‘Weapons ‘a Wrath’ (God)

November 5, 2023: ‘Weapons ‘a Wrath’ (God)…’…when disaster comes to a city has not the Lord caused it? Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets….’―Amos 3:1-10

Weapons 'a Wrath (God)

it has come to My† attention
I†, the Lord God†
how it shames so many
who perish by the hand of man

joseph, the patriarch of slavery
the endowment of mercy
watches over his flocks
with endearment and love

be wise then to take heed to his calling
for he calls to his flock
weeping and sighing
with great mercy

'have mercy on them,' he sighs

and I† back away
then reapproach
for even when you kneel in prayer
your thoughts plague you
and instead of sheathing them
in prayer
you gossip and become enraged

'o sigh great mercy
I† have come
I†, the Lord Almighty†
have shown Myself† through man
many times over
and they still forego Me†
for the material world

save strength 'o beautiful mercy
for endurement is here
granting as I† please
giving grace where grace is sought

the misconstrued take heed
wealth is not grace
wealth is a given mercy
to give mercy

the core of wealth
is not a benefactor of plenty
but a benefactor of death
for to engage in 'more'
desires 'more'
and the more 'more' taken
the 'more' is taken
bringing wrath upon oneself

take heed in the knowing 
of what true grace is

I†, the Lord Almighty†, have given word
grace is of deed
give and give more
keep not with desire
but give with desire
release want and need
and settle in humbleness
release pride of self
and settle in humility of life
‒a light so bright
that no one can put out

grace is given
then grace must be given

the clean up is coming
as joseph cleansed his heart
of desirable lust
forbidding it to enter him
so you must do
of all things

not only of the body
but also of things

come now, listen to Me†, the Father†
I† have created you
each being
for purposes far bigger than yourself
humble yourself before Me†
so that I† may protect you
in ways man cannot

'…when disaster comes to a city has not the Lord caused it? Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets….'―Amos 3:1-10

does it matter in what way
I†, the Lord†, speak
who can tell who is a holy temple
for Me† to give praise
and acknowledge?
who can conceive how I† choose
a servant to call prophet?
how do you know
out of all the false declared prophets
who heard My† voice
whom did I† call by name?
who are you to declare
who shall be sainted?
and whom shall be called holy?

I† demand an answer!

I†, the Almighty Lord†, shall declare
you have no place
to demand anything in sainthood!

for I† deemed holy
what I† deem holy
and what I† deem holy
the hands of man destroys

in the ending of age
My† left hand protects
that which I† deem holy

stand up 'o watchman
give them these words
for I† am
at your most vulnerable
in your ear
praise My† name 'o holy watchman
I† am with you day and night

they will not hear you
unless the Son† releases you
but He† holds tight to you
for the future of israel
will sigh through you

tell them 'o prophet of the pen
the patriarch of mercy
will shine through you
they will see joseph's might
live through you

'o come 'o mercy
shine bright
for a new age will be born
the birth pains are higher
and stronger than ever
the wedding will soon commence
a combining of the old and the new
to an awakened new earth
and new Heaven

shine 'o bright new
for the Lord Almighty God† has spoken

'…that you long to see us, just as we long to see you….'―1 Thessalians 3:6-10

'…that no one would be unsettled by these trials. You know quite well that we were destined for them…'―1 Thessalians 3: 1-5

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The photograph David led me to is from November 9, 2019:  Certainty of Visions.

You can read all of the visions, dreams and words, as well as see all the images and see the time frame in which they were given by clicking on Message Index.

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