obedience to a mother,
will be pecked out by the ravens of the valley,
will be eaten by the vultures.'—Proverbs 30:17

'There are three things that are too amazing for me,
four that I do not understand:
the way of an eagle in the sky,
the way of a snake on a rock,
the way of a ship on the high seas,
and the way of a man with a maiden.'—Proverbs 30:18,19

This is the way of an adulteress:
She eats and wipes her mouth
and says, 'I've done nothing wrong.'—Proverbs 30:20

Under three things the Earth trembles,
under four it cannot bear up:
a servant who becomes king,
a fool who is full of food,
an unloved woman who is married,
and a maidservant who displaces her mistress.'—Proverbs 30:21-23

'Four things on Earth are small,
yet they are extremely wise:
Ants are creatures of little strength,
yet they store up their food in the summer;
coneys are creatures of little power,
yet they make their home in the crags;
locusts have no king,
yet they advance together in ranks;
a lizard can be caught with the hand,
yet it is found in kings' palaces.'—Proverbs 30:24-28

'There are three things that are stately in their stride,
four that move with stately bearing:
a lion, mighty among beasts,
who retreats before nothing;
a strutting rooster, a he-goat,
and a king with his army around him.'—Proverbs 30:29-31

'If you have played the fool and exalted yourself,
or if you have planned evil,
clap your hand over your mouth!
For as churning the milk produces butter,
and as twisting the nose produces blood,
so stirring up anger produces strife.'—Proverbs 30:32,33

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