‘The Sin of Reuben’ (Yeshuah)

October 28, 2023: ‘The Sin of Reuben’ (Yeshuah)…reuben’s sin of rape, lustful and taking, without a victim in knowing, sets the pace, to the Spirits within….’ ‘The Sin of Reuben’ (Yeshuah)

The Sin of Reuben (Yeshuah) 

the impunity of sin
defines where we've been
then a stop
a slight bend
 in the road of forsaken
‒a forwarding way
of looking
to seek sound
in finding

let Me†, Yeshuah†, help the searching

reuben's sin of rape
lustful and taking
without a victim in knowing
sets the pace
to the Spirits within

the beings given
in youthful beginnings

the being of life
creating man's constitution

then that of sight
bringing awareness to desire

then that of hearing
enabling the subject of teaching

then that of smell
drawing in air and breath

then the  immaculate gift of speech
to initiate the power of knowledge

then that of taste
to eat and drink favorably
for strength, not for pleasure
‒food being the foundation of strength

then finally the power of procreation
and sexual intercourse

where in youth
man discovers pleasures
of the body
where sin enters in
for out of ignorance
youth leads a blind man
(one without knowledge)
to the fiery furnace below

then that of sleep
the trance of nature
as well as the image of death
where dreams come in
that of those imaginary
and that of those given by the Father†

these beings are given within
to every human

the desires awaken
through more beings given

that of fornication
nature combining the senses
leading to the impurity of the body

that of insatiableness
its energy hovering the belly
an up-rapture of desires
pulling a person to sinfulness

that of fighting
its energy hovering the liver and gall
puffing up a desire of anger
a desire of retaliation and bitterness

that of groveling and trickery
its energy in craving, desiring
attention that consumes one
in attuned to manipulation
that outwardly seems fair

that of pride
its energy lies in the mind
where arrogance and boastfulness
in things of man
and most importantly
in one's self
its energy overpowers all else
and it demands attention
and satisfaction from others
idols created by man
live here

then that of lying
its energy hovers in the mind
and spreads throughout the body
building shame and resentment
from self and from others
leading to the worse uncomfortableness
a human can experience
it’s a carrying of deceits
in perdition and jealousy
concealing and manipulated

then that of injustice
its energy also is in the mind
when covers all other energy
it rises up theft
rapacity (greed)
its ultimate goal is
fulfilling the desires of a man's heart
here is where cravings are satisfied
which lead to all other sin

injustice is party to all other beings
and words hard to steal
the gifts of man
using whatever means possible

awaken to the sin of reuben
for I†, Yeshuah†, can bring forgiveness
upon repent of your soul

horde nothing within
aggression and injury
to the body‒
which holds the Spirit within
is of great value
and scars embed deep
on hearts
who bring aggression and injury

for the act of rape
not only injuries the body
but also the Spirit

take heed to the laws
passed through 'ancient' times
to you of modern
for they still remain

there are many beings
there are many ways
in which they are used
by the Father†

take heed
the power of the words
can protect your being
your Spirit within

I†, Yeshuah†, give these
through the prophet
to reschool you
on what the Father† in Heaven

you are not bad within yourself
what makes bad, bad
is what you allow in
what you allow to overtake you

if you don't recognize what is
overtaking you
then another should
and without fear
carefully help you overtake it
conquer it
without this help
you are being allowed to be overtook
and those allowing it
are just as the fault
as you are

I† have given this to you
but you refuse to understand

it is time for understanding
to overtake pride
in those who have ears to hear

the sin of reuben
has manifested in great numbers
and in great numbers
satan's house is filling

you can overtake satan
through Me†

(October 28, 20230)—He led me to the story in the Bible of when Herrod proclaimed that every child under the age of two be killed because of fear of a king that was prophesied to overtake him. After I read this, I heard, ‘Pride.’

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The photograph David led me to is from October 8, 2019: The Oil Spill Warning. The screenshot below is what he actually led me to. Blow it up and see how God transformed the orb. See if you can tell what it is. I tell you on the page containing this set of photographs.

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